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Delegate From Arizona Marko Trickovic Spills Beans On Blatant Fraud @ State Convention


With the amount of corruption that the GOP establishment is filled with, they're surely going to get their BLOWBACK. They're asking for it very badly.

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We should send emails to

We should send emails to Rachel Maddow. This seems like a story right up her ally. There is probably no way to report this without making the RNC look like criminals.

Tuesdays Results Of Saturdays Election

The first delegate vote last Saturday was the only one we got the results for from Chairman Morrissey. We kept a record as he read them off from the podium. There were eleven people announced as elected from the Constitutional Conservative Slate. Today we got some "official" results from the AZGOP of the 29 people finally selected after having counted and recounted ballots at AZGOP headquarters. The Constitutional Conservative Slate has 3 people of the 29 selected and one wasn't on the victory tally last Saturday.

Announced from the podium CCS delegates as of Sat.

as of today off AZGPO site:

can anyone come up with an explanation? I've never liked stinky cheese and I like this even less...

Buck in Phoenix


What's new!

Nothing! Fraud has been constant in this entire process and it certainly doesn't do any good to cry out against when the media is in cahoots! The only course of action is to unite against it and actually promote proactive and effective action against it. Yelling from the rooftops is not going to work.


I was a delegate at Az state

and I can vouch for everything this man says and much more. I am a Ron Paul coordinator for LD5 Navajo County and a sitting delegate at State Convention.

This convention was the most crooked, incompetent fraudulent thing I have ever been witness to. I was locked down in a room for 4 hrs without food and was even told I needed permission to take a bathroom break by security under threat of loosing my credentials. We were all there for over 14 hours with continued stalling.

The leadership, proceeded to tell us that we would be using Roberts Rules of order and then immediately and throughout the whole convention proceeded in breaking every rule! The meeting was adjourned illegally and we still do not know if we have a state committeewoman and who won, we were told we would have to do a mail in ballot runoff?? That is against the rules. Tom Morrisey should immediately step down for dereliction and abandonment of his duties.

There was a bribe that took place by an acting AZ Senator. I saw assault on a Paul supporter right in front of me for one of our people being to "vocal"?

The only time Romney's son was booed was when he got back up on stage and was actively in front of everyone "electioneering" for his father. THAT IS AGAINST THE RULES! There was improper credentialing of our alternates, my daughter who was an alternate had her 8 mo. old baby there for over 14 hours with no accommodation for children or food. Is this supposed to be the party of the FAMILY? My daughter was not the only alternate there with a small child. The only free food or water for people throughout the day was at the Ron Paul booth which was quite a walk from the convention floor and we were afraid to leave to go that far, in fear of loosing credentials or missing a vote because there was a lot of time, hours in stalling going on. Ballots were electioneered, and misprinted.

In our CD1 when the first vote for delegate was processed we were brought the results we all knew that it was wrong, my son and another in our group yelled fraud and the secretary of our meetings had the good presence of mind to call for a hand count and immediately all hands went up. the machine gave Pauls delegate 15 votes, the hand count gave her, 51, a clear majority! they went back downstairs far another hour to do a recount on the machine....

I must bring to your attention Drake Mitchell, the leader of our group in CD1 who gave direction as to the rules of voting, a Romney supporter; he fought downstairs for us to have a fair vote and the leadership wanted to certify the fraudulent ballot that was done on the first round. I am told that he was being screamed at literally by leadership that they had to certify what the machine said because hand counts could not be used. He fought for us and we won and I very much appreciate the integrity of this man to get it right for us in CD1. Other CD's were not so lucky I hear.

Thank you Drake Mitchell for your integrity and honesty. There was more and I hear on conference call last night that we have many other delegates at large that the GOP leadership will not release because of embarrassment?

If the GOP is trying to make us quit, they are sadly mistaken, all they did in the State of Arizona is poke a hornets nest, Everyone is doing a PC drive right now and we were told that if we can get 300 more across the state we will win Arizona.

I want to thank all of my new found friends and fellow patriots for making something that was unbearable, to my heart, bearable. Everyone shared what food they had, my husband who was also a delegate, hen had my daughter go down to the car and get sandwiches we had made earlier in a bread bag and get them to share with everyone who was locked down. Others shared what they had in their bags with each other and eventually when we knew we would not be released for lunch everyone pooled money and we ordered out pizza, at this point, for dinner. I love Ron Paul people, they are real and they are family.

Our people won Navajo county outright for Dr. Paul and we are just getting started. We are going to take back our State. The Great State of Arizona. I am so proud of my people here and I so much love the Revolution activists in Phoenix who helped us with accommodation and gas. Matt Papke and Sean C Liberty for making it possible for the whole fam damily van full of delegates and alternates made their way to convention, (4hr drive.) (It was a family affair for us. We all made delegate and alternate spots for state.) We are a family and I am so grateful to have been a part of this event. The GOP is broken and Dr. Paul....We will take the torch, and carry it for you and for the country it is our turn, and I am proud to do it.

What a mothers day weekend I will never forget. Oh by the way my son made it as an alternate national delegate and we have only begun to fight, we are so proud to represent Dr. Ron Paul, our president!
What an experience!


