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Delegate From Arizona Marko Trickovic Spills Beans On Blatant Fraud @ State Convention


With the amount of corruption that the GOP establishment is filled with, they're surely going to get their BLOWBACK. They're asking for it very badly.

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Letter to the AZ GOP

As we continue to refine our message and and plan pf action please take a moment and sign and send our letter to the AZ GOP.


Publicizing Fraud

An Oklahoma delegate wrote an opinion piece about the massive fraud at his state convention. It would be great if an Arizona delegate did the same. http://dailycaller.com/2012/05/17/oklahoma-gop-continues-nat...



from: Retired HR of Arizona Karen Johnson

Who was nominated from the floor of the convention for Republican Committeewoman to the Great State of Arizona. She won with the majority of votes not once but twice, the second time as we were being thrown out of the convention. A sitting senator tried to bribe her on the floor of convention for her seating as commiteewoman at National. We still do not know the outcome of her position as the GOP does not want to seat her. She is one strong and principled woman.

She asked me to send this to you all at the Daily Paul
We are doing all we can to save her nomination. She is wonderful woman I know personally and she is a constitutionalist and avid Ron Paul supporter.


I got up early Saturday morning (5 a.m.) and arrived at the Grand Canyon College at 7 a.m. to begin the day. The signs and banners for Ron Paul were already everywhere to be seen. It wasn’t until after 8 a.m. that the Romney signs began to appear. Just inside the foyer area of the convention center was a Ron Paul table where three young people were taking your name, cell phone number and e-mail address. The line to that table was through the foyer and down the hall. There were no lines anywhere else. The others tables were mostly campaign items for sale. After checking in with the Ron Paul folks, I went to get credentialed at the Navajo County table.

We were finally allowed to enter the main hall of the convention about 8:30 a.m. and I sat where the Navajo County delegation was assigned. The convention began at 9:00 a.m. with the usual prayer, pledge and the singing of the Star Spangled Banner. After that, we were “treated” to the usual milk-toast speeches of the Governor, Secretary of State, Chairman of the Salt River/Pima tribe, and one of Mitt Romney’s sons. Mitt’s son, Josh Romney, did NOT get booed off the stage and, in fact, the first part of his talk was well received as he explained how much his father had cared for his mother during her illness. At the end of his talk Josh Romney held up the Romney green delegate slate, encouraging delegates to vote for it and that was when the boos begin to happen. It is not permissible to campaign from the podium at the convention, unless you have that slot to speak in behalf of the candidate. Eventually the two speakers in behalf of Romney and Ron Paul were allowed to speak. Sydny Hoff Hay spoke for Paul, I think. I say it that way because most of her speech involved praise for Gingrich, Santorum and Romney. Hay continually reiterated her desire for coming together and that Obama was the main target. All fine and good BUT where was the talk FOR Ron Paul? Very little was mentioned about the one man in this country that has sacrificed almost his entire life to the cause of freedom, liberty and the Constitution.

I think the main problem the “establishment” (they are the Arizona party leaders) encountered was the huge amount of lawfully elected Ron Paul delegates. I am sure they expected some but not the number that attended. My guess would be 35-40% of the delegates were for Ron Paul. That is astounding compared to the handful we had in 2008. I believe it was a shocker to them! There were 1,147 credentialed delegates. Arizona is allotted 29 delegates to the National Republican Convention, however, we also voted for a “B” slate of delegates because the state party believes that Arizona will be given back the other 29 delegates that were taken away from them by the RNC for moving up our Presidential Primary to early February. I believe that will happen IF the Arizona Republican Party can guarantee that all of those 29 will be Romney delegates.

