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Ron Paul to lead breakout session at TX state convention.

I just got this email from the TX State GOP:

"The Republican Party of Texas is pleased to announce that we have confirmed Texas Congressman Ron Paul as one of our featured speakers at the 2012 Texas GOP Convention. Congressman Paul will be leading a breakout session for Convention attendees entitled "Uniting Republicans and Balancing the Federal Budget" on Thursday, June 7, 2012 at the Fort Worth Convention Center Arena.


State Chairman Steve Munisteri stated, "I am very pleased that we have been able to confirm Congressman Paul's appearance at our State Convention. His breakout session will undoubtedly be one of the most highly attended special events during the three-day Convention and I know many of our delegates will be interested in hearing about his principled approach to shrinking the size of our federal government from such a major national figure in our Party. His breakout session will be open to all credentialed attendees in the main convention arena. Additionally, I'd like to thank RPT Chairman's Circle member Donald Huffines for his help in confirming Congressman Paul's appearance at the 2012 Texas GOP convention and the coordination of this event.""

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C-Span absolutely needs to cover the breakout session!

I hopefully we can get him in

I hopefully we can get him in California. Like UOP in Stockton,Ca

Dr. Paul has come a long way, baby!

Dr. Paul had no official speeches at the 2008 Texas GOP convention. He had a rally with a full house, but no speeches during the official events for that particular convention in Houston.

This scheduled breakout session speech is more than just good news ... it's an amazing step forward for the RPT, in my opinion.

For those of us who were at the George R. Brown convention center in 2008 in Houston, we remember how the chair had microphones silenced every time someone tried to give props to Dr. Paul from the general assembly ... we haven't lost the enthusiasm (and financial resources) that Dr. Paul brought to the party four years ago. And we've educated ourselves "real good" since then.

Scheduling this breakout session speech of Dr. Paul's may just be a way of saving face for the RPT, attempting to bring R3vol into the fold ... but I don't think it is.

We (the R3volution) have made inroads into local positions of power over the last several years and will definitely have a much more vocal presence in Fort Worth this cycle.

Some of my fellow delegates (and my county chair, too) are open to accepting Dr. Paul's platform. I really do hope his speech will convince them that he really is the only choice for nominee.

Things are only getting more interesting, folks!

BTW, the Texas GOP convention is a three day affair. Dr. Paul will be speaking on day one. What an opportunity to set the tone for our state convention!!!!!!!

Dont blow it guys

Be nice and respectful.

A breakout session is genius.

It will show our true numbers.


Bump this Puppy! You lucky stiff Texans..the only chance I had in Wi and I HAD to work 12 hours..wish I could make the trip to Tx. to see this..but Im saving my pennies for TAMPA BABEEEE! Historic times in which we live..and I am SO PROUD to be THE R3VOLUTION! Thank God for this people..there is power in prayer, and all I know is that its working!! BUMP THIS PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Credentialed Attendees will make it happen & Paul knows it.

This strategy change was a streak of brilliance. Think about it. Ron Paul is the only one with answers and solutions to the problems our country faces.

Being able to hear him speak is a privilege! He could name his price and thousands would be willing to pay to hear him. However, limiting his appearances to venues where only serious patriots are present who will be the ones to put his plans in action is brilliant, I think. Then those who want to get up close and personal will have to be serious enough about it to work towards implementing change in this country -- Ron Paul style---- by becoming a delegate and or getting involved in the process in some way shape or form.

The state conventions as Dr. Paul is impacting them are basically training programs for change back to an open and honest government that our Founding Fathers wanted. The attendees at the state conventions are the ones who can and will make it happen! Maine is a perfect example.

Spending a bunch of money just to go speak to the general public who, if they don't know who Ron Paul is by now have been living under a rock for the past 4 years or more, is a waste of money and Dr. Paul's efforts. His energy is FAR better spent focusing on the doers that can take action and who WANT to do so, at state conventions.

It is the "credentialed attendees" at these state conventions as the delegate nominees have been described before, who are the most receptive to his ideas and who can make best use of them.