Drake Mitchel -- Big hero, a BIGGER THANK YOU!

We all in the RON PAUL community SHOULD send a letter
at the very least to this Drake Mitchell. He is NOT a Ron Paul supporter but took the heat, did the right thing. This vet ( i believe) was not intimidated. I wish I could find his email to share with everyone here.

This Drake Mitchel, REALLY came through. Without CD1, are numbers would be near zero.

I know Drake Mitchel does not come to Daily Paul, but a BIG thanks goes out to him for stepping up, taking the heat, and doing the right thing.


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Great work!

Thank you for sticking in there against all odds.

You made me cry! Thank you so

You made me cry! Thank you so much.

Make me proud

You sir, are why I have not given up. Thanks for this wonderful post.

Florida conventions going to go down in history.

It's good to know that even

It's good to know that even in the opposition there are good people such as Drake Mitchell who will stand up for what's right. Too bad he's in the minority. And that was an amazing inside story, thanks for sharing... Especially the parts where all the Ron Paul supporters shared all of the food they had with each other, its really touching and inspiring. We truly are a family.


just to be clear

We weren't just sharing food with Ron Paul supporters, there were Romney supporters with us in lock down in that room and we were sharing with them and they were sharing and offering up what they had with us too.

It was a miserable experience for everyone sequestered.


So they wouldn't let you use

So they wouldn't let you use the bathroom but they were fine allowing a woman to stuff 8 ballots for people who left?


yes, oh yes

ballot stuffing, bribes, electioneering, assault, complete dereliction of duty, for over 14 hours, you name it happened!

If The GOP actually thinks that they can win a presidential election with this kind of blatant in your face fraud, and complete incompetence going up against the Obummer maachine, they are sadly in FANTASY LAND! Romney will be the sacrificial lamb to another 4 years of socialist hitler. No doubt in my mind. So we must take over the party entirely.


that is why

this is a REVOLUTION

Gotta love that we won in Warmongerer McCain's state of AZ.

Look at how many corrupt people are backing Romney now.
Here is a look at your neo-con GOP establishment.

George H. Bush & Barbara
George W. Bush & Laura
John McCain
Donald Trump
Tim Pawlenty
Herman Cain
Michelle Bachmann
Rick Santorum
Newt Gingrich
John Huntsman
Chris Christie
Paul Ryan
Mark Rubio
Fox News & the rest of the lamestream media.

These corrupt tyrrant dictators want ZERO to do with auditing the Fed. Reserve., ending militarism, or ending the shredding of our Constitution.

I've taken turns on who I can't stand the most on a daily basis.
How exactly does one define 'Domestic Terrorist'?

The government's definition?

If you follow the government's ambiguous definition then I believe this would include all of the names you listed above.

What would our forefathers do?

In order to "respect" someone, they have to EARN it. I have no respect for the RNC or the GOP nor do I have any respect for our military leaders, big banks, Congress, the Supreme Court and especialy our President who would probably throw his best friends under the bus to stay in power. Dr Paul has earned our total respect and loyalty BUT when I see how these corrupt politians, who we are actually paying to represent us, treat the Rule of Law and all of these wonderful supporters that are so desperately trying to save their future by RESPECTFULLY going through the convention process FOLLOWING THE RULES while the LIARS, CHEATERS and CRIMINAL establishment does their best to destroy all of their hopes and dreams, IT MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL!!

We don't have to be respectful We just need to FOLLOW THE RULES AND MAKE PUBLIC what they are doing to ALL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!! It wasn't just Ron Paul supporters that they were doing it to, it was manipulation of every single delegate and alternate there! If the media won't expose them then it's up to us to use every means the internet supplies us and show all of America the scary truth of the illusion we have been living under since 1913!

What would our forefathers do if they knew the country they came to in order to escape tyranny was becoming the exact same country they escaped from? We know what they did and we need to do the same thing for our children and grandchildren. You don't stand and smile while someone is taking away the things in your life that are the most precious to you. You stand strong, you follow the rule of law, you do NOT tolerate cheating and deception and you fight! And IF THEY BREAK THE RULES TO BRING YOUR CANDIDATE DOWN? Instead of booing, I would be yelling "NOT THE RULE OF LAW!!"

What you tolerate is what you will have.

Rather than What would our forefathers do?, a better title would be What did our forefathers do?

actually you have respect

actually you have respect from the beginning and can only disearn it. fast.

Here's what we need to do about this!

We need to blow this stuff wide-open! Everyone needs to plaster this stuff on their Facebook, twitter links to everyone, post this to the far ends of the Internet, write letters to the editor in your local paper..take out ads if necessary, email this info to every network you can think of...This needs to be blown open! Operation Squawk Bomb is A Go..I repeat Operation Squawk Bomb is a Go!

The media

No News/Print service will report this. YouTube will just take it down or make the video unplayable/mess with the audio.


I want TWO BIG PEOPLE near the ballot box next time

And if Anyone tries to stuff ballots I want you to TACKLE THEM HARD SLAM THEM TO THE GROUND I don't care if they are old ladies or WHATEVER.

