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6-7 Billboards In Every County in the USA = Promoting the Entire Liberty Movement

The message repeated over and over all across the country and on 5-7 billboards in every county in the usa:

"Have You Signed Up For the Draft?"

The Domain: RonPaulDraft.Com

It is sponsored by Libertyusapac.Com

The money would be donated to a transparent fund. Every dime contributed would go towards billboards - there would be a separate "donate to feed the staff" button on the side - very clear that if you like what we're doing... buy us lunch. Otherwise we work for the Revolution.

$9 million dollars buys 6 billboards in 3,000 counties for an average price of $500. I'm wondering why there has not been a lot more money invested in billboards vs TV advertising that hits a limited audience and only for 30 seconds at a time.

We will also be advertising for liberty organizations. Larger donations (enough to pay for a sign) would also include the prominent display of another "company" somewhere on the internet "supporting the draft" - the "draft" being endorsed by so many different entities would raise serious concerns and compel people to come to the website to check out Ron Paul... there is a very cool movie I watched - the one where Michael is getting all teary eyed lol... darn good vid to show someone new.

Is the Revolution behind an effort to obliterate the black-out and pepper this country with Ron Paul Billboards for the General.

We are also debating a "voting system" for folks who have donated to be involved in deciding who gets more time in advertising even though they may not have as much money persay - to donate. In some ways we could be donating advertising to really great organizations that are just plain flat broke but could get over the hump with some free advertising.

The key is to promote the entire movement - as well as sending Ron Paul a last draft notice to complete his service in government. He started this 40 some odd years ago - I think we should give him the opportunity to finish it.

We have the skills to put this together and between the half dozen or so of us and our connections... can put this out to close to 100,000 Liberty activists to put together the biggest bomb in Ron's campaign - only the funding would go SPECIFICALLY to one source - nobody soaking up the donations with fancy cars and nice offices...

If you read my last couple of posts it has been about a general concept of unifying our present forces into goals which can be achieved this year. I'm really not looking forward to another 4 years of battling politicians that are foaming at the mouth to take our rights away...

I leave it to you to discuss...

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Of the various ad media

finding which is most effective for our use is paramount in deciding to buy. Without a sound analysis the pitch to buy billboard space is groundless.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

after we win the gop

primary we should use this to fight obama I really like the idea

Overalll lack of interest in billboard deployment

My observations have been that the overall lack of interest in billboard deployment during this campaign season by grassroots in support of Ron Paul are due in part to the following issues:

1. Lack of standardized design which satisfies all parties involved in the design. Lack of a design which clearly supports Ron Paul and his well-defined, consistent messages over the years.

2. Billboards are expensive and many entities that enter into a billboard project are struck by the simplicity, or seeming simplicity of how "easy" it might be to mount a billboard and complete a billboard project.

3. General lack of organization, mission, purpose, well defined Steps of Production, goals, etc ...

4. Billboards are expensive, very expensive compared to the majority of donations which come to the RP campaign and the grassroots projects which are very small, and numerous.

5. A lack of well executed, well documented and well publicized successful billboard projects that exist as "small scale" project, i.e., a single billboard project that is completed, documented and publicized.

6. Lasting design theory. Again this goes to design. Any design for a billboard should, and nearly must, be re-usable in part or whole across the spectrum of the Liberty Campaign as it relates to the current champaion of the campaign, Congressman Dr. Ron Paul.

a. billboard background color
b. billboard elements colors, (text, borders, etc ...)
c. billboard target size, (12x24, 10x30, or 14x48, etc ...)
d. billboard text elements, (slogans, touchpoints, issues, etc ...)
e. etc ... (industry standard best practices guidelines for design)
f. a strict adherence and humility to the "Science" of billboard design as it relates to the human physiology, (visual acuity and processing times from vehicles, etc ...)

By and large, many persons who are "struck" with "their" idea that they will fund a billboard campaign are under the fatal impression that it will be "easy".

Easy is the destruction of a billboard project no matter how large or how small, "easy" is a con game, and "easy" is a deception.

