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Drivers License, 2 Signatures, 2 thumbprints, a mugshot, & a warning JUST to cash a $30 check

I got a call to help a guy with a printer problem this morning. It took me about 2 seconds to switch his default printer from fax back to his HP. (The guy was in his 70’s) Anyway, I charged him $30 and he wrote me a check. I normally would deposit a check in my bank account but he told me that his bank was just around the corner, they knew him well, and I could just cash it at the drive thru on the way home. I needed gas and so I decided to do that.

He had written the check out using my middle name as that is what most people call me and the only name he has ever known me by. I didn’t notice that until I pulled into the drive thru. Anyway, I signed my name like it was on the check and tossed it and my driver’s license into the ole vacuum tube. I was startled when a little video screen came to life hanging next to where the money tube was. It was a video phone type thing where the teller working the drive through could talk to me kind of like using Skype. I then noticed a little camera right next the video screen so I knew I was being recorded.

So, 1st the teller sent the tube back and said I needed to also sign my name exactly like it is on my license. Done. Then she came back on screen and asked me if I had an account with their bank. I told her no, but the guy that wrote me the check said he had banked with you guys forever and I would have no problem cashing it. She said well…okay but we need to get your thumbprint. So, she send the check back and included an ink pad for me to put my thumbprint on the check. Done. No sooner did she get the check back than she got back on the screen and said that I had put my thumbprint in the wrong location. Would I mind doing it again as close to being centered between the guys signature and the name of the bank?

Well, at this point I’m chuckling to myself because I’m just trying to cash a freaking $30 check. A local check, drawn on their bank, but I know I am powerless to the moneymen. So, I put a second thumbprint on the check and sent it back to her again. She went away for a few minutes and the video screen started playing commercials of some kind. A good song had come on the radio and I had turned up the volume a little bit so I didn’t pay the commercials too much attention. About 5 minutes later the teller popped back up on the screen told me she had cashed the check but before she could send the tube back to me she needed me to look at the little camera so she could snap my picture. Again, I complied.

As she sent me the tube back with my cash and drivers license, she warned me that starting June 1st anyone that cashes a check, who does not have an account at their bank (even if the check is drawn on that branch of that bank) would incur a $5 service charge. I smiled and said “I PROMISE, I will never return to your bank EVER AGAIN”. She said “okay sir, have a great day”.

I keep a stack of Ron Paul blue “business cards” on my dash…the ones that just say Ron Paul on the front with the soaring eagle and the short paragraph about RP being a man of integrity on the back . After I took my money out of the tube, I put one of my Ron Paul cards in the tube. By this time there were about 3 cars behind me so I know the next person in line was greeted with the card. It kind of took the sting out of the whole situation for some reason.

I absolutely HATE dealing with banks. ALL of those security measures over a $30 check! The FED can print counterfeit money non-stop, and the money men on wall-street like Jon Corzine and Jamie Dimon can literally steal billions from investors and nothing happens. But AT LEAST the local banks have got all their bases covered when it comes to dealing with $30 transactions.

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Serious as a Heart Attack

I would have told them to kiss my ass.

I would have been inside that bank in 30 seconds, demanding payment.

No thumb print. One signature. No mug shot.

And that's the way it is.


(I thought I was wrong once, but I was mistaken)

mcsd - I'm like that sometimes but

today I didn't feel like taking the time to "fight" them. Remember, I don't have an account at that bank, and at least in this town, I can promise you, without a thumbprint...I would not have gotten the check cashed...at least not there. My bank would have done it no problem.

My wife had an account at Wells-Fargo for several years and always cashed her check there each week. GET THIS...even though they knew her and she had cashed her check there every week...each time she had to show her drivers liscense. We moved and did not get her DL renewal form in the mail...and her liscense expired. I shit you not, they refused to cash my wife's check because her DL was expired. You want to talk about someone getting pissed off? I just about climbed over the counter and punched fat boy in the nose. I was asked to leave by fatboy #2 who had his taser ready to zap me. Gets me excited just to think about that one again. Wells Fargo had just been busted for laundering 300 million south of the border using a c-130 Amry plane too. I pointed that out as I was escorted out of the bank that day. It was about 1 year ago. A-holes!

