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I worked a double shift today and just got home. Please fill me in!

I worked all day with my head bent over a microscope. I was so busy I did not take a peek at DP all day. What happened? The mood on here tonight is back to normal and I am so glad. Most of the "evil people" aren't posting. How did y'all run them off? I've been searching the threads to see where the shift happened. I can't find it. I ran across a live feed of Liberty Chat just now with Kokesh doing bong hits and every one on there is jubilant. PLEASE direct me to the thread where everyone got happy again.
I'm glad my DP family is back on track!

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These things blow over

If by "evil people" you mean those dedicated supporters who felt betrayed by jb, with legitimate cause I may add, well they're still here. Some still fuming but not giving up. They haven't made it this far to let some half baked announcement stop them. I guess you can count me among them. The thing is, after venting, most of us got it out of our system and are back on track. They realize there's not much we can do about Ron Paul's own choice of campaign manager. All we can do is keep on fighting locally for what brought us here in the first place. This isn't the first time he's made a goof, probably wont be the last. All we can do now is just continue the fight. Most have said their piece, made their determinations and got over it. Now onward to Tampa.

ohh you missed it Ralph

Rachel was here- had on this snappy dress suit/skirt combo. Kicked off her pumps and was asking after you ; )

Too funny...

Thanks for the laugh Jinc. : )


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I recommend elviejo's analysis and explanation of what happened:

"The Love, Integrity and Courage of Ron Paul"

We CAN possibly say that our amazing capacity to "blunder" was yet again saved & catapulted as almost miraculous feat by tons of prayers, good friends and community like DP. We could quickly regain our basic jovial nature, peace of mind/body/soul and reorient ourselves to get back to our individual local liberty-business, all refreshed & doubly inspired :-)

Kudos to Michael N and his staff for that!

The RNC is setting up a "shadow Nevada Republican Party"

because Reinus Priebus (spelling wrf) is ticked at them for calling for his resignation. There's a thread here with articles from democraticunderground and one other.


This is how you can directly help...


Nevada GOP who is now our supporters since we took office, are asking for other states to follow suit in ousting Priebus. The article I posted was from the CSMonitor.com

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that is just a blog really. Not confirmed yet

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

Thank you for pointing this out. The very fact that it is not

for sure makes the world seem somewhat less nutty than it really is..by a little...not by much though!:)


did you read this post?

I'm trying to make it a top post, so if you like it THUMBS UP. If you don't like it... ummm ... list why in the comments.. At least it would be a bump :P

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat


some of us are still parsing the last two emails and last two radio interviews/tele-conferences.

personally I'm settled: scorched Earth, if need be. WIN at all costs!

only like ours and our progeny's lives and natural rights depend on it. I think being called "rude" is okay, in comparison.D

So, regardless of what the campaign says, as our R3VOLution has always been about the grassroots, we'll WIN the State Conventions and the Presidency for the Doc, whether he wants to live in WH or not.D

oh and our Champ, still busy; just held a joint bi-partisan press conference on eliminating Sec.1021/1022(?) of the NDAA. And the Fed. Judge based in Manhattan in NYT Journalist Chris Hedges vs. oBUSHma ruled that the Sec.1021/1022 of NDAA also violated the Constitution, and effectively BLOCKED ALL ENFORCEMENT of it!

MoneyBomb tomorrow May 17, 2012!!!!!!!!!

Welcome Home Ralph.D

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

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AnCapM, we'll soon have to ask you to give us

the Daily summary EVERYsingleDAY! (A lot of us will be on the road for the summer and it will be neat to have one place to drop in. . . to get a quick view of how the world is doing.)

excellent summary

"we'll WIN the State Conventions and the Presidency for the Doc, whether he wants to live in WH or not"


Money Bomb tomorrow is all you need to know for now:)

I'd say it was Doug Wead saying the campaign can't talk about everything going on right now...This thread will make you feel a little better, not a serious thread though.http://www.dailypaul.com/234212/whats-your-favorite-ron-paul-quote#comment-2470605

"Where liberty is, there is my country." -Benjamin Franklin

It's the remarkable

resiliency of Ron Paul supporters.

trying to figure this out

trying to figure this out myself

Dr. Paul is NOT dropping out or suspending his campaign

How about this?

Ron Paul Campaign Convention Strategy


We would not back down to the trolls who came here Ralph......exposed all of them......and ran em off!

After Bentons press confrence explaining the strategy....which was what Ron Paul had been expounding for months now......"getting delegates"...the brillance and simplicity of it all.

Keep it simple folks.........just get more and more delegates. Keep working it...WE ARE WINNING HE DELEGATE COUNT!

How about all the free media exposure..Maddows is begging Paul to come on to her show...pretty slick I tell ya!

Tomorrow is the money bomb......lets make it a big one!