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A Look at Who Might Lead a “Post Paul” Revolution

A Pros/Cons look at possible leaders for the Revolution, once Ron Paul retires.
Feel free to add your own choices in the comments section, these were just the first few that came to mind.

Rand Paul – Pros- Rand has the financial power needed to organize the grassroots. He also has the contact lists gained from his father, so he can easily reach everyone in the Liberty movement. He’s a voice for Liberty in the Senate and will likely have Ron Paul’s endorsement, if Ron Paul were to ever suggest a new “leader” for the movement.
Cons – His ability to work with the Republican Establishment, something his father was unable to do, has made some in the liberty movement uneasy. Voting for sanctions on Iran, and controversial comments regarding Guantanamo Bay, have helped to divide the movement on how they feel about Rand.

Tom Woods – Pros – Very smart & witty. Good with debates. Many wish Ron Paul had the ability to articulate the message of Liberty the way Tom Woods can. There was even a petition to make Tom Woods Ron Paul’s debate coach. Has the... (Cont.)

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Don't follow leaders. Watch the parkin' meters.

If the post Paul revolution needs a leader, it is doomed. Leaders produce factions and schisms. If we need more leading than Ron Paul has already given us, we can just re-read "The Revolution - A Manifesto."

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friend him on facebook. hes Ron Paul v2.0

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Most (if not all) of the above

My picks would be:Justin

My picks would be:

Justin Amash

US Marine Major Christopher Miller

Judge Andrew Napolitano

Robert Paul

Jerri Lynn Ward

Karen Kwiatkowski?

Did I spell it right? I like her. She's the real deal.

Tom Woods , but he shouldn't be wasted on public office.

Rand is a great guy, but he would not be a step in the right direction, it would lead us down a path of compromise, we must never compromise on principle and for this a philosophical libertarian is needed.

Adam Kokesh is out of the question , especially because of his (Ayn)Randian tendencies (including exclusionary treatment of Christian libertarians), and now the fact that he has come out as an opponent of Natural Rights.

We need a strict adherent of the Non-Aggression Principle, One that understands that Taxation is Theft, someone who does not compromise on principle, someone who understands that nothing other than the Non-Aggression Principle and Property Rights are all that are required to be a libertarian, and that no one is excluded so long as they believe in these concepts.

Tom Woods fits perfectly and is the only real viable option, but his talents should not be wasted on public office.

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more on decentralization

Let us each educate ourselves and our family and our communities. The only way this revolution suceeds.

Picking a leader is how the tea party got co-opted.
Just be free and lead by example.

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Sorry, but for me it's all

Sorry, but for me it's all TMOT 2016!!!

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

I think the Liberty movement

I think the Liberty movement will become decentralized. It will grow at the local level and as the federal government fails more and more, people will see how smaller government is more successful ("successful" meaning less burden on the people, thanks to the libertarian activists taking it over and demolishing it).

Federal government will ALWAYS be blood-sucking...that is, until it fails. Then it won't exist anymore. and they lived happily ever after

"Time makes more converts than reason." -T. Paine

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I don't know if it's necessary to have a "leader"

The Tea Party had been some what successful even though it didn't have one particular leader.
We just have to make sure everyone has a well defined role.
We have to get Stossel, Napolitano, and Woods on television as much as possible especially places where they're already somewhat familiar with like FOX News.
Justin Amash and Rand Paul have to be our political leaders (Gary Johnson can help, but to a less extent). Amash can represent us in the House and Paul can represent us in the Senate. They have to speak up as much as possible. Rand's doing a good job, but Justin needs to step it up.
We all have to donate to other liberty candidates too.

Rand Paul / Justin Amash 2016
Continue the Ron Paul R3VOLUTION

Troll, I mean Poll of the Day

Are those statements or questions? I think that's what you call trying to get into our psyche. (2 days 6 hours, "interesting" posts already) The consensus is.. We're going to take the floor, we're going to money bomb. The Revolution continues regardless. Justice be done may the heavens fall!