Billboard projects are complicated, intense, and require large communication resources and coordination, technical expertise in the many facets of creating and deploying and funding strong, effective, billboard campaigns.

My suggestion for this campaign is to target the area around the Tampa, Republican National Convention only, and to saturate that area with billboards. During the development of a large, cumbersome and intensely sophisticated and complex billboard campaign that only saturating the Tampa convention area would represent, many billboards can be developed along the way.

To have a successful model to both launch, complete and then document and rely on for public relations is crucial when mounting the most sophisticated and wide ranging billboard campaign ever attempted in the history of the the billboard marketing industry.

At the very least, a website that attempts this type of project should gather documentation of every single billboard project that has been mounted and completed during this campaign season no matter what the size or what the message as long as it relates to Ron Paul's campaign for the Presidency of The United States of America.

Ron Paul Billboards provides billboard and digital billboard designs for grassroots, PAC's and national and state level campaign organizations at no charge. Contact us at social@RonPaulBillboards.com to edit the design you choose with your "Paid for by:".

Thanks a bunch

Lots of good information here. Rather than try to reinvent the wheel I figured what made the most sense was to email you :)

make this possible!!!

You dont need it in the entire country but rather in the remaining states to hold primaries and conventions. Talk to the well-known supporters and get to it as fast as you can! There's not much time left. Find out how much money you need in the remaining states, write letters to big guys like Thiel who've donated earlier, and set up the kickstarter or something to get money from the rest. I think it is a great idea.

The message could be the same "restore America" slogan or you could have different messages spread out around those states. This is the kind of thing we need when the campaign doesnt have the money.


This may be PERFECT for a Kickstarter project:


I've seen some awesome projects funded through that. Effectively you set up your project, then set up the amount you need and what date you need it by. Only once you reach the amount needed are *any* credit cards billed.

So if you need $1,000,000 then you ask for that, and set donation levels (e.g. $5, $10, etc.) Only IF you hit your million BY the date you set are people billed. If it falls short nobody is billed at all.

Now the biggest potential problem here is abuse. Nothing prevents you from taking the million and running to Mexico. Kickstarter can go after you though.

But this concern of trust is TOTALLY addressable. Just get a couple of stand-up reputable RP prominent people (Michael Nordstrom, etc.) to meet you and endorse you and this WILL WORK.

I don't think it is unethical for the people involved to take a fee of some kind (the effort in buying thousands of billboards is significant and should get compensation.) But you need to be OPEN so that the grassroots doesn't come to your house. :-) And also so it can be DONE AGAIN AND YOU CAN MAKE MONEY WHILE HAVING FUN PROMOTING THE LIBERTY MOVEMENT!


My $35 Dollar Grass Roots (PORTABLE) Bill Board

Some free 4x8 plywood (used as cover sheets) and some exterior paint ( about $30 ) and I've been already up and running and getting it done.

First appearance for the large portable sign was the day after Christmas at the local mall. Smack dab front in center at the main entrance.

Several weeks ago at the local gun show I parked my 4x8 foot gigantic Ron Paul sign out in the parking lot where a flea market was also in progress. Hundreds of 2nd amendment attendies had to drive right by my presentation. Cost of the flea market space was $5 for the day.... you'd be surprised how many people visit a popular flea market.

This week is National Pike Days celebrating US Route 40.... yep... I've all ready got my spot selected and permission granted. Estimated eyeballs to view the sign maybe 5-6 thousand.

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Ramblin Randy

A blanket 6-7 billboards in

A blanket 6-7 billboards in every county, or even half that for some, does not make sense. I think you may be underestimating just how sparsely populated, illiterate, and non-computerized some areas of the country are. Not to mention the effect of a single billboard in an urban area vs 1,000 billboards spread out over some rural areas and the manpower it would take to handle that many deals with billboard companies.

There's also a matter of split testing the ad copy, or buying some ad copy that is known to be successful.

did we find anyone with an extra 10 million


a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

Ya know, we keep running into this same problem and nobody seems

to want to address it. Frankly I'm a little sick of it too.

