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Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin Calls Ron Paul Supporters "Obama Lovers" at GOP Convention

http://youtu.be/rJYCx6eQRWI -please share this video.

I got right through to the governor's office in Oklahoma and spoke with someone who was courteous enough. I tried to let the Oklahoma governor know how much patriots who love their country and Constitution do not take kindly to the perilous times we and our families find ourselves in, being taken lightly. If the governor doesn't understand what is really going on in the country, at the very least the cause of liberty shouldn't be addressed mockingly.

What I failed to do was to ask why the governor made such a statement. If anyone with a peaceable spirit does better please share what you find out.

w w w. governor. ok. gov or (405) 521-2342

Is it naive to wonder how it is that so many politicians who have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution don't seem to get or care about how popular freedom really is? Keep spreading the word especially to older folks, about the place to find real news, the most politically relevant and accurate Daily Paul!

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Look what we have here!

That is my stereotype of a southern politician. Listening to the video I almost thought she meant to say "looks like we have some nigger lovers in here".

I agree with those that say that she is the problem. But "she" is not alone. There are too many like her running around with guns and bibles.

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.


You should try to look at people as individuals, and not through collectivist blinders. I'm from the South, and know many people involved in politics. None of which would ever make such an ignorant comment. Oh, and what's wrong with guns and bibles? Member for 9 weeks huh?

Read much?

I said "there are too many" and not "everyone is so and so"

Feeling defensive?

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.

FU Mitt Romney

I hate Mitt Romney. I will not vote for him, nor will I vote for Obama. Here is my response to the "Powers That Be" today.



Fallin just proved she is a Totalitarian Collectivist!

This is not a fight against Romney or hopefully Obummer, but it is the fight against Fascism/Corporatism, which is quickly leading us to Totalitarian Collectivism. People can argue about who acctually wrote the Protocols, but the agenda contained in them present a blueprint that's virtually undeniable! They were published in the early 1900's, so read them and decide for yourselves. http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/przion1.htm

I believe that your article

I believe that your article is a combination of a conspiracy and the begining of man's evil thought to rule the world. I believe that this whole idea has been written as time goes on, each major event in the world has been slowly added to the blue prints of this idea. Anyone can sit down now and look at the past 3000 years ago and come up with this conspiracy.
On the other hand, if you look at it from the Zionist perspective and these things are true then we are very close to crowing that snake. If you look at the Anti Crist perspective, you can eaisily relate Obama to that. Even further, you could add that Ron Paul could be the Modern day Prophet to instill in the young generation God's plan for us. If you look at it as God chose Dr. Ron to use us (the less manipulated mind since we have only been manipulated for a short time compared to our parents and grand parents) to start a movement againt the Zionist few since our "bloody" cry for freedom is their roadblock to the whole plan. So in short of the Zionist plan, basically what I am interpreting is that it is up to us and Ron as the leader to stop the "crowing of the snake" which is the conclusion of their goal to rule the world.
When reading this I find that it is like trying to prove God is real by using our 5 senses just to comprehend it. Although I am not going to believe this because it is obviously written as time goes by, I still believe that the Government is freaking up to something. For one, I know from Ron Paul's education to me that the world's hatred for America is the consequence of our presence in other country's land. So it is almost obvious that we are not just "policing the world", getting oil, or searching countries for nuclear weapons that we know they do not have, but we are disrupting the people's lives that are there. And from the judgement of human nature, people do not come together unarmed and use force against people that are armed in order to save their "oil". We over threw Sadam Heusane, which was our ally Ron said, and put in a new government. I remember when Iraq citizens were gathering in large numbers trying to force us to leave their land. The way that I relate to them is by imagining if Iraq was in America and they over threw our President Ron Paul, then you would have the "crazy" rednecks (al queda) trying to retalliate and save their country and without a doubt would have no chance against an army as ours so the rednecks would have to plant bombs to make a point. The media says that al queda is trying to kill our troops because they "hate" us and have no love for life, which I find very hard to believe. But everything seems to make sense that we are occupying the world for much more than just oil, nuclear weapons,and peace. They have a plan of some sort in my eyes to RULE THE WORLD. Crazy to think that way but the media has people's minds distorted so bad that we can not even see reality as reality. Much easier to relate when you look at it through Ron Paul's words... "Truth is treason when you live in an empire of lies" -Ron Paul


message sent

I'm not even from her state.. but I was compelled to call her out for her comments..

Once Again, the RNC proves to be Dinosaurs

Once again you can see the Republican Party is not helping any of us "tax paying units". The Republican establishment are Dinosaurs as far as I am concerned, they are living in a bygone time, and soon to be extinct.

I will not support Romney in a anyway shape of form, nor will I be loyal to this party after what I have learned over the last year. Party loyalty has done significant damage to the country.

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

Dinosaurs about to be striken

Dinosaurs about to be striken by a meteorite in Tampa

Explain her remarks?

She's probably Sally Kearn's long lost daughter.

she just wrote her own walking papers is all,

She will loose re-election, she doesn't represent the new republican party. She is the old tired establishment, everyone remember this when she is starts talking out the other side of her face when she comes up for re-election.

