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Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin Calls Ron Paul Supporters "Obama Lovers" at GOP Convention

http://youtu.be/rJYCx6eQRWI -please share this video.

I got right through to the governor's office in Oklahoma and spoke with someone who was courteous enough. I tried to let the Oklahoma governor know how much patriots who love their country and Constitution do not take kindly to the perilous times we and our families find ourselves in, being taken lightly. If the governor doesn't understand what is really going on in the country, at the very least the cause of liberty shouldn't be addressed mockingly.

What I failed to do was to ask why the governor made such a statement. If anyone with a peaceable spirit does better please share what you find out.

w w w. governor. ok. gov or (405) 521-2342

Is it naive to wonder how it is that so many politicians who have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution don't seem to get or care about how popular freedom really is? Keep spreading the word especially to older folks, about the place to find real news, the most politically relevant and accurate Daily Paul!

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F--- her!

...what an ignorant c-nt!

"We'll do anything we have to"

Even moving walls during the convention. Cheat, steal, lie. Times are a changing. Get out of the way if you can't lend a hand. WHO is really voting for Obama?

This wall thing. I feel the

This wall thing. I feel the need to clarify this. Everyone knew from afternoon on that the Moore High School was having their prom in one-third of the convention hall come 5pm. The problem was that they were trying to take a voice, and then stand-up sit down vote on the motion to adjourn, when they could no longer even see a third of the delegates voting on the motion! We didn't agree with the adjournment since there was unfinished business (platform and CD1 complaint) and the matter of the improper delegate vote that we wanted to address.

What they should have done was to move all of us into the other 2/3 of the room and worked out a deal to get another few hours leased to conduct the remaining business fairly.

She's the Problem!

The establishment is fighting tooth and nail to get their presumptive Nominee Romney selected. He has no ligitimate support. They have to pay and bus them in. When he does win it's thru pure deception, cheating, and not following the rules.

They laugh

They ridicule, they ignore, they cheat, they lie....and we are the ones who's grace and respectfulness is assaulted in the MSM. Good job America.

What the establishment has built, only Liberty can tear asunder!

Tolkien would approve of your

Tolkien would approve of your use of "asunder"


That woman is no lady...

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.


she certainly is not but what do you expect from someone who probably spends all her free time swilling beer with the good ole boys of the GOP.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

Dr. Ron Paul is winning, Romney and Obama should just drop out.

Romney has no chance of winning, so supporting him actually helps Obama. She makes no sense.

"Looks like we got us an

"Looks like we got us an ignorant cow behind the podium."

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.


Looks like she is getting of on this. Go away mary and take your big man dick with you. I hope that's "respectful" enough.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

I can't stop laughing. You

I can't stop laughing. You made my day.


Very crass!


~Your perception becomes your reality~

It proves that ron paul can

It proves that ron paul can pull democrats in, the perfect republican candidate.

Someone needs to tell Mary Fallin, if it were not for crooked

politicians like her, Obama would be "cooling his heels" in a federal pen for multiple felonies regarding his birth certificate and draft registration. After all, Fallin was AG before she was governor and she can certainly petition her AG to indict Obama for fraud against Oklahoma voters.

The fact that she was AG

The fact that she was AG before being governor tells me what kind of person she is... Those words will come back to haunt her.


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i left her a message. Sadly, it was not long ago I was

like this governor. I knew nothing of Ron Paul. I did know too much of Obama.

I left a long message for this misguieded governor. She is uninformed and scared of Obama.


Thats your party

There you go Republicans. That's your party. Love it or leave it.

Kathleen Gee's picture

Or take it over from the inside.


"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

Public Relations Consulting

Doesn't that entail not being an outsider?

Doesn't that entail not being an outsider? Don't you kinda hafta first be included on the inside of the tent before an "insider take-over"?

Anyone who feels included inside the GOP tent lemme hear you shout it loud and insider proud... WooooHoooo Republican Party all the way baby! GOP for life yeah!

All these people defending the idea that the GOP is the way forward, not one person, in all of the threads discussing it, not once has any of them said "I am a Republican and proud of it" or anything even similar.

And they say..

Booing is disrespectful.

thank you for

thank you for sharing...


Liberty = Responsibility


a reminder, We cannot fix this problem by simply voting Ron Paul then changing our voting status back to Independent just because we hate the GOP guys, The GOP is where the battle ground is..no running away, we are taking over the GOP and giving the republican party back to the people who want peace, prosperity, sound money, and LIBERTY! If I see you running from this battle, I'll kick you in the head for treason to your patriots : )..just kidding, but you get the point

Bringing it back to what it used to be

The Party of Goldwater.


once we take over the republican party, we can re-name it the Liberty party..