After the milk-toast speeches, we adjourned to the various Congressional causes (nine of them in all). I belong to Congressional District 1 and we retreated to our assigned area. There were approximately 112 of us gathered together to elect one delegate and one alternate from the “A” ballot as well as one delegate and one alternate from the “B” ballot. When the first ballot was passed out to us several people commented about the asterisk by the first name at the top of the ballot because at the bottom of the ballot there was another asterisk that stated “designated candidate supported by the Romney campaign” (or something close to that). Many people took pictures of the ballot for evidence of this blatant disregard of the rules as there is to be no campaigning on the ballot itself. We were later told from the podium that the Romney camp as well as the Paul camp had been offered the ability to do this. However, the Paul camp, knowing that it is against the rules to campaign in this fashion, declined on the grounds that it was not ethical, while the Romney camp went ahead with the designated candidates having an asterisk by their name. When it came to voting for the balance of the delegates from the floor (delegates at large), the same unethical practice was done by listing all 20 delegates at the top of a four page ballot – all with asterisks by their names, stating at the bottom that these are the “chosen ones”, so to speak. The explanation was, of course, that both camps were offered the same deal.

After the vote was taken on the first ballot in our Congressional District 1, the Chairman, Drake Mitchell, of our caucus collected the ballots and handed them (not in an envelope – just stacked together) to a man the Chairman had designated as our secretary and that person left to take the ballots downstairs to the counting room. He was alone with no one going with him. The security was non-existent. Approximately a half hour later the secretary returned with the vote tally. The Chairman announced the results and everyone looked in amazement at each other because our Ron Paul lady (Jill Skaufel) was not mentioned and we did not know the others that had been announced as winners. One of our astute delegates, Dara, stood up and said, “Wait a minute, this cannot be right”. Then she asked for the vote count for Jill. The Chairman said 15 votes. Dara then asked for all those in the room that voted for Jill to raise their hands. 51 hands went up. Whoa! That caused quite a stir. At that point the “establishment” had no choice but to redo the voting. After the second ballot our Jill won with 51 votes and the explanation was given that a “glitch” had happen with the voting machine. It seems that the first name with the asterisk by it caused all the other votes that had been cast to move down, one below the actual person voted for on the ballot. What a crock! At any rate, we were able to get both of our Ron Paul people elected from CD 1, (delegate A and B) after three hours of wrangling and total frustration with the process.

By now it was nearly 4 p.m. and people were hungry and grouchy. I received a call just before leaving the CD 1 caucus from a good friend that I had served with in the Arizona House, Representative Eddie Farnsworth. He asked if I was attending the convention and I explained where I was and the problems we were having in CD 1. He also said that similar things had happened in the CD District he was from and that he was irate about the asterisk by the Romney selected candidate. Eddie is an attorney and not specifically a Ron Paul fan but always fair. He was livid at how the convention was being run, he called it fraudulent and criminal. He told me he had gone to speak with the Executive Secretary of the party, Thayer Verschoor, about the way the Romney campaign was using the ballot to campaign for their candidate(s). Finally, Thayer admitted that he had given the authorization for them to do this. Eddie said he was so disgusted that he and several other delegates from his CD District simply left.

Now we are back on the floor and ready to start the voting for the delegates at large as well as electing a National Committee Woman and Man. The ballots were passed out and I previously spoke of how they were printed up (with the asterisk by the first 20 names – being Romney supported delegates). There were two pages, with a front and back, and it took a long time to “hunt and peck” through the names to vote for the people we knew were Ron Paul supporters. After voting, our Chairman collected the ballots and turned them in at the front of the hall where they would then go into the back room for counting. Those of us that stayed until the end (our Chairman left before distributing the alternate ballots in the early evening and we did not know where to get the ballots from for this vote) were scolded for not taking our ballot up to the drop box individually. We should not have just handed them over to our Chairman for her to deposit them for us. Now we know!! I need to add that the three computers used to count votes were still being programmed up to the night before the balloting. The three computers were not tested for accuracy and much of the counting was not officially observed by the Ron Paul campaign. I believe that one, maybe two, people were allowed to observe from the Ron Paul campaign part of the time while multiple people from the Romney campaign were milling around continually.

The next item on the agenda was to select the National Committeeman and Woman. All the candidates were nominated from the floor. My name (Karen Johnson) was put forth, as was the current National Committeewoman, Sharon Giese, and a woman from Tucson named White. We all were allowed five minutes to have people endorse us from a microphone on the floor and then we spoke for a few moments from the podium. All the while, the ballots for the at large delegates were supposedly being counted. We then voted on the man and woman to represent Arizona at the RNC as we still waited and waited and waited for a report of the vote count on the delegates. By now it was nearly 8 p.m. No one could figure out what was going on, just one delay after another. Many people left – almost all Romney delegates – as the Ron Paul people were loyal to the end and would not leave.

