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Friday Night Triple Header: Watch Minnesota, Michigan, Georgia

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Can someone find the link to hear Alex Johnson?

When he was going to speak, the feed went away. I really wanted to hear him. Can anyone help???

Stop before

you make a fool of what you want to sing for you in Michigan. The delegates don't line up in Reality. A big step that keeps you stomping on liberty's grave

Yeah, I know. Me, too, but...

I wrote after the time it took to drive home, so I got some distance and time to cool off. I had let fly with a string of invectives as soon as I walked out of the convention center. I was furious. And I didn't care who heard. At that point, it didn't matter anyway, because it was over.

I also wrote with hindsight. And with planning for the next time I have to interact with these people. (See? "These people." I'm already back at it.) We see the truth more clearly than others and there we were, in the Belly of the Beast, and of course we lashed out.

In those states where RP supporters have been in the majority and have been victorious, do the Romney supporters feel defeated and angry? Do they have their noses rubbed in it? Or do we say, "Welcome to the r3volution. Please join us." That's important.

We know what's next. (And those who have been active since 2008 already know this.) We go to the local meetings. We meet people. We let them get to know us as human beings so that maybe we don't look like the Enemy. We explain, discuss, share ideas, ask questions (leading ones, of course). So that, in 2016, we aren't the outsiders coming in to cause trouble.

GA comments and personal highlights

I just got home and I'm exhausted, so I just want to add a few short comments, in the order they occur to me. First, my bona fides: I was an alternate elevated to a delegate (not just your ordinary delegate but an elevated delegate!), I've been a part of the DP for over four years, and I've been supporting the Liberty movement for over 30 years.

I was actually surprised at how well the chairman ran things. For the most part, he tried to be fair, play by the rules, and give folks a chance to speak. He kept his cool even when being insulted.

And speaking of being insulted, yes, I'm sorry to say, some RP supporters were less than kind. We really have to stop this and rein in our members who get out of hand. If we plan to take over the party, we'll have to earn friends, not make enemies. I think we can find common ground with many of the rank and file Establishment.

That said, it was pretty hard to sit through two days of Establishment propaganda, politicians standing before the crowd and lying about how they support freedom, small government, and so on, and cheers from the party faithful. One RP supporter mentioned that it sucks the life out of you. It does.

Yes, there were some dirty tricks, but what did we expect? They rammed through their slate of delegates, just as I expected (though I'd hoped we'd prevail). I watched the guy who made the motion to accept the slate. When he didn't leave the mic, I knew what was coming next. When the chairman came around to him again, he called the question which ended the debate. Bastard! We didn't have the numbers to sustain an objection. By the time we got this far, it was late in the day, everybody was tired, and the Establishment supporters wanted to go home. Besides, there had been enough pointed comments that many of them we tired of us, I'm sorry to say.

I was extremely impressed at the level of knowledge displayed by the RP supporters. We were by far the most informed bunch in the hall. A lot of folks knew Roberts Rules and were on top of their game. And they were articulate at an echoing mic before a crowd. That gives me hope.

And speaking of giving me hope, Alex Johnson's talk was stunning! My heart was racing by the time he was done. It was the most exciting moment of the convention for me. I realized that people like Alex are the future of our movement. I wish he could have won, but I was pleased that he came in second over another Establishment hack.

The NDAA resolution was brilliant and a surprise to me. But we pushed it too far. Yes, if we'd had a majority, we might have gotten the amendment through (reminder: the amendment required that the state GOP would not support any candidate who had voiced support for the NDAA). It was asking too much of the Establishment and was tactically a poor move.

My radicalism is second to none, though I don't wear it on my sleeve, which is intentional. Anyone who has been involved in libertarianism long enough will remember the heated debates about whether change should be gradual or immediate and I won't revisit that debate here. We cannot hope to make gains in the GOP by pushing them farther than they are ready to go. We have to do this gradually. Sometimes, we have to measure our gains in inches. They are still gains.

Personal highlights:

* The Friday night dinner at Golden Corral. It was a delight to be in the room with so many kindred spirits. People were smiling, laughing, and enjoying each other's company. And several folks were practicing open carrying and no one seemed to mind.

* Newt Gingrich's speech. No, it wasn't hearing what Newtie had to say. It was the fun of sitting in the same room with him and growling insults, rather than just yelling at the TV. Yeah, he couldn't hear, but it made me feel better.

* Getting to shake TMOT's hand. I recognized his voice when he lit into the chairman and went over to say hello. If he reads this and remembers me, then my Secret Identity is blown. He's a Great American.