Why in the hell would anyone think that we would donate millions of dollars to people we don't know?

I see who is behind it now too.. same group that wanted us to trust them with our private information and to trust that they'd report our votes honestly...

I'm going to get a fucking camera and run around to a few events under a false name and get you all to trust me then start asking for huge amounts of money to be used in a "grassroots" campaign. Just to show you how easy it would be to sucker your asses into giving money up.

You guys may be completely legit but you may not be either...

I vote that we put Michael in charge of the money and verifying that it's going to it's proper path.

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You know I had a huge rant planned and then didn't click send... some who know me would give me a medal for that. Are you implying that our month old website should have solved the problem by now?


Or are you just a Romney troll? The last part of what you said made me think so... especially when you swore. If you're sincere and have a valid beef - I'll be happy to address any questions.

Michael of COURSE is free to be as involved as he would like to be. Just have him get in touch with Dr. K... I believe he has his phone number :)

Good, let him deal with the money and I'm in.

Otherwise.. people would be stupid to dole out millions to you, me or anyone else that's relatively unknown.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

A commenter below mentioned the 8 word standard.

Our message is a total of 8 words. It will be drilled into the public over and over - potentially many more times than they will hear the lip services of Obamney.

We will be carpet-bombing the minds of men... with a very clear message that makes them think of their own Liberty in jeopardy.

Show and Tell...

At this stage of the game lets hear the phrase. If it's "golden" then I've got $20 to donate. I'd like to paint a few more 8x4 foot billboards for local use and could use some fresh ideas.

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7 words or 8 ?

I only ask because in an earlier post (below) you said 7

"Hint: There are 7 words in the message - and the domain name (and other domain names from top contributors) would be on the billboads.. but one clear 7 word message."

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Can we start in Texas and

Can we start in Texas and California?

I just got off the phone with Dr K...

Yes that is his intention. There may not be enough time to get something done before the primaries there but we will see.

Gotta Love Dr. K

So thankful that he is on our side.....you too RPGoldman Sachs!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

bump for activism

Good idea.

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I think this is a better plan right now...not many comments yet.


This seems more affordable and we'd be targeting the couple of thousand people who are current delegates to conventions. Seeing that we covered the majority of many states with tens of thousands of primary voters each with SuperBrochures I'd say this plan seems very easy by comparison. We know the people who support Romney are shaky in their support. We also know how awesome Ron's positions Are and that these people have a distorted view of Ron's positions thanks to msm. This effort would be to correct that. We could go all out with info for them including books by Ron, DVDs of classic red pill material, SuperBrochures, and anything else that we feel would be effective.nim going to start contacting the SuperPAC's today and by this weekend about this. A letter written by Tom Woods was written a few months ago that was to be included in Revolution PAC's SuperBrochure/For Liberty mailer for early primary voters. It was a sincere letter that seemed like a good buffer for the info when the average person reads it. It could be slightly reworded or we could right a similar one for the delegates. Of course there are those that would turn their nose up if they received such a package but I have to believe that a genuine outreach such as that would win over some delegates who are currently not supporting Ron. It seems like a natural next step for the grassroots. From a practical standpoint I can't think of anything more relevant at the moment. We could even email them audiobooks to save on shipping. Low cost with possibly world changing results...seems like the right play for people like us who don't have millions from the bankers. The truth is more powerful than a expensive bank funded ad campaign. If we get the truth out in as many forms as we can to the right people then I bet we could have further impact. More delegates that have woken up and fighting just as hard as we are is the last thing the establishment wants at the moment. Let's give it to them!

Very skeptical

"There would be the main project domain - and also perhaps a dozen other domains - per sign."

Eeeeek! A billboard filled with websites?
This is worse than a sign wave. It's hard for the grassroots to get excited about the boring details of effective campaigning/activism but we should still try! Just a few days of work from a call center identifying Liberty voters would do more good than spending millions on signs.