I was standing near the back of the convention center speaking with a good friend that I had served with in the Arizona State Senate, Senator Ron Gould (a great candidate for Congress from his District in the upcoming election) and another friend (I thought) who had also served with me for four years in the Senate and who is now a Representative in the Arizona House, Jack Harper. Jack came over and began to speak with me. He said, “Karen, we can end this vote right now on the National Committeewoman if you will come with me up to the podium and guarantee the leadership that you will not embarrass the Republican Party”. I looked at him in astonishment and politely told him I could never make such a commitment. Senator Gould’s chin nearly fell to his chest at this point. Then Jack became very agitated and really went off on me raising his voice quite loudly saying, “You are nothing but an embarrassment to the Republican Party, all the crap you talk about, like 9/11 and the fact that the Federal Government took out the twin towers is bunk”. I replied that I had never said the Federal Government took out the Twin Towers but that there were many unanswered questions that needed to be addressed regarding what happened that day. Jack continued to berate me and say how stubborn I was and that someone like me could never be the National Committeewoman from Arizona because I was such an embarrassment to the party. As Jack huffed off, Senator Gould looked at me and said, “What on earth was that all about?”

Probably around 8:30 p.m. (my time gets a little fuzzy here) they announced the vote for National Committeewoman. I received 370 some votes, Sharon Giese got 260 some votes and the White lady received 140 some votes. Sorry, I do not have the exact numbers and it seems impossible to even get them now. The crowd of mostly Ron Paul supporters erupted in cheers and thought I had won BUT no, there has to be a run-off election because a candidate must get 50% plus one to win. So all the delegates that were left (mostly all the Ron Paul people) called for a run-off vote. The Chairman, Tom Morrissey, said we do not have a quorum and cannot take the vote at this time. The crowd booed and we were all told that the party would mail-out ballots to ALL the delegates and then determine the winner from that count. So, if you leave early you still get your vote counted through a mail-in ballot. Needless to say the remainder of the delegates were livid, (remember, we still have no word on who was elected to be delegates at large or alternate delegates at this point) and demanded a run- off now. It was probably after 9 p.m. and the Chairman simply went to the podium, had one of “their” people at each microphone, took the motion to adjourn and the second and declared the meeting over. No motions, nothing. No announcement of the delegate at large vote, only that they would be counted at a later date!!! The Chairman (Tom Morrissey) and his pack of loyalists simply left the podium and stage for the door and were gone.

I found out that the process for counting those ballots took place yesterday (Monday) at 1:30 p.m. at State Party Headquarters in Phoenix. It is my understanding that two Ron Paul people were there to observe. The count was not finished until 10:00 p.m. Monday evening and still no announcement of who will be the delegates to the National Convention from Arizona. What a SHAM!!! I believe the Ron Paul observers are not speaking about what transpired during the count as everything is being turned over to the campaign’s Arizona attorney.

Back to the convention, at that point the Paul folks gathered around the podium and elected a new state party chairman, a man by the name of David Fitzgerald from Tucson. He called for the run-off vote and by voice vote I was elected National Committeewoman. We then adjourned to the parking lot as the security came up and turned the microphone off as well as the lights. In the parking lot, David Fitzgerald said that neither he nor the votes we have taken will be honored but he strongly urged all the delegates to become precinct committeemen and get their papers turned in by the end of May. He did a good job and we finally left after 10 p.m. I don’t need to tell you what a horrible, stressful and sad day it was for so many of us. At this point I was ashamed to be an Arizona Republican, having to observe the incompetency, shenanigans and outright breaking of the rules by people that I know very well.

