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Ben Swann Video Update: Is Ron Paul out or is he winning? And how the party is being remade.

Ben Swann takes a look at the hidden story that the Grand Old Party is becoming a whole new party. Why Rep. Ron Paul may only be a messenger of a movement that has already scored major victories this primary season.

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Part 2


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No one can tell you what to do.

Say a prayer and follow your heart!

Having said that, I wish I was in your shoes, I would go in a heart beat.

It is apparent from John

It is apparent from John Tates email where he says this is likely the last money bomb of Ron Paul's career that they are not expecting any more money bombs for the general election. What is the purpose of getting delegates now if not to win the nomination? So in fact they are saying Ron Paul is out of the race to win the nomination, but is only in the race to win delegates to shape the republican party. I wish they would explain what they mean by shaping the republican party more clearly. Are the same delegates voting on the party platform at the convention? Shouldn't that be left to the entire republican party? What will they be voting on? Will they be able to write the platform as well?

You're forgetting that..

a candidate doesn't need money bombs in the general election. The party of which he is the nominee is obligated to provide advertising and funds to help him win.

Then you might want to ask

Then you might want to ask John Tate, Ron Paul, Jesse Benton, and the others what THEY plan to do with the MILLIONS they already had prior to this last money bomb because they CLEARLY stated in their messages that these MILLIONS would be spent AFTER the convention and the only money to be used now would be from this latest money bomb and even THAT MONEY would be restricted from use in any future primary states or delegates from those primary states. So those MILLIONS aren't going towards getting Ron Paul elected like the donors were mislead to believe, instead these MILLIONS will be going towards future endeavors whatever the hell they're suppose to be since Ron Paul and company refuse to discuss such issues. Obviously transparency means nothing to Ron Paul in regards to the money we gave him. Why mislead and hide this information or is Ron Paul no better than any other politician out there doing the same thing.

For some reason

For some reason I don't think your rants are helping. Are you starting to lose faith or did you have any at all? Are you doing everything you can to help the cause of freedom and a bringing back a constitutional government? If you have lost your faith in Ron Paul then I guess there's no reason for you to keep coming back to this site. Not trying to be an a-hole to you but what is the point that you're trying to make with us?

They're gonna give it all to you!

So you can get yourself out from that bridge you're living under.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift


Wonder how the early voting is going in Texas?

What I don't get is, if the

What I don't get is, if the GOP has to go through all this trouble to sabotage our delegate acquisitions, then why even have the process to begin with? There is obviously a need for liberty-minded people in the GOP, otherwise we wouldn't be winning delegates in the first place...

Generally elections are pro forma

Sometimes you have three or six candidates with essentially the same views and the only difference is one says nuclear and one says nucular. Voters make their decision on that or some other silly thing. In that case the dirty tricks are mostly unnecessary because the party doesn't really care who gets elected. This time the difference is the party establishment really cares and so do supporters of ONE candidate.

The GOP in Illinois has

The GOP in Illinois has extended the deadline to become a delegate/alternate delegate for the state convention in June. There are still vacancies just waiting to be filled. All that needs to be done is for you to make a phone call and can afford $50. It can all be done from home. (I would however strongly suggest that you do not give away who you support. I've heard that people who they "think" won't support romney conveniently get left off the list) A friend recently became an alternate delegate himself only a few days ago. In his county all the delegate spots were full but his county chairman said that a TON of alternate seats were vacant. I have yet to hear of a convention where ALL the delegates showed and no alternates were needed.

If you're in Illinois and want help to become a delegate for Ron Paul, either I or my friend would be more than willing to help. All I need from you is to know what county you live in and I can help you right away.

This is the kind of support that makes a difference

You are a true hero. Wow, what a commitment! My hat is off to you Patriot!

“That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”

Thank you, but I don't

Thank you, but I don't deserve much credit. It's actually easier than what most would think. All it should take is a phone call. It didn't even take my friend 10 minutes and he became an alternate.

Ron is done in Tampa

Give it up and move on to the next battle, it might serve you correctly. Tampa equals done for Ron Paul as a candidate.


not too clever

A smart Romney sockpuppet first makes nice comments, THEN moves on to the attacks. FAIL

Welcome to Daily Paul! Maybe

Welcome to Daily Paul!

Maybe Ron is done in Tampa or maybe Mitt is done in Tampa. We will find out in August.

But did you know that Ron Paul is winning more and more delegates and that makes Mitt and his supporters very nervous and I love it.

If GOP elects Romney as their nominee, then for sure Mitt is DONE in November. So if GOP really wants to kick Obama out of White House as they are all the time saying it will happen only by electing Ron Paul as GOP nominee.

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

Hi U/style

Changed name much? Your here, because we're winning. Keep 'em coming.

Ask not what your Paul can do for you, but what you can do for your country - Anon.


Very well said AussieAmused!

Love it when trolls are here trying to make a negative point and always looking so foolish!


Ben doesn't care

about you, it's true


please ignore comment! :)

Hey bud

I don't agree with trolling but as a free man I'll defend your right to do it. It makes us poorer for the effort though doesn't it. RP2012

Ask not what your Paul can do for you, but what you can do for your country - Anon.

Ben blew your hoodwink and

blew 500 dollars on nothing but his career. A few federal reserve notes go a long way with this crowd...

Troll alert

total troll. Get back under the bridge.

Explainlola22 has been a member here for about three hours.

Who are you Explainlola22? Introduce yourself.

Better watch out

because you said so!

You know what I've never

You know what I've never understood about the Daily Paul? Why is community esteem a function of how long someone has been a member on this site?

What are you even trying to say?

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ekw t ejw 'tJt"PQ#$

makes more sense

if a binding vote means

if a binding vote means Romney might win then do NOT vote a binded vote. vote for Ron Paul on the first round and hire body guards to come with you if you have to. study the rules for national convention and what the procedures are if rules are trying to be broken.

BE a Patriot and screw the binding rules that are not really binding. bring a copy of the famous letter talked about here. In fact, make it available for download here!

Ben on;y gave us half the

Ben on;y gave us half the story. Yes the rnc does not bind delegates but your state might. Look to see what your state republican party say about binding delegates.


National rules trump state rules.

Great Reporting


Ben Swann "Reality Check" Update 5/18 - Only 10,000 Views?

Even for some people I think I've convinced based on Ron Paul's platform (namely, vs. Romney's), I'll still hear, "Yeah, well it doesn't matter, anyway. He can't win." While I'd send photos of the crowds or some convention news update, I'm sure I'm viewed as a "biased" supporter - since these people are only hearing things from me, not the media. Surely, I'm not the only to have had this experience. There simply isn't yet "national awareness."

We watch these Benn Swann reports, so grateful for the TRUTH to be getting out, but Fox-19 is just a local Cincinnati affiliate. I do believe (even) more would show support for Paul IF they were convinced he could, in fact, win. That is, if more heard Ben Swann's report. I'm forwarding these three links to family and friends. Maybe you have already. If not... I'm thinking of the 89,918,303 You-Tube Kony views.

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