The bold effort the present bank had made to control the government ... are but premonitions of the fate that await the American people should they be deluded into a perpetuation of this institution or the establishment of another like it-Andrew Jackson

That's the spirit

We must remind her. We are the GOP. We lost one battle, but will eventually win the war.

Just keep serving alchohol at these events

We will win easily..

She periodically sends me emails

looking for support.

The next time she sends me one, I'll remind her about what she said.

Do what I do BigT

Since the disgusting display at the last republican national convention (where on national TV they pretended to not even hear any delegate votes for Dr. Paul from the floor....) every time i get one of those stupid 'exclusive' issue surveys or whatever other dumb crap they send me asking for money either for the party, hack candidates, republican congressional caucuses etc. I use their postage paid reply envelopes and send back any leftover Ron Paul literature, cards etc. Let his name haunt these scummy bastards.
Also condiment packets are great for weighing down the reply envelope so they have to pay postage due when they get it back. lol

I love it Brother!! Paulism

I love it Brother!! Paulism at its finest!! After he is elected and start to get our society back to thinking and interpreting things correctly then we need to ENSURE for future generations that this country can not fall one bit out of the hands of our fathers EVER again. Its almost as if its cancer and you dont realize you have it until its too damn late. Something has to be put in place so that when people are flying cars and crap in the future that the constitution still sticks and not one evention or anything can alter the constitution. Im not sure what it is yet but I feel that is one of things we need to all debate before everyone starts to get "too" comfortable with real freedom. Some kind of SUPER constitution for the constitution. An automatic tamper proof, non-citizen proof that when a government official violates any part of the constitution are emmediatly without reason FIRED!!



she shouldnt be a governor seriously

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL

I'd campaign for Romney

if I was an Obama supporter. In all seriousness I would. Best chance for my man to win! ;)

Fallin Does Need to Explain

her remarks since the booing of her statement supporting Mr. Romney was justified given Mitt Romney's socialist track record. So, Fallin, why did you equate the booing of a socialist like Mitt Romney with support for Obama? Answer: Because, Fallin, you're likely just another unprincipled party hack foisted on well-meaning Oklahomans. We have a similar situation with Rehberg, another socialist in GOP clothing, in Montana.

optimystic's picture

Agreed, Rehberg is bad news

I remember the mailer he sent me stating he agreed with Ted Kennedy that we need a single payer health care system.

If you need any slim jims, super brochures or bumper stickers, please contact me. They were sent to me from the Indiana patriots and are free to Montanans!

I'm in Oklahoma City and she

I'm in Oklahoma City and she lost my vote.

Not that she ever had it.

I'm simply going to vote for the person who sends me a flyer that does not have "family values" on it.

In Oklahoma that's all anyone votes on - who's the most "Christian" which means, who will destroy liberty in the name of God and country.


re: family values / xtian garnering votes in Okla

I couldn't agree more. It seems that all a person has to do in Okla is mention their family values (code for homophobic bigot), that they're a christian, throw in a "praise Jesus" or two, and they get the vote.

And then there's ones like my brother-in-law's parents. They are anti-abortion, gay-hating, racist democrats who always vote a straight party ticket, no matter who is on the ballot. *sigh*

I have family in Tulsa and

I have family in Tulsa and Norman. Yeah the "who's the most Christian" thing is amazing.

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.

Well it's not Romney...

Being Mormon is the biggest strike against Romney in the eyes of most folks who call themselves Christian. Remind them of that fact and tell them Ron Paul is the "most" Christian!

I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war. Ps 120:7
Better to be divided by truth than united in error.
"I am the door." -Jesus Christ

I lived in Oklahoma for more

I lived in Oklahoma for more than a decade and still own property there. I love Okies as they are GREAT people overall. Since I'm also a man of faith, I understand their values. However, like many Christians, unscrupulous people with an agenda misUSE their faith in God as a means to enslave them. Approach people of faith wisely and show them that God's gift of the free will is of paramount importance and any restraint on the expression of it must be MINIMAL and LOCAL.

well said

Also in OK

I was there when she said it... So unplugged from the grass roots.

I was there too!

What's even worse was after she said that for the rest of the convention the 2 old lady's next to me called me an 'OBAMA SUPPORTER" the rest of the convention. It even gets better cause one of them asked if i still live with my parents? I replied "I'm 34 and own my home". I have never had so much hate directed towards me in my life. After the convention was over i realized they only want my vote. Next precinct/county convention Mr. Steve Fair will be replaced(he's my county chairman)!

She'll be Fallin out of office soon


There's at least three things

There's at least three things we can conclude from the establishment and all of them aren't good:

1: Either they are extremely stupid or ignorant enough to not realize Romney and Obama are essentially the same.

2: They are crooks.

3: National security risks. What else do these incompetent people not know? This is very dangerous. Do we want these people at the wheel and in charge of our national security? They are putting the lives of 300 million people and the free world in danger.