I think Justin Amash is

I think Justin Amash is following in Paul's footsteps quite nicely. He doesn't say stupid stuff, he explains all of his votes and he leads by example. Austrian school economics advocate, he also recognizes and opposes all the tyrannical legislation being foisted on Americans. He's a 32 year old Dr. Paul, and some say he is a more effective communicator. As a Michigan state representative he was often the lone no vote on bills, and now he will fill Paul's shoes in the US Congress as the lonely dissenter... unless we manage to send him some company. I suspect he may be the only personality in the movement who may be able to keep the movement together. Rand has the advantage of celebrity, but he's a fairly divisive figure within the movement for various political positions he has and for some of his controversial statements. Justin Amash doesn't have any this "baggage" so to speak. He's a relative unknown to most and his voting record is superb for the purists within the movement who are critical of Rand. I don't know of anyone whose voting record more closely resembles Ron Paul's. He votes on principle, and his principle is liberty.

Gary Johnson has my vote if Paul isn't on the ticket

Rand won't appeal to Independents and Dems in the same way his dad did.

eh, he likes "humanitarian

eh, he likes "humanitarian wars"

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Barry Goldwater Jr.


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South Carolina State Senator Tom Davis

He at least had the 'nads to endorse Paul ... there was another State Senator from SC whose name escapes me, but he had the guts to also endorse Dr Paul unlike the spineless Demint.

Tom Davis - South Carolina -

Tom Davis - South Carolina - is an excellent speaker on the issues of Liberty. Speaks well, straight to the point. I hope he takes a more active role in the movement. I agree!

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Well. it's not a done deal

Well. it's not a done deal yet, but looking onward, I vote for Judge Napolitano-I also like Tom Wood, or possibly later, Rand Paul, those are my choices in that order.

Dr. Ron Paul is winning, Romney and Obama should just drop out.

What is needed are 1000s or better yet 100,000s of individuals and not a single leader. Decentralization of the R3volution is what is going to give Dr. Ron Paul the win in November. They cannot fight a 1000 fronts.

The liberty movement will

The liberty movement will need another that breaks the wedges -- like Dr. Paul. Another con for Rand is that he appeals to very few democrats because he has tried to court some of the neo-cons.



Judge Nap.

Judge Nap.

Are they presidential material?

It's one thing to lead a movement but it's another thing to possibly be president.

Great discussion because what if Ron Paul keels over before November. Who would the nomination that we are winning for him go to?

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Nassim Taleb, Peter Schiff, Josh Tolley



Two more names

Robert Paul (another of Paul's sons)
Gigi Bowman.

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I am willing

to stand with Russell Means if he ever asks for support. I doubt he will be asking for my vote, or my "sword" - but the day may come when he asks for my prayers or perhaps my butt at a sit in, and I would do all I could for him. I would still stand by Ron Paul if he ever decided there was a spot he wanted us all to stand on and take a stand, but I am not at all interested in saving the GOP. They are what they want to be: A cesspool of corruption, murderous thugs who are up to their necks in the most vile crimes against humanity you can imagine. It pays well and makes you famous. I guess I will carry on self governing and trust you to do the same, and sincerely hope we all get better at it really, really fast.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

I especially love this part.............

"but I am not at all interested in saving the GOP. They are what they want to be: A cesspool of corruption, murderous thugs who are up to their necks in the most vile crimes against humanity you can imagine. It pays well and makes you famous."

Amen and agree wholeheartedly.

I'd add

Robin Koerner - Josh Tolley - Ben Swann - Colonel Doug Macgregor - Justin Machacek - TMOT - Mike Scheuer - and Jun Dam to the list...

Along with each and every one of us!

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I like Robin Koerner but

He's a British subject with permanent resident status

Who should lead in the future?

Justin, Rand, Gary, the Judge and hopefully some we do not know about yet.

We shouldn't rely just on Rand and that's not an argument against Rand.

We should lead!

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