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We will face a tough decision in Tampa

-> a) Follow Ron Paul and his non confrontation towards the GOP to secure that Rand Paul can be nominated 2016(and/or a concession towards our platform)
-> b) Do everything to prevent a Mitt Romney nomination for the cost of dividing the party and a open fight inside the GOP towards 2016 if we fail at securing the nomination for our hero Ron Paul.

The campaign is clearly following option a) cause they don't call the GOP openly out on their Fraud. Ron Paul himself stated that he doesn't plan to stir the convention up.
The absence from Rand Paul from the campaign trail indicates that he doesn't want to be associated totally with his dad giving him the freedom to appeal to other parts of the GOP.

Is there a middle way (besides hoping we win Texas and California)?
What do you think we should do?

I assume that the campaign does mean it how they say it and are not up to a deliberate tactic to mislead the establishment and Romney.
They say:
Unfortunately, barring something very unforeseen, our delegate total will not be strong enough to win the nomination. Governor Romney is now within 200 delegates of securing the party’s nod. However, our delegates can still make a major impact at the National Convention and beyond."

->Their actions in not going all out with lawsuits etc. support this belief. Why do it if they think it wont matter anyway.

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Told you guys!

What now?

First and foremost rand is not Ron

Rand still has to prove himself He is not his father
Who by the way we r trying to get elected
Lets stay the course and have faith in dr Paul's
Plan Enough with the secon guessing there will be time
For that


What the hell

Is this obsession with Rand Paul running as president. I have not heard him once say he wants to run as president. Not once. He has never said he wants to be president. Also if they won't allow Paul to win what makes everyone think Rand stands a chance? I mean any other time the media talks to Ron Paul, they bring him on shows and ask him questions. They give him air time and then if he runs as president they ignore him. What makes you people think they won't do this to Rand? I bet they will. Sure he shmoozes with hannity and the neocons, but if he tries to go for the throne, they will cut him off at the knees like they did his father for 30 years. All they allowed Ron to do was be a congressmen. Same thing for Rand, all he will ever be is a senator from Kentucky. Would I vote for him? Maybe. I have to see what he is like. It has been years I have studied his father. He seems like a nice guy, I have some worries though.

But of course this goes back to the fact that will we even have 4 years to wait? I mean the goverment is moving at an ever increasing fast pace towards a police state. They know the economy is about to collapse and the natives are getting restless. They don't like it when we start using our rights and going off the reservation. I think we have to stop expecting 1 man to save us and start think about fighting for and saving ourselves. The economy is only bound to get worse, in a head to head between Romney and black/white Romney we all know the later will win. The elites have made it quite clear that we will pay off the fake derivative scam debt and we will all work 3 McDonalds jobs to do it, and we are not allowed to protest. DHS just bought 400+ million rounds of JHP ammo. Do you think they bought it for terrorist? Or maybe to help us? Like I said get ready to fight, its all I am going to say about that.

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson

I really don't think...

...that anything the Ron Paul campaign does this year (including running 3rd party) will have any negative bearing on a Rand Paul run in '16. I think a Rand campaign will be judged independently at that time. Therefore, I think we could defecate all over the GOP with no 'Rand' repercussions.

However, it seems that some with greater knowledge than I (Ron, Rand, Wead, others) think differently, and that gives me pause. Just a bit.

I don't think

we have four more years. We have witnessed some of the most blatant, fraudulent, deceptive and evil practices and lies of the MSM, Politicians, establishment and Bankers. It is clear to me after the extreme measures the establishment have taken, they will go into full damage control after the election. They will attack free and independant media first. I fear that one day the only way we will be able to spread news is through pamphlets under the nose of our own police state. I am still optimistic though!

A word to the wise is sufficient.

"Ron Paul himself stated that he doesn't plan to stir the convention up."

If Paul is nominated and takes the Oval Office, he will have much work to do. This will require working with colleagues on both sides of the isle.

Paul, on the other hand, who advocates individualism, must rely on the r3VOLution for getting him there.

Heed between the lines.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

This is NOT about Rand. Rand is NOT Ron

Focus on the sole goal of getting Dr. Ron Paul to the White House. That is the only mission. All else are just distractions.

All out win for Ron Paul on the first vote.

Like Dr. Paul said, "Rand can find his own jobs." The number one task is more delegates to the convention and when we get there, the number one task is converting Santorum and Newt supporters. Screw the GOP. Whatever positions aren't filled by Liberty supporters in 2012, can be filled in 2016. Until 2016 we should try and remove congressmen that voted yes on NDAA.

Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.

We should get started on the conversion process now.


Send the link for the page along with a brief description of the effort to every liberty focused PAC you can think of. LibertyForAll is the new PAC headed by that 21 year old millionaire from Texas. He just might be our guy. Here's the article on him. http://www.tmdailypost.com/article/politics/meet-rich-texan-...

