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Ron Paul co-sponsors Obama Impeachment Bill

Hoping to soon pass committee and make it to the house is HCR 107, a bill threatening the possibility of the impeachment of the President of the United States for high crimes and misdemeanors, now thrust into the spotlight.


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Cleverly deceitful

Using a url with that in it, but nothing of the sort in the article itself. I'm guessing this is a new tactic the neocons will be using to goose up the ranking of their articles on search engines.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

Title is wrong. He did not

Title is wrong. He did not and quit spreading untruths about the good doctor. He is not going to stick his neck out right now and you are causing trouble so just quit it.

He didn't but he should have

He should have introduced this legislation instead of kissing the ring!!!! I may have to to start sending my money to this bill's sponsor instead, as he also introduced one to overturn the infamous Johnson amendment that silenced America's churches in the 50's.

Rout the Globalists!!!

Maybe the Headline and Article are wrong.



COSPONSORS(7), ALPHABETICAL [followed by Cosponsors withdrawn]: (Sort: by date)

Rep Benishek, Dan [MI-1] - 5/17/2012
Rep Burton, Dan [IN-5] - 4/18/2012
Rep Coffman, Mike [CO-6] - 4/18/2012
Rep Duncan, John J., Jr. [TN-2] - 3/22/2012
Rep Gohmert, Louie [TX-1] - 5/17/2012
Rep McClintock, Tom [CA-4] - 3/28/2012
Rep Ribble, Reid J. [WI-8] - 4/27/2012
Rep Grijalva, Raul M. [AZ-7] - 5/10/2012(withdrawn - 5/16/2012)

Impeachment is sooo long over due

I often wondered why impeachment proceedings have not been
Brought by our elected officials as far as I'm concerned this should
Of been done two years ago In any event I'm asking all Paul supporters
To contact as many elected officials as possible and tell them u want obama impeached
According to the terms as written in the constitution for treasonous acts
While we still gave part if a constitution





This headline is misleading in multiple ways..

For starters, Dr. Paul is not a co-sponsor.

Please fix it.

Second, although I know you are just passing on someone else's blog article, that doesn't mean you should not do your own homework.

Finally, the Resolution is NOT an article of impeachment at all.

It is a "sense of the Congress" resolution which simply states that Congress considers such action to be an impeachable offense.

An actual article of impeachment is a different animal entirely.

It states specific charges with specific evidence to back them up.

If passed, this resolution means little other than grandstanding, and it would go to the Senate for concurrence.

If an article of impeachment passed, there would be a trial in the Senate as a result.

Your comment is why I usually

Your comment is why I usually go straight for the comments section, especially if the headline sounds kinda too good to be true.

Ron Paul can fly but chooses not to because it isn't authorized by the Constitution.

That's one way to defeat your

That's one way to defeat your opponent.

Ron Paul is not a co-sponsor

please change the headline

Before anyone gets too excited..

I wouldn't be surprised if his name wasn't on it, even though he's called for it and is probably chomping at the bit to get him out..

He is still running against the guy.. how would that look and play out in the media and the public's mind?

Ron Paul impeaches so he can get the presidency!!

Dirty tricks by Republican candidate Ron Paul..

Yada yada..

BTW.. I would love to see his name on it regardless and the frigging video link doesn't work OF COURSE.

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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Please Show Me The Link !

Where Ron Paul sponsors this bill.

Although I agree it's a very good bill.


It says...

this link,
or this one?
But it doesn't list Ron as a co-sponsor...

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

I Called Rep. Bachmann's Office

in D.C. and let the aid at her office know that I want her to sign on as a cosponsor to this bill. I said I am also calling for my husband because he is up at the Minnesota State Convention.

The number to Bachmann's D.C. office is 202/225-2331.

Impeachment is for real Presidents.

As far as I'm concerned, we haven't had a President for many years. "President" is a position created and defined by our Constitution. There's a guy sitting in the oval office, but he clearly isn't a President.

We have a criminal cartel issuing orders to our troops through a puppet they protect, and probably blackmail should he ever have second thoughts.

