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We Won Maine with a 100% sweep! This is how we did it.

Maine could be THE model of how to WIN at ANY state convention!

We Won Maine with a 100% sweep!

We elected a Ron Paul Convention Chair.
We elected a Ron Paul Convention Secretary.
We elected a Ron Paul State Committee Man and Woman.
We elected 2 Ron Paul National Electors.

The total Delegates for Maine is 24. We can elect 21 and we did that.
Every Delegate for Maine to Tampa is a Ron Paul Delegate.
Every Alternate Delegate for Maine to Tampa is a Ron Paul Delegate.

"We even took a decisive share of the State Republican Committee for Ron Paul supporters. Now WE are in the driver's seat of the Maine Republican Party." - Eric Brakey

15 = Elected RP Delegates
6 = 3 each from 2 Congressional Districts
3 = Party choices and Automatic.

It was glorious!
Liberty prevailed.
We did it with hard work and playing by the Rules.

Ron Paul 2012!

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Maine is a great news. But that is in past tense.
Money bomb is present continue.

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This is the REAL change we need.

We focus a lot on the Presidential race, and for good reason, but BECOMING the party is the real goal. Local and state elections.

And we are winning on that front in many states.

This PUMPS ME UP to donate AGAIN!!

I for one am very thankful for all of the hard work of Maine

Many know that we are being robbed at these votes and to see our army take back those states is awesome.

"Where America's Day Begins" has a new meaning. Thanks brothers and sisters in Liberty!!!

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Go Maine!

Great Job!!! Makes me proud to be a New Englander!!!

That is awesome

Excellent job my hat is off to all of you

Texas Organization

Who do I contact to get plugged in? I have several delegates asking me. Please help.

Makes me...

want to move to Maine now! Except it's too friggin cold!

Still though, good job all!

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I was a delegate from

I was a delegate from Washington county, and the Maine RSC was one of the best times of my life! Pure domination!


It got me so stoked to hear you guys cheering! Not quite so much RP love in my Oxford County section.

It was GREAT organization and planning

Brent was very well prepared and did a fantastic job, Eric was just great, Ron was great and everyone was prepared (parliamentarians and all). Being a delegate from York county and a captain, we took the whole thing and it was great to see the work pay off!

Hi Sunny! ;)

The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations. This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people, was the real American Revolution

"This is how"?

I see "what you did". Awesome, for sure. But where's the "this is how"? "hard work and playing by the Rules?" OK, but that's not terribly instructive if you want to help others.

long story short

we had more RP supporters as delegates to the state convention than any other candidate so when it came time for the votes we had a majority. It's called show up and participate!

Sounds good, but

when they disqualify Ron Paul supporters (for no reason), put up barriers to keep Ron Paul supporters from being seen during votes, shut off the lights, do not allow a chair to be elected, stuff ballot boxes (openly, against the rules) and dismiss the convention without enough votes. What do you do?

Main at least had some honourable people on both sides there, without honour on both sides there is no honour at all!

Indeed.. then what?

Looked like Nevada was somewhat civilized as well from what I could see in the UStream feed. What are we supposed to do in situations like Oklahoma and Arizona?

one way we did it

Weekly teleconferencing reviewing convention procedures and convention preparation. These telecons also included the planning - when to get there, what to look out for, how to conduct ourselves, verifying everyone had there registration info and fees in on time, explicitly defining goals (electing secretary and chair, electing delegates, electors, commiteeman/woman) and steps to reach them. I think a lot of it had to do with we were just well-prepared - Thanks Eric et al...

Oh yes, and we learned about the process well in advance so we knew how to operate within it.

this post right here is chock

this post right here is chock full of info.


Yes it was hard work and playing by the rules.

It was having the all the delegates prepared for what was to come at the convention..

The RP HQ staff - and particularly Eric - worked hard at helping everyone to understand the process and what to expect through weekly convention prep calls. Eric also went to every county in our state about
a month before the convention and did convention trainings. There was a strategy in place.

None of our delegates went in there blindsided.

Each county had a Leader person to answer questions.
We had runners with signs posted 'Aye' on one side and 'Nay' on the other in bold colors. So when the vote came there was no discussion about what to do.
We were all told to make sure and have your paperwork - delegate packet and a copy of Maine Vote ID card - with them to be credentialed and have no problems doing it.
We were told to get there early to make sure we all got in before it started. It started at 9 AM. RP delegates started arrving at 6 or so and got in line. I got there at about 7 and the line was LOOOONG already.
Volunteers were going down the line handing out Dunkin Donuts. ( not how to, just fun info.)

As it turned out, the Romney people got there late and because the Chairman ( the now reknowned Charlie Webster ) and the rest of the Status Quo were Romney people, the convention started late so they could get their people in. It was wrong. You can be sure if it the other way around, they would have started on time.

So basically - we were prepared. We knew what to expect and the HQ planned ahead for any contingency that they could think of so we would win.

O yeah, we told to keep calm and conduct ourselves well. Do not give any reason to get us angry. As
Eric said quite a few times. Our passion is our greatest strength AND our greatest weakness.

O - and ONE more thing - we got OUR chair by "4" votes. So every vote DOES count.


Ron Paul is My President

I like that

Don't give them any reason to get angry with our behavior. i.e. Remaining calm and collected even while insisting/demanding rules be followed.

I think the operative word is

Have parliamentarians on hand and of course put in the work.

for a state that has only one syllable you guys ROCK! From the state that has the MOST syllables : Rhode Island and Providence Plantations.
(no seriously - that's our full name. Referendums crop up all the time to get rid the Providence Plantations part. Everyone always votes it down.)


You guys & gals are awesome!
Good Job!

That is terrific news.

Congratulations! Has the RNC transferred the money out of the Maine GOP bank account, and established a "shadow organization" there, yet?

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don't know

don't know


Hey if you have any more technical advice on how you guys won the convention be sure you get it to the right people in GA, MI, MN and MS for this w/e!

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you should write that.

I have getting in touch with whoever I can find in those states about
sharing what happened here in Maine.

Ron Paul is My President

We also had 2 Parliamentarians

on the stage with Brent who advised him well. One was Thomas Balch. Turns out the guy is famous in those circles.

He did such an amazing job as Convention Chair in the face of such
nonsense and contempt.

From a lady delegate who was there too. She says it well:
"Here's the thing about Brent. As chair he came across confident and took charge right from the start. He was fair and polite even with the amount of "point of order" interruptions, he stayed composed and did exactly what he should have done. Several yelled without a mic and did everything but jump up and down. I've never seen so many adults have tantrums. They wanted to upset Brent and upset the rest of us. I was impressed with Brent's professional calm manner and I am sure they were too. Eric put together a great organization and together we all literally took them by surprise. In spite of the deliberate delay to allow the Romney clan to get out of bed they still lost the chair."

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And there it is in a nutshell

People that are extremely well versed in parliamentary rules and procedures with minds sharp as lasers,having your plan ironed out well in advance including planning for any contingency the opposition may try to immediately counter it effectively. Most important of all is SHOWING UP so we have the upper hand numbers wise.

Thanks sunny.

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This sounds awesome and amazing!

but do you have a source for a 100% sweep claim?

The Most Important & Relevant Speech of Our Time!
Just 2 steps, be the media!!!

yup, was sweep was there

yup, was sweep was there 21/21

I was there too, (Washington

I was there too, (Washington county delegate) and yes, it was a clean sweep :)

I can vouch for sunny. I was

I can vouch for sunny. I was a York county delegate along with my girlfriend, my neighbor and his dad. Good work sunny, we did it!