This needs to be bankrolled. I believe someone like him who has money but wants to maximize its affect would love this idea and be enthusiastic about getting it going ASAP. Bump it if you think it's a good idea.

good but converting santorum supporters failed

miserably and I assume that the ones who are in Tampa will be just establishment guys who vote for whoever is the frontrunner.

We should remove all congressman who take any Lobby money and dont follow the constitution. The NDAA vote sure identifys them ;)

Ron Paul is a non interventionist.

He doesn't need to attack Romney, everyone else is. In RP's eyes. Mitt is another of Gods children, and is to be treated as such, because his Bible tells him so. He is a walk the walk Christian.
Not one of us here knows what has gone on, and is going on behind the scene, and nor should we be privy to that information. I imagine that there are many people treading a very fine line,in the lions den at the moment, good reason not to anger the very powerful Establishment. Their enemies end up dead, or indefinitely detained.
By all means, you are free to think what you like, but to plant doubt, and question the campaign on way they aren't doing things your way, is of no help.
While the blatant cheating through out the elections is a big deal, it is not as big as trying to shift the power from the deeply corrupt Establishment.
Ron Paul and his team truly are treading their way through the Lions Den...for you, because in RP's eyes you are one of Gods children, and you should be treated as such.

but that doesnt mean that you are not able to tell the truth or

ask for it.
It would help gods children Mitt Romney if someone would point out the truth to him cause he obviously isnt a fan of it.
Humans are capable to do this and in most cases it helps everyone who is involved to tell them with courage what you feel and think is the truth.
Besides RP had no Problem calling out gods child Ricky Santorum a liar.

As one of gods children I have the born right to reap the fruits of my labour! Mitt Romney want to take them into his pocket.

I dont plant doubt. Thats not right!

We were told we are in it to win and now we are not. So sure I and everyone else has the damn right to question the campaign and what to do.

The stance on DP to never ever question the campaign or RP is tiring me and has cost us many delegates. RP doesnt know everything and the campaign even less.

I question what to do in Tampa when it plays all out as the campaign assumes.
The campaign assumes that Mitt Romney will have the majority. This is clear from their messages to us.

To prepare for that is much wiser then waiting for the campaign to tell us or not what we should do.

Take a look at


Adam Kokesh's language may be colorful, but he does separate Ron Paul from Benton and has a further idea for Ron Paul delegates.

The Mitt message was for the MSM.

How do you know it has cost us many delegates? The count is not tallied yet. What happens in Tampa and how to play out each strategy was probably planned along time ago.
Ron Paul has constantly stated the he is in this ALL the way, and I believe him...even if he is taking a zig-zag path.
To do an all out attack on Mitt and the established GOP at this stage of the game would be suicide for the Revolution.

lets hope its how you say

I would prefer it to my conclusions.

I think Romney will implode

We are a country in crisis right now. Romney will take a lot of hits before August, Obama is showing cracks. If something huge hits this country, we will all need a real leader. Dr. Paul is someone who can unify the country through a crisis. He is not personally a long-term threat to power because he doesn't seek it and would be willing to step aside when the emergency ended, not hang on until the end of all possible term limits.

The establishment fears him because he changes the story they want us to believe. The issues regular Americans have with him are based on ignorance, apathy, fear of terrorism, or differences of opinion. None of that will matter if a real crisis hit.

I don't think the campaign itself knows what their strategy will be in Tampa until the final delegate is chosen. They are setting up to optimize whatever options are available at the time they are needed. We just need to keep up our end and be there to support him.

yeah romney is rarely seen..

..he fears to slip up.
Tough, I think the establishment guys who are in Tampa will never vote for Ron Paul. They are trained to think and do something totally different.
If all hell breaks loose Romney will say that he is the one who can turn it around as he did with the companys at a bain and the people will eat him out of his hands. :/
Optimum would be we win Texas or/and California but I dont see the big effort from the campaign for it. I know pessimistic.. :/

I'll be a delegate to the state convention

So i'm hoping we will have ron paul supporters delegate going to the national convention. You are more welcome to chipin to my account i made cause i'm unemployed.

talk to the campaign

maybe they can help out too. when it gets to the crunch, people will ante up here too if need be.

Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.

In my opinion

There should be a fight. Let the establishment know that liberty minded people are on to them. That we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore.

the question is if we will have the numbers through the country

to challenge them in the next years. I think the jury is yet out on this..
Cause if we have not the numbers then our efforts will be somewhat in vain.
I bet we will face Santorum and all his well planned lies in 4 years :/.

Thats why asked for a middle way..

and sorry for the rants all over dp in the last two hours

I'm a bit dissappointed.(as many others too..I feel)

OK, rant over, let's get back to work!

Keep your eye on the sole mission: getting Ron Paul into the White House!