Let Dr. Paul inspire them to make this strategy laser-like in its effectiveness and impenetrable by Romney and his ilk (and later Obama), So it takes us back to a FREE America we are all thirsting for.

I'll be there.

Can we sit anywhere or will there be seating by SD convention?

And I will be front row!!

And I will be front row!! This will be my first "Ron Paul Sighting" and I am stoked! I took off 3 days work for this and Im crashing in my friends smelly guest room in Ft. Worth. I would sleep on the steps of the Ft Worth convention center if I had too...

In Liberty!

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx

Hear the Mighty Roar...

President Paul, President Paul!

Now thats what I'm talkin about!

President PaulPresident PaulPresident PaulPresident PaulPresident PaulPresident PaulPresident PaulPresident PaulPresident PaulPresident PaulPresident PaulPresident PaulPresident PaulPresident PaulPresident PaulPresident PaulPresident PaulPresident Paul!!!! till the walls come a tumblin
President PaulPresident PaulPresident PaulPresident PaulPresident PaulPresident Paul!!!!


WAIT! Encourage the Romney folks to attend, but ...

I'm not sure about how Texas is running their primary/convention.

If it's a parliamentary thing, would it not be the perfect time, while all the Paulies have tottered off to watch Crazy Uncle Ron, to call for barring the door of the convention floor?

This might be one of those times where the Paul folks would be better served to keep their places on the convention floor, and encourage others to attend and learn a thing or two. Make sure the venue is open, and pack the entire hall to the rafters with Paul supporters -- make it a campaign rally-but-not-really.

Iron discipline may be needed.



Think you missed the part where it says:

"main convention arena"


Oh, I didn't miss it...

... but a smaller group of delegates can carry on business, without a call for quorum, in a smaller venue. I would suggest Paul supporters keep an eye on the other hand.


It should be ok.

We will be vigilant but it should be fine because
Ron is scheduled to speak on the main floor during a breakout session on the 7th.

Thursday, June 7
8:00 am Registration and Tradeshow Open
8:00 am Temporary Credentials Committee
10:00 am First General Session
12:30 pm Lunch Break - TRCCA Luncheon
2:30 pm First Senatorial District Caucus Meeting

3:45 pm *Breakout Session 1

4:45 pm *Breakout Session 2

8:00 pm Permanent Committee Meetings

8:00 pm RPT Delegate Welcome Party & Veteran's Salute


because EVERYTIME Dr. Paul speaks, more and more people wake up. No doubt, this will be big.


It will show that RP's people are NOT the troublemakers The Olde Mediae likes to make us out to be. It will accentuate all the wrongs that have been perpetrated by the Olde Guard in other states. And, combined with Dr. Paul's support of Walter Jones' impeachment bill, it will sway many who are still on the fence.

Yeah if they don't keep

Yeah if they don't keep screaming PRESIDENT PAUL! It will turn others off from listening. This is not a rally...


If they do it after he has rocked the whole room, then who cares. If they do it while other speakers are on stage, then Houston we have a problem.

What a boost! Now say he's out ...

I dare them!!

Debbie's picture

Awesome! Thank you!

Lucky Texas!!


Wonderful-this is the

Wonderful-this is the absolute best news I've heard in a long time. This is a big achievement!

calling all credentialed TX convention attendees...

Please don't forget your phones and video recorders. Will they allow cameras or do they need to be there in stealth mode?

At the dinner where Santorum is speaking, no recording devices

I think the regular convention it will be OK.

We shot down a motion at our county convention

to ban recording at the WA state convention after some officials got all huffy about some footage at the district conventions that made it onto YouTube. I think as long as there is no motion against it, it is allowable, but you might want to just check your local rules. I love campaigning in the 21st century! UStream it if you can & put the link on here. All eyes on Texas :)

Sounds to me like Dr.Paul has

Sounds to me like Dr.Paul has Texas won.

Good news

Good news


WOO-HOO! Looks like we're STILL in it to win it (duh?)!