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I'm Sorry

This will be short.

I'm sorry for all of you that gave up on Dr. Paul during the homestretch. I'm sorry that many of you chose to fight amongst yourselves rather than stay unified against these phony politicians. I'm sorry that many of you are becoming complacent and are accepting defeat. I'm sorry that so many of you feel like NOW is the time to skip the last money bomb that Ron Paul may ever have. I'm sorry that many of you feel like you know how to run Paul's campaign better than he does, and you have apparently forgotten that this is the man you wanted as commander in chief...as the leader of our country.

This man can lead a country, I am sure. This man can lead a campaign for the presidency. I'm sorry that so many of you lost your faith in this unwavering statesman because the media finally beat you down.

For all of you that are still strong...all of you that are still in this fight with me...Thank you. God bless, and remember...this isn't just about us, it's not about Ron Paul. It's about LIBERTY.

Again, to those real freedom fighters out there...that aren't just talking the talk on some chat, but are out there STILL knocking on doors, still donating and still spreading this message...



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pardon my french but that's hogwash. I never give up on Ron Paul as long as he is in the race. Just imagine him winning the nom even on a fluke. Keep picturing it.

Keepin' it real.

My mother is 90+ and never

My mother is 90+ and never has failed to vote but she said if Ron Paul is the candidate she will not vote. She is very well informed about all of the candidates.

Bob Marshall

Sorry about that! She said if

Sorry about that! She said if he is not the candidate she won't vote.

Bob Marshall

She can Write-in Ron Paul

In that off change that he is not the nominee.

Well said.

Whoever thought Liberty would be handed over easily...understands naught...Ron Paul is smarter than all the other "politicians"put together...and then some...
"Victory or Death"....what do YOU want!!!

"Carpe Diem"-Seize the day!!!

I'm sorry I can't criticize

I'm sorry I can't criticize the campaign while I continue to work on getting delegates, making calls, handing out literature, etc... I'm not a mindless follower I have opinions...

I know you have the best intentions

but you have lost yourself here in a pitty.

You cannot be sorry for any of us, since we are free people who formed this RP collective on our own will, each for our own interests. If we disagree, we do that on our own free will (well, weak minded among us do parrot all the time.) It is our life, you cannot be sorry for us for the sake of the "common good."

But I agree with you that many were disappointed with low spirit and weakness of mind exhibited by some in our collective. Those who called J. Benton a traitor, though, should not be excused.

Don't shoot the Messenger, Transparency: The Good and the Bad

There is a new article regarding Jesse Benton that has just appeared at the Libertarian News which is relevant to many of the postings on this thread.

I just created a thread about it.


Don't shoot the messenger. Some of you will score this down. Use your brain idiots. It is transparency that true Libertarians want. By scoring this sort of news down you are demonstrating that you are no better than what you accuse the other parties of doing.

Transparency, the good and the bad.

WTF? A few minutes after creating my thread on Jesse and his money bomb in the Ron Paul 2012 Section it was removed and downgraded to the "Off Topic" section. Ouch. It would seem that this topic has hit a raw nerve.

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.

Before going ape, should listen to another side.

LibertyPac mentions Benton as a vendor of their expenditure. That is because PAC cannot donate directly to Ron Paul campaign. Only weak minded would start digging dirt.

Ron Paul is using his relative out of necessity. If CIA can keep the media and journalists all round USA from talking about Obama birth certificate, they surely can corrupt, bribe or threaten a hired person who has no personal attachment to the campaign.

Grow balls, counting others' money is a poor taste in a free society.


Wait, isn't it illegal for a PAC to give money to an official campaign? Are you yourself accusing Benton of a crime? Please explain.

Jesse Benton's Crime Explained

Almost 200 years ago (1813) Jesse Benton nearly assassinated the only president to have ever zeroed out our national debt and leave office with the country in the black.

I wonder if the two are related??

Now we know what happened!

We are caught in a history-loop!



Who is giving up on whom?

The chatter from the campaign is disastrous in my opinion. I'm voting for Ron Paul in November. Nobody but RON PAUL. Is the official campaign going to give up on us faithful supporters in the homestretch? Are they going to throw the nomination for the chance to give a speech?

With all due respect, Dr. Paul was on CNN talking about a movement, about liberty, like he was one of those everfail third party candidates. He is a CREDIBLE candidate from one of the two establishment parties! He CAN be the next president. He should have been TALKING about being the next president on CNN, bashing Romney and Obama as the surveillance-state-loving, war-mongering, economy-wrecking sociopaths that they are. When on national television, he needs to ask for people's votes! Not talk about youth and their vision for liberty as an end, and talk about some hopeless desire to sway the unswayable infiltrators who have sabotaged the GOP and the USA, but instead to boldly champion these youth (and everyone else) with vision who shall elect him in 2012 and Restore America Now.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

he is very badly advised by his campaign


Perhaps it is Benton who is

Perhaps it is Benton who is being advised by Ron Paul?

Ron Paul 2012 NC Coordinator
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I surely hope not! If you are

I surely hope not! If you are right, I will like feel even more of a fool than I do already.

This post doesn't help. I

This post doesn't help. I think this whole thing was blown a bit out of proportion. The Paul delegates to state and congressional conventions have already been chosen. I saw some articles saying that the delegate strategy was too late to react to by Romney. Those delegates have already taken time off work, booked arangements and will be going to their conventions. Jesse Benton quoted the media delegate count, when he knows damn good and well that Ron Paul supporters couldn't care less about that count. This could be a secret message to us to ignore what was said and continue on. We will win Minnesota, barring some concession from Paul tonight at 6pm CDT.
This whole thing was just our first fight. We spend so much time venting about others, we never vent about each other so things were allowed to build up and explode. If we get a good weekend, it'll all be forgotten about.
Seriously though, no matter what you think of Benton, there is no way he could have expected Paul supporters to think Romney only needs 150 more delegates. This must be some plot. Is Ben Swan doing a show about this? If he stays quiet I think that is a very good sign.

"Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito."

Very interesting...

I resonate with the commenters who argue that Paul wouldn't intentional send a false message to trick the GOP into letting their guard down because of his commitment to honesty. HOWEVER, Doug Wead just admitted recently that there are things the campaign is withholding from public consumption. He even implied through referencing Orson Wells that those hidden things may be the most important parts. So I wouldn't put it past Paul to intentionally throw off the MSM as a strategy shift. The shift we saw on Monday either came because they saw changing numbers in delegate wins on his and Romney's part OR because they decided on a need to get them to lower their guard again. Through email exchanges with Doug Wead saying things like "It doesn't matter, they're onto us" when asking him if I should refrain from showing delegate wins in my high view count YouTube videos it seems plausible that they may have chosen such a strategy. I think the argument that Jesse Benton's quoting the MSM's delegate counts shows his message was intended for the MSM rather than the supporters who know the true count is a good argument.

Yes Paul believes in honesty. But he also knows how to play the game thanks to guys like Doug Wead. I believe the silence I'm experiencing in emails from Wead is a good thing. Silence to supporters during a new strategy aimed at the MSM is very possible I'm now thinking, although opposed to that idea initially.

GOP can and will fall

The GOP as we know it today can fall to the mindset of the Paul supporters. It is not to big to fail!!! All the young people Dr. Paul is bringing into the light will energize the revolution. First the downfall of the old boys GOP, then on to our libertarian ways. I'm talking about a complete make-over of the GOP once we seize power (example Maine).
This is the quickest way to freedom. Third parties are doomed to fail at this time. Dr. Paul's strategy is the right course.

dave anderson

Troll moles

The troll moles are voting up each others comments again lmfao. They just don't get it. They only make us stronger.


Yeah just blame trolls for supporters having legitimate questions about the future of the 2012 campaign. Give me a break.

I agree

And I'm rather sick and tired of that. Stick to making good arguments rather than such lame accusations please people

The GOP is not an independent

The GOP is not an independent party, but is part of the two-party system, by which the US is governed. The two-party system requires that there be only two parties capable of winning, neither of which subscribes to any absolute principles. If you want to understand what is widely understood by political theorists on this score, a clearly written, popular work (actually about the UK, which is also two-party), read "The Party System" by Belloc and Chesterton, which is available on Amazon (It has an introduction by Ron Paul, btw).

If by any chance, one party should fall permanently into the hands of a principled group of any kind, left or right, it would in due course be reduced to "third-party" status with the Libertarians and Constitution Party, and a new non-principled party would have to be elevated to replace it.

So anyone trying to subvert the goal of the Ron Paul movement, which is to secure the nomination for Dr. Paul, in order to use its resources to try to turn the GOP into a conservative party is (1) wasting his or her time, and (2)
misappropriating the money and efforts of those seeking to elect Dr. Paul.

If anyone really thinks the GOP can be reformed, please distinguish yourselves from the Ron Paul campaign and do not use money donated for the purpose of getting Dr. Paul the nomination.

Then join the Republicans,

Then join the Republicans, fight for Ron Paul, and wait to abandon ship to the democrats if that happens. The ONLY reason we chose the republicans is because they are a major party. If they become a 3rd party, we take our organization to the democrats. They inevitably will do the same thing. This will consolidate power among the 2 party system. It will become impossible for the charade of choose whover the media tells you to choose when that candidate is not party of the average person's lifetime party affiliation.
You're argument is not very good. It goes, "we shouldn't try and take it over, because if we do they might cheat us.". Of course they will. They'll cheat us every step of the way, doesn't mean we should role over on such a vast influence of current power. Force them to cheat, it only wakes up more and more people.

"Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito."

You think like a winner!

and I'm glad you're on our side. Far too many have the timid mindset of those in the Republican Party of the last 80+ years. Even when they have the numbers, they are afraid too lead. Leaders take control and lead! And we'll not just take control of our party. We'll infiltrate and win the hearts and minds of those in the others as well.

Please read my post before replying to it.

I said fine, take it over if you think you can, but don't craftily take money and energy donated for electing Dr. Paul, and deviate it away from electing Dr. Paul, to use for trying to take over the GOP. Take over the GOP if you can after the nomination is officially lost, or else do it with your own money and time. Start a "Take Over the GOP Campaign" separate from the Ron Paul for President Campaign. Is this clear yet, or shall I say it again?

There is no diviation

Ron Paul chose to get the GOP nomination, and so to participate, we must join the GOP, and when joining the GOP, we must fund it.. they demand maoney.. the whole game is pay to play.

Clearly you don't realize

Clearly you don't realize what it takes to get a nomination. Getting elected to committee positions is done at the same time as nominating candidates. Winning the nomination means getting delegates, those delegates must be elected by republicans, in essence be a part of the leadership of the party. Winning leadership positions in the republican party IS attempting to win the nomination.
Second, who says the campaign is funding the grassroots attempts to secure leadership? The campaign is a figurehead, everything is being done by the time, labor, and resources of the grassroots, not the campaign. Paul will use his money to speak at conventions, rally up delegates and elect leadership positions (because the same people voting on leadership vote for the delegates to the RNC)

"Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito."

New motto

So, your idea for a new motto is, "Restore America At Some Undetermined Future Date"?