* And speaking of "great," a couple of us invented a drinking game. Every time a bloviating political slug uses the word "great" in a speech, you take a shot. We wouldn't have made it past noon.

My friends, it was a learning experience. To those still to have your conventions, keep your cool and remember your audience. Try to persuade, get some concessions, make friends or even "friends," if that's all that you can do. The GOP doesn't know what to do about us. They're terrified by what they see as radical ideas, yet they are encouraged by the influx of youth and energy. We can use that to our advantage. But their leaders will not relinquish power easily. If we gain some ground among the rank and file, their leaders will have to give a bit lest they lose their grip.

Soldier on, my friends. We're making progress.

Thank You!

You put into words what I've been feeling post convention, but didn't know how to verbalize. Must have seen you somewhere as same with me, alternate to delegate, and I too was at the Golden Corral, and it was the highlight - good vibes all around.
-The chairman did have his stuff together
-Some rp supporters were rude, with the early heckling (though I too was booing Newt's Romney comment).
-We do need to rein in our supporters somewhat - I'm looking around the floor today and thinking these are the people we need to work with for years to come, no need to alienate them.
-Jeez- if I had to sit through one more speech - well I don't know what I would've done. Waayy too much! And there's what people say, then what they DO - and most of these folks are rino's!
-yep rammed through their long-term establishment people. And they were tired of our heckling and out of order comments.
-Yes we were informed - saw a lot of rr's books!
-Alex was wonderful and so composed for being so young, and he got quite a round of applause from most, that's how we win over the establishment! The Dekalb folks are impressive.
-The amendment to the NDAA resolution was a smart move by our rp people, but the other side caught on quick.
-My favorite comment from one of our supporters - "whether you vote for the socialist from Illinois or the socialist from Massachusetts"..., loved it!


Might have been a plant to make us look bad on purpose, but you never know. I was not there. Their are angry Ron Paul Supporters out there, because I am one. I understand how hard it is to stay calm and polite. These people we are going against are criminals in my mind or straight misinformed. It sad, but we must play it smart. I'll get angry at home, but during the convention play it smart, but watch out for plants. Expose them.

The Problem in GA

I was there as a delegate and I thought the chairman did a fine job under the rules. The people here making it sound like he ran a crooked convention probably see conspiracy in everything. I was in a delegation that does not support Romney but I could tell they also despised the conduct of the Ron Paul supporters and the 8 hours of speeches left them just wanting to rubberstamp the party slate and go home which is the real problem. The convention was designed to reward insiders and call for unity behind Romney instead of having a principled vote on representation. The chairman was not the problem. Anyone saying so doesn't understand the process. 95% of the points of order, parliamentary inquiries and other motions made by our supporters were out of order. Many were downright rude and false and embarassing and I wonder if they were real Paul supporters because they were definitely not in the spitit of the Paul campaign. I tried to talk to some people afterward about Paul but they looked at me as if I was the devil. Alienating delegates when we don't have the numbers is assinine especially over overblown and manufactured issues. The people around me supported resolution after resolution that Paul wiuld gave cheered, clapped and stood for Alex Johnson, jeered the withdrawl of the NDAA resolution, but also despised every out of order interruption by supposed Paul supporters. Hard to reconcile. The truth is that the convention agenda was rigged to reward party members but we didn't have the numbers. The lights made it difficult to find individuals not impossible to see a crowd of 1000 to stand and they turned more lights on. Come on people. Use some common sense. Accusing the chairman of tyranny and lies when even Paul would have done the same -- follow the rules. Just disappointing all around. Few delegates and harder now to bring some of the life members into realizing Paul is the best choice.

Once again, nicely put! Like

Once again, nicely put! Like I said in another post, these are the people that we will have to work with for years, and anytime someone wants to know if I support Paul, I don't want eyerolls and sighs not because of Paul, but from our behavior.

Having said that though, the fact the nominating committee couldn't conduct the interviews after the people submitted resumes and drove down the night before to comply with the committee's request, was criminal in my opinion.

Like TMOT said, we need numbers and infiltration, works for me : ).


this is the way one person saw it, now lets read down the thread...

... Well... We will need more input from a DP'r that was there. Might be good if the input came from a Georgian DP'r with 2 or more yrs on thr site...

Not a slam to the poster above, just trying to be safe and get another observation.

I was there . .

and evans did not act honorably at all.