Secondly if any GOP MEMBER tries to remove the ballot box from the room... THE SAME THING, KNOCK THEM DOWN AND TAKE THE BOX!

sadly, it's come to this

We need some BIG FOOTBALL PLAYERS to WATCH THE COUNTING. Where are OUR GOONS! We can't have the republican CHEATERS be the only people with goons.

They will think TWICE about demanding people leave the counting area when they are all 6'2 and covered in MUSCLE

Call out the BRUTE SQUAD!!!


We have had evidence of blatant fraud being committed in almost every contest, what are we gonna do about it? Nothing? Just sit there and biyatch and complain about it as usual? COME ON!

Let It Not Be Said That We Did Nothing

with all do respect to Dr Paul

and love for him .... to the Ron Paul delegates - take this thing away from the establishment in August ... whatever it takes. Enough of their lies and cheating - how long will we allow this to go on? When will it be the time to stand up and stop it once and for all? If that is viewed as disrespectful - so be it. This is far more about the future that begins in August than it has to do with not making waves with the GOP or paving the way for the future of Rand Paul. How many states (every one) showed with in 5% points the same counts in every county during primaries for Romney ... isn't that curious? This whole thing is sick.
Needs to be addressed and reversed now. Good video.

I don't understand why these

I don't understand why these people don't just call people out in the act? Its like they tell themselves "this person is stuffing ballots but I don't have the balls to actually stop it, I'll just complain about it later."


When someone see's a blantant violation of Roberts Rules, like the stuffing of the ballots, whey can't they just yell out "POINT OF ORDER! VIOLATION OF ROBERT"S RULE!"? While they are standing there seeing it done and ALWAYS take a picture or videotape.

They did and they were

They did and they were ignored!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Maybe it's because that's what

we were asked to do. Provide evidence to the RP Campaign. Don't think for a minute that Wead isn't on this. Some "unforseen" event is all it takes.

From what I've seen posted here, anytime objections were raised, they were ignored. Gathering evidence and credible witnesses is crutial right now.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

What is the guy supposed to do given that Ron Paul people are

constantly in danger of being labelled "rabble-rousers"..and nothing would change?


What the hell does it matter

What the hell does it matter what they are labeled as? They are already stealing the election - you don't have anything to lose. That is the worst excuse possible. There are no rules in this game - they have already shown you that. If you see someone stuffing a ballot box you walk up to them and say (in your meanest, loudest, most disgusted voice possible) "WTF are you doing? You're stuffing the damn ballots. You're a fucking cheat! Get the fuck out of there!" and then take the ballots from them.

I have seen like 4 or 5 people talking about the same woman and not a single one of them did anything to stop her. WTF? I would be livid. I'd scare the shit out that woman so bad she would renounce her citizenship. I've seen people walking around with video cameras who are too scared to ask suspected cheaters their names...

I've seen whole crowds of RP supporters standing in their seats yelling "point of order" for like an hour while the GOP just did what they wanted and then afterwards just whined about it. Screw this "pint of order" crap - they just ignore that - those are empty words. They are pulling dividers across rooms and no one tried to break through the divider? Seriously? You've got like 100 people there - all you have to do is walk around it or pull the divider back open. Its like you guys are motivated to get involved but don't have the nuts to actually stand up for yourselves - you're unsure of yourselves. Its like the little kid who daddy is trying to get to go up to the checkout line by himself and he's too scared. Get up in peoples faces. All the RP supporters should be physically taking-over the damn conventions and handcuffing the GOP leaders if they are pulling this crap. Don't listen to this cowardly BS from the campaign about "decorum". There is no decorum. Who are you showing decorum to? No one cares. What does any of that matter - an election is being stolen. Do you think people are standing by saying "those Paul supporters sure have decorum to let the GOP dick them over - i really respect that." 95% of the US population has no idea what is even happening. "Decorum" is an excuse of cowards.

When they come to your door and start rounding people up are you going to sit around like a couch potato so you can show decorum. What do you expect to gain from that?

Listen. Ron Paul has done a tremendous amount of work toward liberty and has done more to advance it than any other figure. But he has a major flaw - his unwillingness to stand up for himself. In some ways he does - he has spoken his mind despite all those against him. But when push comes to shove Ron runs away with his tail between his legs and he is telling his supporters to do the same. Humility can gain a lot of ground but not in every case.

You don't have anything to lose. we don't have anything to lose. There is no certainty that we will have tomorrow to change anything... Force them, physically if need be as a final straw to play by the rules. Hold people accountable, get up in their face. Make them feel like total pieces of shit, make them ashamed of themselves, make them want to cry, give them suicidal thoughts. Call the police on them.

Look at what they are doing in NV - you win and they just make up shadow committees... there is nothing to lose. The delegate strategy isn't going to work if they cheat you out of all the delegate slots.

It's not the United States of America I thought it was

Even though I've seen the fraud that happens all over the country with ballots and voting machines, it's still disheartening to see how perverted this system has become. Just further evidence that we need to stay in this party and clean house.

On to Tampa!