Just a couple of observations regarding the procedures of the convention:
1) Why would one continue to use “counting machines” that had a “glitch” in them from counting the Congressional District causes ballots? We absolutely should have gone to a hand count which probably would not have taken nearly as long as the unreliable machine count. Where did these machines come from? Certainly not from the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office because testing and verification would be a must.
2) How could Jack Harper come and tell me that “everything could be worked out and done” if I would promise not to embarrass the Republican Party? Would a run-off not have been needed if I had agreed?
3) Why the inexcusable time-lapse between voting as well as the announcement, or should I say the non-announcement of the count. I truly believe it was to stall on and on so that most of the Romney people left and our quorum was gone. When delegates leave because they are tired, why should that penalize the rest of us who are willing to stay and conduct the business at hand?

Karen S. Johnson
P.O. Box 2289
Show Low, Arizona 85902


Thx so much for the person

Thx so much for the person who wrote this, but I have a very simple question for her:

When the corrupt thug put her on spot asking - "You will become committeewoman if you come to podium and guarantee leadership that will not embarrass Republican Party"

At this point, WHY in the world did she decline?!?! It wasn't as if they were making her legally binding to some monetary clause. And besides, she should've told herself that "Ron Paul movement is the genuine Republican Party". Of course, she would've have done anything to embarrass the REAL Republican Party.

I think we need to be a bit more pragmatic instead of "idealist purists" & snatch these positions away from Trotskyist neo-cons & clean house thereafter.

Once again, I thank her so much making so many sacrifices on a loooooong & difficult day. But with just a small amount of quick calculation I feel a good opportunity presented itself was thrown away.

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

Can't believe you guys had to

Can't believe you guys had to go through all that. Thanks for sticking it out.

Close friend writer, and systems scientist was at the convention

and this is what he had to say as an observer of the GOP state convention. I thought others might enjoy this:

Whadda Day: Thieves Boldly Hijack Republican Party State Caucus Meeting To Steal Votes From Ron Paul In a stunningly brazen bold move, the State GOP Chairman and his entourage of typical party hacks abruptly and illegally closed the meeting down after delaying crucial delegate vote counts throughout the afternoon and early evening. After the refusal of Ron Paul PC delegates to tire and leave the arena, after trying various efforts to trick them into adjourning, not the least of which was forcing the delay of counting and candidate declarations for periods of several hours, the Chairman closed the meeting without a vote and promptly disappeared into the night with most of the delegate ballots.

Missing in action: a sizable Ron Paul delegate victory. The PC delegates clearly were closely divided between Ron Paul and Romney. In fact, the Paulists were generally far more enthusiastic and much louder than the Romney supporters, but from my observer vantage high in the bleachers overlooking the spectacle, it appeared that the Romney supporters had a numerical edge, splitting the 1100 member convention perhaps along the lines of 600 to 500. (Since the votes were stolen by the Chairman, it is impossible to be precise about the number). This would have allowed a very significant percentage of Paul supporters to be elected as some of the 29 delegates to the National Convention in Tampa, Florida, where the Republican Presidential candidate will be nominated.

I have read many accounts of brazen cheating in party conventions and procedures, ranging from the 19th century to some notable "cheats" this year. But I have never experienced such shocking shysterism, including sitting through several boring Democratic
State Committee meetings and elections. In a flash it finally become completely clear to me late in the day and to about 500 other supporters of Ron Paul in Arizona that the Arizona State Republican Party is as crooked as they come, managed by slippery, sociopathic scaliwags who just really don't give a damn. Like the Democrats, they can dish out inspiring rhetoric, but if you pick it up and turn it over, as we did today, you end watching it crumble into rotting flakes of humbug. Indeed, even the mechanical details of how the caucus convention was managed was largely humbug, obviously no one cared to spend the delegate's time wisely and efficiently.

I spent much of the day with Cornplanter and the Hardman Tribe at a Republican statewide caucus election meeting to select At Large Delegates to the Republican National Convention to be held in Tampa Bay in August. We got up at 5 am, like most Republican PC delegates, to make the long drive to the day long proceedings, which were hosted by a a private Christian College in Phoenix, Grand Canyon University. The venue was a good choice, though the stadium's enclosed acoustics were second rate and occasionally difficult to understand.