It's very hard to justify a billboard that isn't promoting a specific candidate and event. One way to do this would be to promote Ron Paul's books. Or focus in on a location...like Tampa.

P.S. Good design work is not done by committee (democracy).

Check out http://iroots.org/
"If you’re into political activism, at least for Ron Paul if not for anyone else, I strongly recommend spending some time with iroots.org." - Tom Woods

Have you figured out how many billboards there are

total or that you want to place?

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$500-$700 per billboard is right in the ballpark for most areas - obviously a billboard at a major highway interchange might cost a bit more. Someone mentioned about populated areas - billboards are price positioned depending on exposure so that wouldn't matter.

The initial figure of 6-7 billboards came at a price mark of $500 and a potential funding effort of 10 million. In answer to another poster on here - this would in fact be directed towards a specific candidate.

I believe September would be a good month to roll them out - then see if we can keep them up thru to the election - if we can financially handle it.

I would imagine, if you were able to find the largest

billboard provider or go to a few of the largest, you might be able to work up a deal for a lot less.

Saying that, I commend you on trying a big idea but pulling something like that off would be a large endeavor fraught with logistical and social economic problems.

I've said multiple times that we need some sort of grassroots committee to coordinate things like this but I guess cause I'm an asshole, not too many people are latching onto the idea.

Even assholes have good ideas. :)

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Industry Standards Best Practices Guidelines

8 words or less.

Slogan and text that specifically addresses the platform planks of Ron Paul and the Liberty Movement. These will be the issues national delegates face at the convention as they motion to amend the platform.

Conservative, presidential portraiture of Congressman Dr. Ron Paul from the campaign trail.

i.e. Ron Paul Portraits.

The national websites URL.

A consideration to run Digital Billboard Campaigns in series.

The use of standard, already well branded Ron Paul signage, not create new, cool, wheels and designs.

A conservative approach which leverages the "Sciences" of Billboard design, and industry standard best practices.

Ron Paul Billboards provides billboard and digital billboard designs for grassroots, PAC's and national and state level campaign organizations at no charge. Contact us at social@RonPaulBillboards.com to edit the design you choose with your "Paid for by:".

Great plan

This is a great idea; we need to put more effort into breaking out of the cyber world and into the political discourse everyday Americans on the ground. This is one way to do so.

I love the idea, but

Why 6-7 in every county? Why not just the most populated areas and highways? Why not focus on just the remaining states that have yet to vote?

$10million is asking quite a bit unless you have a sugar daddy/mama in mind. For something like this I'd imagine you'd be able to raise at most 1million, but likely $10k.

Is the secret message dependent on RP's nomination? I assume it is not otherwise why put up billboards in every county. Then again putting up billboards in every county is pretty ridiculous to begin with. Many counties have more livestock and corn fields than population. Don't get me wrong I love the idea and wish most of the campaign advertising money would have gone to bilboards, They are the most visible and effective forms of advertising I see (don't watch tv, most people I know and meet dont either, or tivo through commercials) I just dont know how much this plan has been thought through yet.

The Plan is to Win

Winning will require total market saturation. We are in a battle of hearts and minds of the people - a groundswell is what we need - not a top down list of what we should do... we should do what the grass roots does best - get the word out about Ron Paul.

I agree grassroots does it best not top down

but plans help out those who are willing but don't know what to do or where to begin. Your post sounded like you have the sign making resources, operation and know how to make it happen. Are you making the signs and we're providing the money for the materials? Then you ship them out to us? Or are we all to make our own signs and you give us tips on the best way and places to put them?

If that's not the case just tell us where to begin and how to make it happen in our neck of the woods and we'll make it happen. we can do money bombs with our local meetup groups to do it. I know one guy in our group that has made over 50 wooden signs and has nailed them up all around the county. How do we go about securing and putting up billboards? Or do we just figure it out?

All Inclusive Deal

We are looking at approx $500-$700 per month per billboard. This is basically a turn key deal - the dollars would go direct to billboard companies for whatever they would be charging - it is my understanding most companies handle the posting up - we just give them a graphical representation of what we want.