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NDAA Indefinite Detention Roll Call Vote / How did your Rep vote?

The Smith-Amash amendment failed 182-238.

See how your Congressman voted:

Video of full debate on the Smith-Amash amendment:

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Very confused - please provide your thoughts

I have been conversing with a couple of so-called "Constitutionalists" who are local members of my community. Both are brilliant and are very well learned about constitutional law. However, they have differing opinions.

The first person states that we can in fact be held indefinitely due to said sections of NDAA.

The second person states that no matter what law is ever written, it can never go against the Constitution [ -- Bill of Rights] unless an actual Amendment was created and ratified.

The first person firmly disagrees and states that the way those sections in NDAA were written, it superceeds Constitution.

This has been an ongoing battle when this comes up in conversation.

I usually chime in and agree with the second person (nothing could ever supercede the Constitution unless Amendment is made and ratified) admitting that the onus is on us to come up with very high dollars and high profile attorney to win. Our Constitution is the "Law of the Land".

Are there any experts here who can share their interpretation?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

And how many of our Bill of Rights have they trampled on so far?

They will change anything they want. Hell, they will change the Lords's prayer and the Bible to fit their causes.

My thoughts exactly!

This is not measure of whether NDAA is right or wrong constitutionally.

Each bill now must stand on its own.

My two NH Congressman are on the outs on this one and will hear from me about it you can be sure.

Our Senators are voting with Democrats too.

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This voting record with the majority of Republicans

voting against it just goes to show that we absolutely need to continue to work for positive change in that party.


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...is the problem with our failing country. A corrupted payed off by the military industrial complex bunch of stooges that will never see the lights of freedom and liberty.


Get jiggity people!~