You think you had trouble? My

You think you had trouble?
My checks were stolen from my locked car. A thief broke a window and stole some CD's and my phone charger and found my check book in the center console. A woman wrote out 3 checks for a total of $500 to herself and forged my signature. She wrote like she was in 1st grade and probably used crayons. The forged signature was printed and she spelled my last name wrong. She then went to US Bank (which was my bank at the time) and cashed them with no problems.
I noticed the forged checks on my online account and called the bank and they started an investigation. Months later they sent me a letter saying they would not reimburse me my $500 because I was neglectful for leaving my checks in my locked car!

I was neglectful for locking my checks in my car out of sight but they did nothing wrong when they gave a random woman my $500 without checking my signature!? I tried to appeal by going to my bank branch and spent 4 hours but failed to get my money back.
Oh yeah I also made a police report.. Cops arrested the woman but then released her without charges. Her story was some guy wrote her the checks saying he was me..

Rockstar. that is SO typical!

I don't look like a bum, I drive a toyota 4 runner (2003) and really, just by looking at me and having my license with a photo of me, a local address, etc and the check is for $30 DRAWN on their bank and I went thru all that crap. Whoever stole your checkbook could NOT have had to go through what I did and (sorry if I'm stereotyping) but if the writing was like someone used a crayon...well, the person probably didn't look too neat and did they have a photo id? The banks seem to hassle the people that they know are legit and essentially ignore the suspects. There must be some benefit to the bank or they wouldn't do it.

My bank is a true local bank...only 3 branchs and all 3 are around here. The teller I always see is the Mother of a friend of my daughter's. They went to highschool together. What always gets me at "other" banks is they say all this stuff is "required"...but that can't be true. The lady I deal with at my bank (the friend) she cashs out of state checks for me without putting them on hold. I don't have to give her my license, I can sign my name with a squiggly line if I choose. And I rarely if ever have funds to cover anything over $100. I'm the poorest I've ever been in my life. (Happiest and most stressfree of my entire life too) but livin paycheck to paycheck baby!

By the way, the $30 I used for petro didn't even get my car 1/2 full.

Just read about the Obama book on another thread...if that will work out and if mittens will finally get called out regarding his financial crimes...I WOULD BE SO HAPPY!

Rockstar..that is unreal. You

Rockstar..that is unreal. You have a signature card. I would also sue them. I bank with US bank, and this is making me want to close my account.

Small claims court

requires no lawyer. File the claim, free in most states, and see what the bank does. My guess is that you win the claim and they pay. What possible grounds would they have for giving your funds to anyone but you? Due diligence.


What is perhaps even more

What is perhaps even more frustrating (not that I'm suggesting that you actually need any more frustration) is that the actual or real value or purchasing power of that $30.00 check that you had to go through all that hassle for is really only worth ~$1.20.

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

:) to the truth

I like your motto but do add WOMEN please.

Ron Paul ... forever.

I fixed it.

I fixed it.

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

thank you

....from a good woman. :)

Ron Paul ... forever.

Which bank?

Just curious.

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Soggy...Coastal Bank and Trust

Coastal Bank and Trust is a division of Synovus Bank. Synovus Bank is one of the largest community banks in the Southeast, providing powerful solutions you may not expect from a community bank. We operate under thirty different trade names, listed below, that reflect our deep ties to the communities we serve. While the names are different, each division shares a commitment to building long-term relationships and providing responsive, caring service. Divisions of Synovus Bank are not separately FDIC-insured banks. The FDIC coverage extended to deposit customers is that of one insured bank.

Wish you needed all that to

Wish you needed all that to vote!

June 1

They will need your $5 to pay for the 2 Signatures, 2 thumbprints, a mugshot, & a warning which were FREELY taken & given! Don't you want to go back for some more free gifts before June 1. You only have 13 days left to get some more of those freebies!

Not to be a d*ck but you must

Not to be a d*ck but you must have needed the money badly to comply with security measures like that.
As soon as they said I need your fingerprints I would have asked for the check back.
What is next a D.N.A. sample, and an Iris scan?

I wouldn't be surprised

...still was all this fingerprinting legal?

Ron Paul ... forever.

Virginian...I did need the flow pretty bad

I was running on fumes and my bank was on the other side of town. There are days when things like that just make me CRAZY but then there are days like today when all I can do is laugh. I did almost ask her if she wanted a money shot of spunk on her screen but I was more into putting the Ron Paul card in the tube :)


than being vetted for POTUS, apparently.



Lame sauce

wow, ridiculous.

Ron Paul - Intellectual hero