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Japan: A nuclear nation... Arrested...

Japan: A nuclear nation... Published on May 11, 2012

Documentary about the exile of Futaba, Japan residents, the region housing the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.
The day after the magnitude 9.0 earthquake on March 11, 2011, Futaba locals heard the hydrogen explosion at Reactor Number 1 and were showered with nuclear fallout. In response, the Japanese government designated the whole town as an "exclusion zone" and 1,400 of the town's residents fled to an abandoned high school 250 kilometers away. The entire community, including the Town Hall office, was moved into the four-story building, making the residents nuclear refugees.
The film portrays the evacuees as the nuclear disaster situation changes over time.

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I will definitely see this when it is released. Their nuclear program is a bit like our drone program: Takes the lives of innocent victims and fosters anger and distrust.

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.