Despite sophisticated data display and large screen technology which would have greatly enhanced the meeting, the bungling, bumbling party hackracacy was unable to comprehend even the most basic ideas of how to make use of it. Instead, a mystical process of vote tabulation was conducted behind closed curtains. "Typographical errors" such as one which changed the vote for a Congressional District delegate from 51 to 15, thus converting a Paul supporter from a winner to a loser, cropped up, delaying aspects of the caucus meeting for hours. This and other irregularities, including charges of ballot stuffing, plagued the farsical convention. Eventually it became clear that the "delays" were part of a deliberate strategy to wait out the Paulists until their numbers withered away sufficiently to give Romney a large victory.

But it didn't work. The Paulists held steadfast and refused to be buffaloed. Finally Romney delegates began leaving in droves to destroy the meeting. Then the Chairman abruptly declared the meeting adjourned and walked out himself in a completely illegal, not to mention contemptuous act.

In a spontaneous effort of self-defense, the Paulists attempted to reformulate the meeting. After being summarily kicked out of the facility by campus security, they continued the meeting outside just long enough to declare a new GOP Chairman for the State of Arizona. But without facilities for communication and with no ballots to count, this rump meeting broke up in the late hours of the evening.

Where this all goes, is most unclear at this hour...but two things are evident. The Relovelution Movement has only just begun and the GOP hackrocracy hasn't a clue. Many conversations I had this day with various Paul activists led me to conclude that this surge of activity will be long and high. Eventually, within months to a couple of years, the Paulists will eat the Arizona GOP for breakfast. As has happened in many other states, the efforts of the GOP hackrocracy to cheat out and repress the new energy merely makes those whom it mugs as angry as hornets whose nest has been molested.

Five hundred angry hornets will be busy this weekend and through the coming week. How the blatant illegality of the party chairman will be handled at the moment is anyone's guess.

Stay tuned. We will find out shortly.
Michael Mandeville
MetaSyn Media


sorry for the double post



ONLY way to solve this is


AZ folks you have 1 week.

Are there any caucuses left where people can become PCs????

Point of order Marcko...

I was told by a person sitting very close to the first caller who yelled out point of order...that the first person was a supporter of the Yellow Slate which was the not approved, yet Romney supporters, of the Tea Party Constitutional slate. Additional yells for point of order were given and from there boos and who knows what, but the first call was not even a Ron Paul supporter.

Wouldn't it be great if Ron

Wouldn't it be great if Ron Paul knew this was going to happen and told his delegates to vote for Romney just so they could become a delegate at the RNC?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

I don't think

You understand this process.

GOP Reform

The GOP is not an independent party, but is part of the two-party system, by which the US is governed. The two-party system requires that there be only two parties capable of winning, neither of which subscribes to any absolute principles. If you want to understand what is widely understood by political theorists on this score, a clearly written, popular work (actually about the UK, which is also two-party), read "The Party System" by Belloc and Chesterton, available from Amazon, with an introduction by Ron Paul.

If by any chance, one party should fall into the hands of a principled group of any kind, left or right, the media would simply eliminate that party, marginalizing it and reducing it to the status of a third party. You'd immediately be back to the Libertarian or Constitution party problem again.

So anyone trying to subvert the goal of the Ron Paul movement, which is to secure the nomination for Dr. Paul, for the purpose of turning the GOP into a principled party is (1) wasting his or her time, and (2)
misappropriating the money and efforts of those seeking to elect Dr. Paul.

If you understand what I am saying, please explain this to as many people in the Ron Paul movement as you can. This is in all probability the one opportunity in our lifetimes to put someone in the presidency who can reform the government. Don't blow it by chasing unattainable rabbits.

Well, if we lost our delegates,

then why are they doing this 'shadow party' thing? I would think they would leave well enough alone.

I was a delegate in AZ

and all I heard from the Romney people all day long was that we Paul people didn't deserve delegates because we got so few of the popular votes in the primary. They were concerned that it wouldn't be fair to those voters if Paulites got more delegates out of proportion to what they got in the primary.

