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Rand Paul "Party Crashers" email ciculating...gave me hope again

Dear Jay,

So what’s wrong with limited constitutional government? What’s wrong with restoring our country to its founding principles?

What’s the matter with fighting for a renewed respect for free markets, sound money, individual liberty, and an America-first foreign policy?

In my book, absolutely nothing.

You and I remember the backlash from the Republican “old guard” who didn’t like my father rocking their boat when he ran for the presidency in 2008.

Well, that 2008 presidential run helped launch the Tea Party – not to mention my victorious campaign for the U.S. Senate in 2010.

As for the fruits of Ron Paul’s 2012 run for the White House?

Well, they’re being determined right now.

That’s why I hope you’ll contribute as generously as you can to tomorrow’s Rise for Liberty Money Bomb.

This will likely be the last Money Bomb of my father's campaign, so I'm really counting on your help.

Just visit www.ronpaul2012.com to make a contribution.

You see, wonderful folks like you from all over the country are influencing the Republican Party, gaining positions, shifting the debate in Washington, D.C., and charting a wonderful new course for our country.

Of course, some establishment types turn up their nose at folks like you and me.

They say we’re crashing their party.

Well, I say they’re wrecking our country – and it’s time for it stop.

If you can give generously to the Rise for Liberty Money Bomb, your contribution will help the Ron Paul campaign finish what they started.

You see, the Minnesota State Convention is this weekend. More are soon to follow.

At each convention, there are new opportunities for true constitutionalists to gain a foothold within state Republican Parties.

And each national delegate elected will help bring the national Republican Party back to its fiscally-conservative, limited government roots.

I truly believe the liberty movement is the future of the Republican Party.

Of course, turning our country around won’t happen overnight.

But you and I are laying the foundation. We’re building.

And you and I will make an incredible impact both in Tampa and beyond.

So please, if you possibly can, make a generous contribution to this final Rise for Liberty Money Bomb.

As I mentioned, this will likely be the last Money Bomb of this campaign.

Every dollar you give will make a tremendous difference.

For Liberty,

Rand Paul

P.S. The liberty movement is the future of our country.

But our job isn’t over yet.

So please help the Ron Paul campaign continue to make an impact for the principles you and I hold dear by making a generous contribution to the Rise for Liberty Money Bomb taking place tomorrow.

Every dollar you can give will help the campaign take over more key positions within the Republican Party and send new delegates to Tampa, which will help liberty candidates tremendously in the future.

Paid for by Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee


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