Could apply to previous presidents as well:

I don't see Ron Paul's name...

Latest Title: Expressing the sense of Congress that the use of offensive military force by a President without prior and clear authorization of an Act of Congress constitutes an impeachable high crime and misdemeanor under Article II, section 4 of the Constitution.
Sponsor: Rep Jones, Walter B., Jr. [NC-3] (introduced 3/7/2012) Cosponsors (7)
Latest Major Action: 3/7/2012 Referred to House committee. Status: Referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary.
COSPONSORS(7), ALPHABETICAL [followed by Cosponsors withdrawn]: (Sort: by date)
Rep Benishek, Dan [MI-1] - 5/17/2012
Rep Burton, Dan [IN-5] - 4/18/2012
Rep Coffman, Mike [CO-6] - 4/18/2012
Rep Duncan, John J., Jr. [TN-2] - 3/22/2012
Rep Gohmert, Louie [TX-1] - 5/17/2012
Rep McClintock, Tom [CA-4] - 3/28/2012
Rep Ribble, Reid J. [WI-8] - 4/27/2012
Rep Grijalva, Raul M. [AZ-7] - 5/10/2012(withdrawn - 5/16/2012)


The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul


Reid Ribble is my elected representative for the 8th congressional district here in WI, and now I find out he's one of the co-sponsors. Cool!

Our Dictator is hosting the G8 Summit at Camp David

as a bill is introduced to have him impeached. Classic! Come to think of it, has there been a US President over the past 2 decades that HAS NOT had a bill introduced calling for his impeachment? Kind of makes you realized that all US Presidents are lying, evil, crooks doesn't it?

One man stands for integrity. RON PAUL 2012!

But you'd better believe that...

...a President Paul would be a high target for assassination by his own criminal gov't, and he'd have articles of impeachment drawn up in his first year by criminal lawmakers, for dismantling the Wash DC apparatus.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

This aint 1963 anymore...

WHEN Ron Paul becomes president, he will have the Military and men like Jesse Ventura protecting him. I think a lot of the evil doers will scatter like scared rats when RP takes the reins. They will probably move on to China or Russia to start raping their populations.

It is extremely telling that RP does not require Secret Service protection when he speaks in front of 10,000 patriots but ALL the others need a whole team of security when just talking to the 100 people they have bused in to listen to their lies.

Put me down as someone that would take a bullet for RP!

move on to China or Russia

Russia is trying to clean out those that rape nations treasuries since Egypt when they were chased out by Pharoahs Army

China has them in great numbers since the Later Han dynasty
(25 – 220 CE) and the dissidents cant mention it for fear of being tortured.

Same as with India.
Thats why the growing backlash of popularity of National Socialism and huge sales of Mein Kampf in India as well as Russia and Eastern Block nations.

Know your history or suffer the same rapes and rips all over again.


Pagans are tolerant by NATURE.

Agree. Which is why Ron Paul

Agree. Which is why Ron Paul rejected Secret Service protection. He is safer with the people and without Secret Service "protection'.

The Preatorians are alive and well

They guard the office for their benefit.


Agree. The closer we get, the more delegates we get,

The more terrified ORomey get, the more danger Dr. Paul is in. I hope he increases his protection or accepts Secret Service - but then I don't know about that one - might put him in more danger. Lots of prayers for his safety going his way.


is in God's Almighty hand!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

I didn't see his name on the Co-Sponsor

I looked at the bill; after I shared on Facebook but I didn't see his name, curious if he did, hope he did..

Working to free the hemp seed - Thanks to Congressman Paul's efforts HR 1831. Peace

YES ! ! !


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Hey maybe both Romney and Obama

will be locked up before Tampa!

Then they can try their own Fema camps / prisons.

Too bad they are puppets for the masters, but I can dream can't I :-)

If the world were just.

If the world were just.

Go RON!! Screw Obama, and

Go RON!! Screw Obama, and convict him of treason against the United States of America... Let's get Bush in on that crime as well!!