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Georgia GOP Convention

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It's go time!

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I was also in the stands

and he did not in any way have the 2/3. As a matter of fact unless my eyeballs went crazy he did not even come close to having the 2/3. And he started his reelection speech with,"I am a Christian". I am not saying he is not. That I do not know and I am not judging him. But if he is then he needs to get down on his knees he first chance he gets.
Lets not forget when you hit that National Convention floor then vote Ron Paul on the first ballot no matter what. Remember rule 38.

LETTER QUOTE from Jennifer Sheehan, Legal Counsel for the RNC:

“[The] RNC does not recognize a state’s binding of national delegates, but considers each delegate a free agent who can vote for whoever they choose.” And, “The national convention allows delegates to vote for the individual of their choice, regardless of whether the person’s name is officially placed into nomination or not.”

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Where to Start

Right up, I will confess to not being a Paulist Monk, but I was at the Ga convention and I love the energy and enthusiasm from the RP troops, my son being one of them. I am a little older but it was my first convention.

Not interviewing all convention delegate candidates per the memos was appalling. And I am told of the ten members of the committee, eight of the slots went to them. If they had said up front that the slots would be dealt in the usual way, no one would have wasted time.

I do think though that Randy Evans is fair, and if you call him, and schedule a lunch with him, he will give you the time of day and some guidance on proposals. Many others in so called GOP leadership are not smart enough to know that RP has a big important energy component. Evans does.

Ron Paul (and more Rand Paul to me) is the future of the Republican party. Ron, a quiet principled guy, was never able to build coalitions. I think Rand can do that. And I do think there is a major difference between Obama and Romney, with Romney being such a better choice to follow through on Ron's better ideas. Obama would never follow through on a one.


You really need to educate yourself on Romney, if you think that he is a "better choice to follow through on Ron's better ideas." This shows you have NO idea of Romney's flip-flopping politics at all. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and presume that you don't bother to educate yourself.

"Never able to build coalitions." You clearly haven't seen that Liberty draws ALL KINDS of people together. Perhaps you don't grasp the concept of freedom yet.

Finally, you apparently think politics is about compromise and the appearance of fairness, rather than PRINCIPLE. Ron is a principled man who keeps his oaths. IMO, you show by your statements that you are not the former, and would likely not be the latter.

I am happy Randland that you

I am happy Randland that you have an open mind, and hopefully you will learn more and more about what we are really trying (in my case, by God's Grace) to fight.The only thing I want you to understand at this point, is that Romney can not get Democrats and Independents to vote for him, any more than McCain could. Romney has NO chance against Obama, and the real GOP do not seem to care, one whit. They see HUGE Ron Paul rallies, HUGE money bombs, HUGE amounts of people joining the GOP just for him, and, somehow, they just say Romney IS the nominee, and have for some time. Think about it.

He most likely did not have 2/3 majority to close nominations

I was in the stands and I was surprised at how many opposed closing the nominations it was probably 40% and it was too close for him to call it 2/3. He did the same think to the Cobb County Convention. He is not a good man. The parliamentarian is also a snake. Being from DeKalb County I have had plenty of exposure to John White. Those two gentlemen need to go away.

Let's be honest here if we want to accomplish something

I was there and in the stands. As much as I would love to see RP our nominee, we didn't have the vote. I am an honest and ethical person and if I weren't, I wouldn't be supporting RP. But I am. It was clearly more than a 2/3 majority on the votes that required it. I'm disenfranchised with our political system but I also recognize that I haven't been involved with the Republican Party until now. I need to get involved on a monthly basis to gain credibility and to effect change. It's my own fault that I haven't been active until now. So I'm taking responsibility and I will be at every meeting and contribute to the party. That's the only way to change it. Most of those people there have been active for years. We need to do the same.

Yeah, Rick

I agree ... doesn't sound ethical or honest to me, and for a first post! Tsk, tsk.

28 minuets 57 seconds

You must of had a better view than I did in the wide angle streaming video. Evans only got 59%, only Romney people voted for him. It seemed to be the same majority on the votes that were claimed to be 2/3 and would not allow a division count. Forgive me but you are the only one as far as I know that has posted and was there that has claimed "It was clearly more than a 2/3 majority on the votes that required it" To the contrary they have claimed that it did not appear to even be 2/3.
Sorry my eyes and ears say other wise. I am sure this will bring out our resident trolls claiming to be there also and back you up. I am not buying it.


