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Get Video Cameras To The People

In another thread I was explaining how to use Ustream with a cellphone and it struck me. WOW! It's 2012. It's so simple to live stream video / audio from practically anywhere.

We really need to get people video cameras and show them how to live stream their experiences.

Does anyone have an upcoming event they would like to live stream? It's really easy and I'm sure the DP community can pull together and get you the tools you need.

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Step 1... Afford a digital

Step 1... Afford a digital phone with good quality

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Question about Video Cameras

Hey, would anyone be willing to share what you think is a really good video camera that is close to being pro quality but not in that price range?

I would like to use it for high quality home movies(birth scenes in particular) but also live events that might be from a distance -maybe certain cameras are designed to be for up close and some from far away?

Someone said something about HD being better.

Any help would be appreciated.

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