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Can It Be So? Covert QE On The Way...From China!

Can it be so? Covert QE On The Way....FROM CHINA!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012 11:34

Can it be so? Covert QE On The Way....FROM CHINA!

from TF Metals Report:

“IMHO, QE3 is presently being implemented via the Chartering of NEW Bank Holding Companies in the United States which will utilize Chinese held U.S. Treasuries as their BASE Capital.

The Chinese held US Treasuries will be utilized as BASE CAPITAL upon which to create TRILLIONS of digital FRN via fractional reserve.

While these Treasuries were held outside of the U.S. Banking System FRN could not be created via fractional reserve; -but, now these Treasuries WILL be used as a basis to generate digital FRN out of thin air.

IF China holds $1.2 Trillion of U.S. Treasuries… THEN $1.2 Trillion in U.S. Treasuries = the possible creation of $10.8 Trillion new digital FRN via fractional reserve banking.

Sounds kinda like a money printing scheme doesn’t it?

-NO 'Dollar of Capital' rule as Our Host would say...
Sounds a tad inflationary doesn't it?

THIS is exactly how the U.S. Banks Counterfeited FRN and ramped up inflation during the housing bubble.

-It is going to be done again with the help of the Chinese.

The Chinese ARE NOT going to 'dump' their Treasuries: the Chinese are going to print Trillions of digital FRN and go on an unprecedented .GOV/FED sponsored Leveraged Domestic Buying Binge!"

This rather interesting idea seems to have been generated by this little-noticed story from last week...

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