Let me lay it out for you

Up front I normally do not talk like this but I have to in order to make my point. I was at the State Convention. I am an Alternate Delegate to the National Convention elected at the District Convention. I am a pure blood RP supporter but I had to do the stealth deal in order to make it to where I am at. I keep my mouth shut and I use my small tape recorder which I keep in my shirt pocket because I can get up close and personally with these people. One day I will use their very words against them because I have it all recorded.
So what are we dealing with here? We are dealing with a Republican GOP that has anointed Romney. Most of the Republican delegates back the Republican GOP without question. A large majority of them are wealthy cocky brainless bastards who think they should do the calling of the Republican GOP and they and they along have the right to shape this country and no one and I mean no one has the right to infiltrate their domain. Some of them are attorneys and they will pull any crooked maneuver they have to in order to get their way. Some are probably decent people to a point. But they have a point at which they too will resort to dirty tricks or just go along with the status quo because they are also brainless. They actually think that Romney will beat Obama. They are nothing more than sheep being lead to the slaughter by the Republican GOP and the Main Stream Media.
I urge the young people out there who read this to take over the Republican State Parties. I am getting old and about out of steam but you can do it. You will need huge numbers. Numbers so great that they can no longer ignore you. You will need to be smart and study "Roberts Rules of Order". But even Roberts Rules of Order will do you no good if you do not have huge numbers. If you do not have the numbers then close will not count and they will just ram things through just as they did at the GA state convention.
Always remember you are dealing with a social club here which is made up of brainless wealthy people who think it is way to cool to be a delegate. Wealthy people who's only interest is to attend a huge party in Tampa where they can strut their importance and wear their diamond rings and drink them selves into a stupor. People who can not think on their own and truly believe that anything the Republican GOP says is good to go without question. You are also dealing with some half way decent people who enjoy being led around by the neck and who also can not think on their own. Just a piss poor mess to say the least.

Telling it like it is

Nothing TRULY worthwhile came easy.
People need to stick at it and do everything they can.
The 1st Revolution took 8 years of war.
Hopefully the 2nd will be easier.

The last straw for the 1st revolution was warrentless searches.
The American ppl have now put up with much worse than that.
And their government are now Americans not Brits.

I am a Brit.
And I am a Constitutionalist.
And I am pro American.
And I support Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is the only one who speaks common sense.

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

I was at the GA state convention

and I am Alternate Delegate elected at the District Convention and a pure blood RP supporter. The slate was rammed down out throats. It was called to be excepted and that did get blocked. So there was a vote. Looked like a 50/50 split to me. But the Chairman tried to ram it through. Division was called which requires a standing count and 2/3 vote. No standing count and they in no way had the 2/3. But the slate went anyway. I had to attend a meeting after the Convention to sing papers for the National Convention which were notarized on the spot and I also had to pay out the rear end and have a photo ID made for the RNC. While I was standing in line waiting for the door to open the Rombot newly elected state delegates lined up behind me. One lady was an Attorney. Her very words were, "I am an attorney, I am above the law so no RP supporter best take me on". Think she did not say that? I have this small tape recorder which I carry in my shirt pocket. I got it all on tape. As a matter of fact I said noting and I got a lot of them on tape. I wonder if the GA GOP chairman would like to play this tape for every one to hear? I bet not.

Was the attorney Ann Lewis?

She is the general counsel for the State GOP and another thorn in our sides in DeKalb County.