Very plain to me that the GOP in GA does NOT want a RP supporter, so, I learn quickly. . . except for Governor(Deal), I'll vote straight democrat the rest of the time i live in GA. IT could be satan on the ballot and the GOp doesnt get my vote.
Chambliss had a runoff election last time. Cant wait till next time.

Jackson County Georgia

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Naspino saw what I saw.

Naspino saw what I saw.


The people in GA are mostly fair. They acted fair against most of the injustice we had seen. The problem is the old timers see the national as a reward for good behavior. We see if as a principled stand in an electoral process. That is the crux of it all. I am astonished by how many of the establishment people around me supported everything we support and how willing they were to vote for Johnson which gave an energetic and true speech. How then do we reconcile their disdain for us? It isn't the message. We have to stop seeing conspiracy and evil in everything they do because its not deserved.

Tmot was upgraded from alternate to delegate

He gave the convention chairman a dressing down, but to no avail. They slammed their slate through anyway.

On the positive side Ron Paul supporters from DeKalb County showed up and had more delegates than the Establishment. Also the Athens/Clarke County fraudulent slate of delegates were not seated at the convention. It would have been even better if they had seated the Liberty slate. There are also two appeals that still have to be decided on in CD 13 & CD 4. I am sure there were more positive things that I am not aware of.

Georgia is still a work in progress. We just need to stick with it.


A lot of the complaints were "you didn't call on me" but when someone calls for vote the question to end debate is asked and since we didn't have numbers the debate was ended over and over. There was nothing Evans could do about that. He gave people all the time in the world. 4 microphones made it messy. The other complaint was for dividing the division but tge standing votes were pretty clear. I know alot of people near me voted for Johnson becausr they loved his speech but they were establishment and K don't think you can count votes for Strickland as Paul votes. In reality they had 999 + 200 + alot of Alex's 400 which is the 2/3rds needed.

Another thought, as great as

Another thought, as great as Alex's speech was, it split the vote. Had it just been Evans and the other fellow, there might have been a runoff cause no rp supporter was voting for Evans. The fact that Evans missed his sons college graduation today was very telling and not in a good way.


The parliamentarian which was derided the whole time recommended that CD14 be thrown out and redone and the crowd overwhelmingly agreed. CD4 the appeal was thrown out.

Update from Virginia

We got 1 of 3 delegates in Northern VA's CD11.

The organizers were very accommodating and held an open recount after some of the calculations were messed up in the initial vote. We had two running for delegate and we were low on support (~25%) but we teamed up with some folks from the establishment to get one of our delegates through to the RNC.


And how did we do on the alternates? Thank you!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

We didn't have anyone running

We didn't have anyone running for alternate, but we got all 3 Ron Paul (campaign)-endorsed State Central Committee members. We also got the campaign-endorsed district chairman, who will help Cuccinelli in the 2013 governors race.

Most of the establishment candidates/nominees in VA are not Paul supporters, but they certainly aren't Romney supporters, either. This has given us some leverage in getting support for constitutional conservatives in the Commonwealth.

Georgia Update

According to information gathered on the Live Stream, the GOP favored slate has been pushed through against loud and vocal opposition and attempts to derail it through some parliamentary procedures.

It looks as though a slate that is not favorable to Ron Paul will come up for a Yea or Nay vote soon?

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Can anyone give me an update

Can anyone give me an update in GA or

PAUL WINS 12/13 national delegates ACCORDING TO TWEET!

Vive la R3VOLution!!! In Minnesotta!

In Minnesota, They are saying that RP Swept All

13 Delegates To Tampa at today's convention. Awaiting confirmation.

Ok, so it may be 12 out of 13 then. They read off the results so fast it was tough to follow.

The Minnesota Ustreamer is

The Minnesota Ustreamer is audio right now only. He's conserving power. And, if your screen freezes you need to refresh.

Watch Georgia, too. It's streaming live now.

Can someone explain

I was watching these links fine no problem earlier, but now after the video loads and plays, the page goes blank and loads. The page never continues back to the video, and if I refresh samething happens again. The address appears the same.

bump for purpose of watching conventions!

( :


Who knew watching State

Who knew watching State Conventions could be more exciting and interesting than the Superbowl or World Series (which are also enjoyable to watch too, just not as suspenseful/thrilling at times).

Have there been any TMOT sightings at the GA convention?

I'd love to see me some TMOT in action!

WHO is TMOT???

I keep seeing this, but don't know what it means.

yES, he's standing right...

next to the camera... or so I'm told.

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