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Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin Calls Ron Paul Supporters "Obama Lovers" at GOP Convention

http://youtu.be/rJYCx6eQRWI -please share this video.

I got right through to the governor's office in Oklahoma and spoke with someone who was courteous enough. I tried to let the Oklahoma governor know how much patriots who love their country and Constitution do not take kindly to the perilous times we and our families find ourselves in, being taken lightly. If the governor doesn't understand what is really going on in the country, at the very least the cause of liberty shouldn't be addressed mockingly.

What I failed to do was to ask why the governor made such a statement. If anyone with a peaceable spirit does better please share what you find out.

w w w. governor. ok. gov or (405) 521-2342

Is it naive to wonder how it is that so many politicians who have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution don't seem to get or care about how popular freedom really is? Keep spreading the word especially to older folks, about the place to find real news, the most politically relevant and accurate Daily Paul!

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call us what you want! we know we only want Ron Paul!

Kool-aid swilling ignoramus?

I'm mighty glad I am not in Oklahoma right now - I'd be embarrassed and ashamed.

Sadly too few are

Sadly too few are. Most are willing to let slide the coded "bama-lover" statements if it helps their agenda of attacking President Obama.

Wish this forum had more people willing to say the decent thing even if it can be misinterpreted as being a bama-lover.


We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.

Are the crooks that run your

Are the crooks that run your state any better?


Don't be mean now!

The upsetting thing for me

The upsetting thing for me about her comments was that she kept referring to Romney as "the nominee", even after getting boo'd. I kinda thought the Obama lover thing was funny. Tit for tat, I suppose. I'm still feeling conflicted about the booing and can't help but think maybe we wouldn't have irritated the establishment folks so much without it.

"bama-lover" Now that is Funny You say

You say:
"bama-lovers" now that is funny

Wow, now that is showing some maturity and making Ron Paul proud.

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.


Douchebaggery going on here and everywhere!

I'd take Obama over Romney

first pick is Ron second Gary

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007

For me, first pick is Ron,

For me, first pick is Ron, second pick is Ron, last pick is Ron. NO ONE but RON PAUL



If I was a "Bama" lover then I'd vote for the dope, and not fool around on this site. Sheesh lol


Fallin told me personally that she was referring to representatives of Goldman Sachs and Citi bank present at the meeting who are keen supporters of Romney, Obama, and more tarp money from taxpayers. She wishes to extend her apologies to all Ron Paul supporters for not being more specific and hopes that this statement willbring an end this issue. I think it was Fallin anyway.

Thanks for posting.

Yet once youtube gives it its delivery, the intended message has already been spread.

She can always apologize on national television I guess.


Good Grief

Sure I believe every word you just said and I am the Tooth Fairy. Even if it was true..she has shown her true colors and it's our job to let her constituents know who or what they have representing them in their state.

That's Nice!

Did you even listen to what she said in the video?

I can only assume that your comment was in some way meant as ironic.

So, from the evidence you present(what she told you), she is really a closet Ron Paul supporter and was merely pandering to the "representatives of Goldman Sachs and Citi bank present at the meeting who are keen supporters of Romney" as she sold Romney as the preselected Presumptive (pre-emptive) nominee to the very body that should determine that title?

How can I make this clear.

How can I make this clear. Yes I was being ironic. No I didn't really speak to Fallin. Of course she was referring to Paul supporters. As far as I am aware there were no representatives of either bank at the meeting though they both donate heavily to both Romney and Obama but give nothing to Paul.

A lot of folks are a little

A lot of folks are a little more on edge as the battle intensifies, even more so after watching a video like that. Things that seemed too far fetched before are now a reality.
Placing a /s at the end of sarcasm can go a long way to ease tensions.

Can anyone else confirm this?

Can anyone else confirm this?

Its a joke - I was being

Its a joke - I was being witty.


It appears my original assumption was correct.

Although, I must say, it was an awfully cryptic and deceptive "joke"
taken at face value.

Thanks for the clarification!


Yep. I sometimes get into

Yep. I sometimes get into trouble for the dead pan stuff. My fault Swifty. Call a truce Ok :)


I got it! It was funny!

That seals it

I only registered to vote as a Republican a few months ago so I could vote in the Republican primary for Ron Paul. I think I will be re-registering as a Libertarian this summer, or right after the election, so that when I write in Ron Paul's name or vote for Gary Johnson (haven't decided which I want to do), it will be a sign to the GOP that I, registered as a Republican, did NOT vote for Mitt Romney, and that they do not in any way "own" my vote.

Why would you throw in the

Why would you throw in the towel so soon when we've got 'em so scared. RP has said the real battle is in the local and state politics. Help take it over and see who gets the last laugh.

The battle has intensified,

The battle has intensified, but please do wait around for the full year or longer if you can. There is a whole lot that can be done at the precinct level to oust these crooks. They are in full panic mode now and that means one thing. They are terrified and we are winning.
I sincerely regret that I changed my party affiliation back in 08. Had I known that I could have been in the thick of it at the convention I would have stayed.
At least stay in and become a PC if at all possible to join with other PCs in your area so we have the numbers to make a big impact. If after that the GOP shows no sign of budging towards libertarian goals then by all means lets pull out and let it implode on itself. But to do so now when such a great opportunity for real change exists would be something to sorely regret later.

And you've been around for a little over a week ???

What took you so long..Now your a Libertarian, abstainer a troll ??..WTF are you Callisto ?? Look for these people folks they just might be FOS !!

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

When did she said it? I

When did she said it?
I didn't hear her call them obama lovers

Nigger Lovers?

She said "bama lovers" which is code for Nigger lover?

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.

i was there

and there was no mistaking what she said

Sounds like we have some Bama Lovers in here

at 0:30 seconds into the film

"sounds like we have Bama lovers in here"

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.