My answer to them was that if protecting the popular vote was so all mighty important to them, then why didn't more of them show up to protect it? NINE Romney delegates from my CD alone were no-shows. They didn't think it important enough to come. We got 11 of 18 delegates -- that is until Monday afternoon when they re-counted and we magically got only 3!

Paul people show up.

Get over it.


"and all I heard from the Romney people all day long was that we Paul people didn't deserve delegates because we got so few of the popular votes in the primary."

When this happens, just reply with: "So what you are saying is that Al Gore should have become president in 2000, because he won the popular vote. Right?"

So they gave Romney 90% of

So they gave Romney 90% of the delegates, and he only won 47% of the vote. They'd have given them all if they thought they could. That is probably why the backroom meeting took 3 days.

You know, the Arizona GOP was twitting derogatory things about Ron Paul delegages while they were counting the votes? It's listed in another thread, and will surely come up in any complaint process or motions.

Fair unbiased process? Sure it was fair, we will calling Ron Paul delegates occupy movement people and paultards while we were in the very act of counting the votes. No, I'm not making that up. It's factual.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Reagan challenged a sitting Republican President in 1976

And the GOP elite where pissed. Reagan collecting delegates.

Watch here the Convention: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5qDou7KRpw


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820

And Ron Paul was one of only

And Ron Paul was one of only four congressmen supporting Reagan.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Explanation of delegate numbers

How we went from 11 to 3 delegates:

In the congressional district voting, there were two ballots. On the first we were told to vote for as many as 3 people. The first was to be a national delegate and then 2 alternates. On the second ballot, we were told to vote for as many as 4 people, 2 delegates and 2 alternates. These would be the delegates seated if Arizona regained her lost delegates at the convention. The campaign told us to only vote 1 person. Romney's supporters were told the same thing on their slate. I wondered at the time what we were doing with all those extra people. Now that the state GOP has announced the 29 delegates, and 28 alternates, it appears at least in the Congressional Districts, they took the winner of the first ballot as a delegate, and the winner of the second ballot as the alternate. I have no idea what happened to the rest of the people.

The reason we thought we had 11 is because that is how many names they read from the podium that were from our slates. We were told not to vote for them on the main floor because they already had a delegate or alternate spot. They may have realized that the "A" slate, "B" slate scenario had too many Paul supporters because if the Romney supporters all voted for the person they were told to, the alternate would be a Ron Paul supporter by default as the next number of votes. By taking the winner of each ballot, we should have had the same number of delegates as alternates because each RP delegate would have had the same people voting second ballot for the alternate (which we thought was the "B" slate delegate), so I think at least one person was replaced with someone the establishment preferred because they didn't actually announce all our voting results in the CD groups. While we were waiting, they said to get back to the floor or forfeit our chance to vote for the at-large delegates BY ORDER OF THE CONVENTION CHAIR.

It makes sense that we earned one at large delegate because the Romney slate only had 19 people and there were 20 delegate slots. Our slate was the same way. According to the rules, a tie vote should have been decided by a "game of chance", but I think they just took the first delegate alphabetically from our list.

The alternate list is more confusing. I wrote my thoughts on that here:
(the comment titled MORE AZ RESULTS)

To tell you the truth, Arizona delegates were had. Our CD fought, and Drake Mitchell stood up for fair elections, once it was brought to his attention that his CD had not been fairly counted and the ballots were rigged in favor of one candidate versus another. I even pointed out to him that the fact Romney won was irrelevant because we were voting for delegates, not candidates, and anyone who had put in an application deserved as much right to represent their state as anyone else. It wasn't Romney's decision or we wouldn't even be having a convention at all.

I agree, he deserves a thank you. When I asked his name (the badge was backward) he looked like he thought he was going to be put on a hit list. He visibly relaxed when I told him he was doing a good job and I was sorry he was in the middle of something he had no control over.

I have a ? for those of you who know more about this topic.

