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We Won Maine with a 100% sweep! This is how we did it.

Maine could be THE model of how to WIN at ANY state convention!

We Won Maine with a 100% sweep!

We elected a Ron Paul Convention Chair.
We elected a Ron Paul Convention Secretary.
We elected a Ron Paul State Committee Man and Woman.
We elected 2 Ron Paul National Electors.

The total Delegates for Maine is 24. We can elect 21 and we did that.
Every Delegate for Maine to Tampa is a Ron Paul Delegate.
Every Alternate Delegate for Maine to Tampa is a Ron Paul Delegate.

"We even took a decisive share of the State Republican Committee for Ron Paul supporters. Now WE are in the driver's seat of the Maine Republican Party." - Eric Brakey

15 = Elected RP Delegates
6 = 3 each from 2 Congressional Districts
3 = Party choices and Automatic.

It was glorious!
Liberty prevailed.
We did it with hard work and playing by the Rules.

Ron Paul 2012!

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Here you go Nebraska

Do what we did and you got it made!

Ron Paul is My President

Yes, I am bumping my thread.

Nebraska needs to follow OUR lead.

Ron Paul is My President

"We did it with hard work and playing by the Rules."

And the same things could be said about Iowa.

And you did it by getting the majority of delegates to vote for the right people.

And you did NOT get to a majority by making all of your delegates pass a litmus test of Libertarian ideological purity before you would accept their votes.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Charlie Webster EX-Maine GOP Chairman Lied at Convention


During the Republican Convention the GOP Chairman Charlie Webster (ousted by a Ron Paul Chairman) tried to get Mainers to give in to the stalling tactics of Mitt Romney people by lying about the amount of money the party would be responsible for if the convention ran over. Several times Charlie Webster interrupted to tell us that it would cost $10,000.00 AN HOUR for any time we went over the supposed 6:00PM deadline! And that we Ron Paul people would have to pick up the tab ourselves as he was not going to authorize it. The truth? We incurred an additional $300.00 for staying more than two hours late. THESE NON-RON PAUL PEOPLE DO NOT WANT TO LOSE THEIR POSITIONS OF POWER - LYING IS MERELY A CONTINUATION OF BUSINESS AS USUAL TO THEM. It's time to change that. How much nicer will it be not to be surrounded by liars?! Thank God for Ron Paul and for everyone who is willing to stand up, to stand beside him, to stand up for him, and to fight these awful people!

Yes, I remember him quoting some stupid amount.

And the convention ended officially at 9:00 PM. So it cost $100 an hour to keep it open.

Anything to stay where you're at huh Charlie.

Well, sorry Charlie but you will be done in December. You WILL be voted out.

Ron Paul is My President

weekend conventioners !!

good luck and learn from this !

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

Wait, I'm Confused About Something...

I thought we had already won the Maine convention. Is this something new or is it just a reminder of what is possible tonight in Michigan and Minnesota?

Yes, we did.

And I had posted about it a day or two after. I posted it again because of the upcoming
conventions and one of the mods bumped to the front.

Our Maine convention was May 5 & 6.

And yes it was a reminder. If you have not gotten the Parliamentarians then at least go for
the Chair cuz it's so important to have a RP delegate for the Chair.

I had been contacting whoever I could get a hold of the last week and earlier about it.

There are 6 conventions being held this weekend. And the goal is the delegates.

Ron Paul is My President

Did we get the district

Did we get the district electors also?

amazing. great work!

amazing. great work!

I'm good with THE model

I'm good with THE model being.... total victory. :)


Minutemen - smart, bold, determined and there for the right thing, at the right time!

Well done!

When Neocons & Facism go to sleep, they look under the bed for Ron Paul and "WE THE PEOPLE"!

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." M.Mead

nice nice work fellas!!

A revolution is brewing for sure even if the msm is still in The Nile.

One day there will be a memorial for Patriots who stood up to be counted like the folks in Maine and our much loved Ron

Government is supposed to protect our freedom, our property, our privacy, not invade it. Ron Paul 2007


I thought it would be a waste of words to say both names, they just aint worth it lol

great job!

great job!

sharkhearted's picture


Go Maine!

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Romney have to run as 3rd party!

The media are asking the wrong person. They should ask Romney that question.

Go Ron Paul 2012 !

He already is! Haven't you read the

recent Nevada article? ;)

You just don't know what is

You just don't know what is possible in 4 years if RP people swept the states like this. What would happen to the establishment picked candidates? Would they have to run 3rd party? They'd probably create a new party with Goldman Sachs money and all the media would be on board.

That's right.

If what happened in Maine happened at every convention - wow - it would really be something!

Ron Paul is My President

Way to go Maine!

Way to go Maine!

Plus, I forgot

there were sleezy people handing out COUNTERFEIT slates. Apparently Romney people.

One that looked just like ours and one that did not.

Here's a vid did and some footage that Ginger took during the CONvention.


She also mentions the delays the Romney camp was imposing on the time we had with shouting Points of Order that were OUT of order, demanding recounts - many times. It was ridiculous.

Ron Paul is My President

this is true

I was there. I saw it. All of the people who were holding the plain red and green (yea/nay) signs with yellow hats on were Romney supporters and they were passing out fake/counterfeit ballots. I wasn't fooled, and none of the RP delegates I was with were fooled, but if I ever witness this again I am just going to follow behind the peckerhead and pick the fake ballots up as fast as he/she passes them out and proclaim loudly what the under-handed malcontent is up to. It really was a bunch of crybabies making trouble because they didn't have the numbers (but it was close!) or the organization (they had some but not as solid as ours). Romney supporters also went to the mic and nominated well-known RP supporters from around the state who were not actually running for national delegate in an effort to try and split our vote. All those folks had to go to the mic to withdraw their nomination. Just another dishonest sleaze ball delay tactic put on by Romney supporters.



Liberty = Responsibility

Maine today...

the nomination tomorrow. We WILL win it.

I don't play, I commission the league.

Excellent work,

sunny, and the other Mainers who did the job.

Any state you say?

Idaho did not happen =- Idaho did not happen - Idaho did not happen.....
Keep pretending.
I really am glad to see you all in there fighting with all you have, and taking BIG victories. But if you do not want to watch your grassfire turn into rubble and ashes, perhaps a post mortem of the state that kicked butt in 2008 and is now firmly in neocon hands would be worthwhile. Or, just pretend it did not happen all the way to 2016 - that will feel better. Why learn from our mistakes when we can just repeat them all the way to Camp FEMA?

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Why post this here?

Sorry ID went backwards. Don't rain on this posters awesome results.
Do the post-mort. and share what you find. Why are looking for others to care, you are the one in ID. Take control and fix it ...
RP is not giving marching orders to anyone. If the Ryan guy is horrible you and your husband need to take the movement over.

Pissing on this post won't fix ID. Someone who worked hard and had great results should post the excitement.

It is wonderful what happened in Maine. BTW you might have noticed all the dirty tricks that we're played on them - they didn't quit and moved right on past the establishment.

You can too.


Liberty = Responsibility

Whats going on with Charlie

Whats going on with Charlie Webster? Is he gone or is someone running against him in the future?

He will actually be replaced...

...by another candidate who will be voted on by the State Committee in December. That's this year, not 2013.

There are 38 of us -- liberty-minded voters -- on that Committee, and possibly more who remain more silent about their preferences.

Add to that the fact that the corruption that has taken place on his watch -- and I won't go into great detail, but I'm sure you can google him -- will propel enough people to put us over the 41 total votes we need for a new chair.