LIBERTY2ME's picture


First I'm beginning to beleive more and more that Romney/Republicans/GOP/RNC they don't really care if the winner is Romney or Obama, just as long as it is one of them. I beleive that the Republicans have learned that even with Obama they are getting what they want. What ever it is for them, they are most likely getting it. So if Romney is the president they will still be getting their way and filling thier pockets with money, same goes even if Obama is President. This is why they don't ever stop Obama from doing anything. They cry wolf a lot, but that's it, then it's over.
This I beleive is why they do not want Paul to be President. Basically it is anyone but Paul. Ron Paul is truly the only one that would stop all of them from thier deciet and greed. If you were or are ever catching yourself wondering if RP too will turn on us when or if he's in office, just remember all of this. The fact that the republicans/RNC are trying so hard to keep him out speaks VOLUMES and can only mean that there is a man of truth still in Gov't and that person is truly Ron Paul.
It has come to the point where they (anyone in Gov't) can stare us in the face and say "no" when they mean "yes", make promises that they know they will never keep and do this over and over. They don't even worry themselves about lying to us anymore, and no one will or has stopped them.
So...what I don't get is... why can't WE THE PEOPLE over turn the Gov't? We put them there based on thier lies, doesn't it say this somewhere, maybe in the constution? I don't mean this in some barbaric lunatice way. I mean legally. I know that if someone started a case, they would have the #'s in people behind them. I'm certain of it. I don't see any other way to stop this. I want RP to win so bad, but I am afraid that after this weekend and last and the upcoming "reversals" that Doug Wead was talking about, along with the new "shadow party" that Romney is creating, they are going to steal it from us. AND I BELEIVE IT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS. Maybe we will win, but I don't think we should wait until then Tampa to find out. It will be to late. If I'm crazy you can tell me. I'm used to people looking at me like I'm nuts, after all...I support Ron Paul, so I must nuts...right? Yea, that's what I thought.

What i don't get

is how these Ramrod Bots actually think they will get Pauls support to work with them and vote for Romney after all that they have done to kill Paul's chances? Are they really that thick headed and up their own asses?
Blatant in your face fraud, corruption, you name it they have participated in it and why these whacko's think anybody would want to work with them or move to their side after all of this is mind numbing.
These sheep HAVE to know they are the fall guy for another 4 of Obama. They absolutely HAVE to know that they are supporting a fall guy establishment candidate by now.
I truly wonder if any of these "Conservatives" have ever sat down, looked in the mirror with a clear head and just simply asked themselves: How did a Liberal like Romney ever got to the top of the GOP in the first place? HOW?
He is a illusion, a fall guy for the establishment. He was put where he is by the establishment, not the voter base.
Their votes don't even count and now they defend his position like a bunch of rabid sheep..WHY? Because the msm says he can beat Obama....WOW! These are the same people that scolded, ridiculed and insulted Obama voters back in 08 for doing the very same thing they are doing now! Supporting a complete Fraud !
I can only come to 1 of 2 conclusions about these people.
1. They are really this stupid
2. They know what they are doing and are just sellouts to whatever the establishment wants and they hate America
What other answers are there? I find it hard to believe these people are really this stupid so i tend to lean to #2.....Sellouts!

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

Their plan.

IMO, they have decided that they will do what is necessary to freeze RP and us out of the process.
If they are lucky enough to reap the results of an Obama loss, then Romney might win, even without our support, if the people really reject Obama overwhelmingly.
But they don't really mind if Obama wins, because he is doing what they want anyway. He's giving them their wars, and that's all they really care about. The neocons don't really mind progressive big gov't as long as they get what they want out of it.
And if/when Obama does win, they will pin their loss on us as their scapegoat, telling everybody that it was the Ron Paul people who cost them the election, and that we need to be ostracized.

IMO, that is the plan.


They are already saying if Romney doesn't win it will be because of us. You are right, Obama's agenda seems to be more inline with their thinking than the Dems. You would think these Neocons would love Obama and the big secret is they probably do.
I knew 4 years ago when Obama won he would be so bad that the Rethugs would not have to change anything to get the power back.
This is the cycle they keep the people in...Rethugs screw it up for a while then pass the torch to the Dems then they screw it up worse then they pass it back to the Repubs. The whole system is designed to keep people locked in to the lesser of two evils...and as bad as i hate to say it...it works..

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

My two cents...

Well I watched many hours of the GA convention last night. Have to say was pretty disgusted. Political corruption at its most debased. The voice of the body of the convention largely ignored all the way through by the slimy Randy Evans.

For example: consistently ignoring repeated calls for division, simply 'withdrawing' resolutions unilaterally with no vote when it looked like the vote would go against him. Flagrant abuse of Robert's Rules of Order.

However have to say the RP contingent there also LET him get away with it. RP supporters have to be a world more organised, assertive, informed and tenacious if they want to get real results from conventions. For example how was it not pre-arranged which of the RP delegation would stand for Committeeman? In the event two separate people stood, splitting the vote.

I reckon there was probably about 40% Ron Paul supporters there. But also another 35% at least who were opposed to Romney.

I'll say it again: the first and most important thing is to get the Chair - one of the first votes. By having an experienced, high-caliber guy ready and prepped to take it on from the get-go (e.g. Brent Tweed in Maine) and by having a majority there to support him. If you DON'T get the Chair, you may as well pack up and go home right there and then, because its basically game over.