My apologies if this is just a stupid question. Lets say that the delegates get up there for the first round of voting and a lot of delegates that are bound for Romney, actually vote for Ron Paul. And just enough delegates vote that way so that no one reaches the magic number needed. The delegates that did not vote the way they supposed to will be replaced with alternates. But then, can't the alternates vote however they wish since the first round of voting had already taken place and the vote with the alternates would indeed be the second round of voting? Would/could such an event be a possibility? Thank you, in advance, for any replies.

P.S. And if there were any legal problems afterwards, President Paul could simply pardon them :-)

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

Its just a matter of crossing

Its just a matter of crossing that bridge when we get there. We also have to worry about the Santorum and Gingrich delegates that surely must be able to put mitt over the top.


Please help me find Drake Mitchel from AZ CD 1 ???

I need an email or address. We in the Ron Paul movement really need to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to this man.

He is NOT a ron paul supporter but he REALLY showed some BIG TIME integrity in CD1,-- this man took the HEAT, and would not be intimidated.

Our numbers would be near zero without this American standing for honesty in vote counting.


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820

I think I found him

I'll let you know if he responds.

It was the right person. He

It was the right person. He was so grateful for the kind comments and would like to work with us to support Ron Paul type candidates to represent us here in AZ.

Contact me if you want to discuss ideas.

We got 3 of the 29 A Delegates

We got 8 of the 29 B "at large" Delegates.

The funny thing is this. Prior to closing the convention, the GOP chairman read off the CD delegates. From that we "won" 11 of 18. So what happened between their closing of the convention on Saturday and announcing the 29 delegates on Tuesday? Two recounts, apparently. And now we come to find we get 3 delegates of the 29, the other 8 pushed back to B at large delegates. What I saw during Saturdays convention was two scanners & 2 laptops and 7 people working the boxes and loading and counting. I and a few others observed for 30 minutes, it looked all on the up and up during my watch.

He is right about people leaving and not turning in their credentials. Apparently, only if they turn in their credentials can they then seat a person from the ALTERNATE section. That rule, they followed. Did they make an announcement if you are to leave, turn in your credentials? No. Did they try to collect credentials at the exit door? No. Did they make it easy to get to a mic and object? No. The BEST ANSWER to that was ROLLING UP YOUR PAPER INTO A CONE and yell to the Chairman on Stage who, i think, was hard of hearing already.

Finally, Joe Arpio and his little gang volunteer cops is all apart of this GOP. Jan Brewer and the WHOSE WHO in the AZ GOP made the top 29 delegates. Paul Gilbert atty, Laura Kanaprek, ...etc. They have been drinking the GW Bush ProWar koolaid for so long, that is all the GOP means to them: War.


Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
Buy it Here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/05211820

watching the counting?

Treg, the only way to know the ballots were counted correctly is to see if the computer recorded what the ballot actually said. In CD1, the tallies were correct, but they were recorded to the wrong person! That's why I was concerned the Romney delegates were always at the top of the ballot. If someone farther down the list was left off, it would affect all the rest of the votes, but never touch the votes for his delegates.

We will never know who really won unless the actual ballots are hand counted, and from what I have heard, that will not happen. The funny thing, is even after catching the error, the "bosses" insisted on feeding them into the computer again. They used that to find an explanation for the error, corrected our result, then went back to the computers, taking long enough that the results wouldn't be questioned again.

Ron Paul is no less than hero!

Now, I got it. Ron Paul is going to the front line, like a true leader.

He will try to help these young people to stop the rigging! This is just incredible, no less!

Call the POLICE!

Sheriff Arpaio: (602) 876-1801
Non- Emergency or (Crime Stop): (602) 876-1011
Political Corruption (AZ Attorney General): (602) 542-5025

All Arizona residents who witnessed this fraudulent event, please throw a fit! I wouldn't stop calling.

We need Arizona.

Call the police? To a Private club event? For what?

Breaking and not following your own rules? Cheating your own club members?

Further, those you list, those ARE the GOP establishment.

Calling them would be like being pissed about a murderous lynching you witnessed and calling the KKK to get justice.

Dude, they drink that GOP koolaid for breakfast, lunch and dinner. When the GOP closed it down, whose volunteer cops helped out? Yes, Sherif Joe Arpaio's. WHo made sure we left the building? Yes, you got it now?

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