On the plus side, Minnesota dominated, so that's cool!

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

Section N of the Call For 2012 Georgia conventions

I was at the state convention earlier, and Chairman Evans said that Sue Everhart, chairman of the state GOP, and the state committeeman and committeewoman, by "virtue" (a quote from Mr. Evans) of their respective offices/elected positions, were automatically delegates to the National Convention.

Read section N of the 2012 Georgia Republican call for conventions here: http://ga4ronpaul.com/Documents/2012%20Georgia%20GOP%20Conve...

There shall be no Delegates or Alternates who serve automatically by virtue of Party
position or elective office.

Does this strike anyone else as a blatant violation of the rules? I'm hoping the livestream was saved, because I want to go back and watch it to get Mr. Evans' exact wording, but he definitely used the word "virtue," in reference to the fact that those three positions are automatically delegates to the National Convention.

Assuming it is a violation of the rules, what would the consequences be? Would be nice to get Georgia's entire delegation disqualified, and deprive all those friends & family members of their Florida vacation.

Anyone else have an opinion on this?

Super delegates

Those are the Super Delegates and you are allow three in GA. But with that said the Republican GOP is still crooked.

Make a new thread about this

Make a new thread about this please!

To arms! To arms! The Redcoats are coming!

Okay, it's posted under

Okay, it's posted under RP2012 > Delegates.


Apparently the RNC is only concerned if the RP people break the rules (which we haven't) and gives carte blanche for breaking the rules to the anyone else. As far as I can see the campaign either isn't or can not do anything about it. The only thing that I can see that might put some pressure on them is for the campaign to call them out on their atrocities but they apparently do not have the desire to make waves. I am very disappointed how the campaign is handling these endless violations of the rules. I sure hope they have a hail mary strategy that will save the day. We can not win the nomination or the presidency without a fair vote count and they are working as hard as they can to not let that happen.


What can they do about it, atm?

Go to the same people who are pulling it off and get THEM to listen to you? Hire lawyers, spending what little resources we have now when electios, followed by caucuses?

I understand your concern but Romney/RNC goons can flood anywhere with millions at the drop of a hat to fight legal battles in the meantime, we could donate funds to that purpose but what about the rest of the election, winning delegates and going to Tampa?

We've GOT the evidence. The media has heard about it and reported it in some cases. Does anyone besides us, watchthevote, etc. care even after the obvious cases that have been on TV, say? Maybe but there is no action there either and we need to fight one battle at a time, IMO. As long as we have the evidence, it doesn't matter much when if we can bust them with it when we're NOT trying to win more delegates.

My two cents for what is worth.

Evidence doesn't matter...

Evidence doesn't matter if it is a month old from a convention that is almost forgotten about. This their game is to stall off having to face the evidence to the point that nothing can be done about it or everybody is busy with the newest abuse. The campaign needs to hire one or more aggressive professional parliamentarians to go to each convention and beat back each infraction and not give an inch. We need a strategy for each convention and not one that says lets just show up and see what happens. We need someone to collect every dirty trick that has been played one us and have it as a study guide to protect ourselves. Maybe we need mini bullhorns (cost less than $25) to be heard. Their are many lessons that can be learned from each convention if someone could collect them and make a compilation and an update with each convention. This is something that could be done with some the millions of dollars that have been given to money bombs. This should be done instead of paying out outrageous salaries to upper level staff (J.B.)


non profits

I would also add that there are rules that govern non profits (which I assume the RNC is). If you run a non profit, and don't abide by the rules your charter has set forth, you can lose your charter. I have not researched this at all, but I do know that these guys don't just to run a truck all over their constituents.
Wouldn't it be interesting to see the RNC lose their charter :)

shoulda knocked the dust off

the ol Lester Maddox ax handles fer that cracker convention

FYI i live here

You must be old...

You must be old (like me) to remember that! Good one hahahahaha!


Is it just me or...

In the last couple of weeks... did we go from winning every delegate at conventions to now having Romney winning them all? I'm new to the game and I just need a clear explanation on this if you don't mind? In other words...are we losing steam?


We aren't loosing steam. Romney is cheating because he is getting desperate. The delegates signed up months ago before his team understood the power of the revolution. Now he is using all the power that money and lawyers can buy to cheat the system.
But we are still doing fine :)