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California Super Brochure Mailings are up: 172 delegates!

We're winning delegates in a tight race, but we need to take it to the next level.

Let's win the biggest prize of all, California, with its treasure-trove of delegates. RonPaulProducts and LibertyUSA PAC have joined forces to reduce costs and make the mailings available.

Mail Super Brochures to Super Voters, now!:

Delegates are awarded proportionally. That's why these mailings are so crucial. By targeting districts and getting the vote out, we win the delegates.

There are 172 delegates at stake. Let’s get them all!!

LibertyUSA PAC will saturate Super Brochure mailings to the most Paul friendly districts, specifically where he did well in the past and where he is most popular now. We have the method to win. All that is needed is your help, your donations, to achieve it.

You don't have to pick the precincts. The PAC will do it, focusing on key regions. If you wish to pick your own precincts, RonPaulProducts has announced that the precincts map will be up tonight.

Your name will not appear. The addressor will be LibertyUSA PAC

And Super Brochure mailings truly do bring out the vote. See here: http://www.dailypaul.com/...

Contribute all that you can. After you contribute, make this go viral on Twitter, Meet-up groups, facebook, and more. Do an email blast including this link.

California is a HUGE prize. Let’s win it by delivering Dr. Paul’s liberating message directly to registered Republicans’ doors.

If you need anything, let me know.

Dr. K.

1-941-962-7660 (RonPaulProducts)

Email: sales@ronpaulproducts.com


"GOP Contest Not Over for Ron Paul"

See also: http://www.dailypaul.com/...

Note: for plans to halt the election fraud see the following OP-EDs:



JOIN UP as a volunteer at www.LibertyUSApac.org, so a coordinated effort at vote confirmation can be made--volunteers needed especially in Travis County, Texas.

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These brochures helped me in my state BIG time!
President Ron Paul!



District 7

After seeing the effectiveness of the Super Brochures in other states, this is one of the things we are focusing on in CA District 7 (just outside of Sacramento). We only need to raise $2000 to buy all of our precincts and deliver a Super Brochure to each of the super voters in our district.

We've already handed out thousands door to door, but there are entire neighborhoods that haven't been hit.

If anybody is interested in helping us win our district please feel free to donate through the Chip In below.



Help us win our California District with Super Brochures by chipping in!

Just donated $50 for Super Brochure mailings!

Let's round 'em up!! We've got dedicated canvassing teams here in LA accepting more members. Be very strategic with this, for example pick Congressional districts with low numbers of registered Republicans in order to maximize the Paul to Romney ratio. All hands on deck until June 5th!!!

Bump.... slowly rising Come

Bump.... slowly rising

Come on peeps, only 50,000 for California! The money bomb got 800,000!

People set something up..

BESIDES The super brochure, the camparison charts between ron paul and mitt are WAY more effective then these brochures, which we have mailed whole states and seen slim to no results. If anything set something up real quick with Rev Pac or Liberty for all and get this going...

We are doing everything we can to win California. Please just

say something positive or say nothing. There is no way to "set something up", now, with a pac. The SB system is in place and all we need are funds. Please don't discourage people, especially since there is good data showing the opposite of what you state:



needs to be on front page

$48,500 left I will be

$48,500 left

I will be bumping this thread until June 5th


+ 25 bucks on its way!:-)


For Liberty!!!!

Bump..... We can easily reach


We can easily reach the $50,000. Email this link to everyone you know.


$10, If we all donate just a little today, then we won't miss the opportunity to mail California.


Go get them delegates!

President Ron Paul!

most active state, hopefully equals good news

where is the ticker for this anyways? I still have high hopes for TX and CA because of the proportion state rules.although, Diebold sits in the back of my mind.

OK, just made a payment.

Go California!





Keeping it bumped!


Everyone, READ THIS. All DP'ers, get behind this

The more we mail California, the more we win. Email the link to this thread everywhere; we only have until Wed. and possibly Thur. to donate:

Read this amazing testimonial:

“Dr. K…one of the biggest reasons Schuyler County hit #1 in New York State with 30% of the votes was the thousands of Super Brochures that you sent.”

This group did a combo of mailings plus canvassing.

That’s all the evidence you need.


Keep this bumped!!!GO GET THEM DELEGATES!!!

This needs to be on front page please!!




Mr. Nystrom, can you crank this up onto the front page? Your members are requesting it---California's big so it has to be seen BIG!!



Bump..... Why is this not on


Why is this not on the front page of the Dailypaul? California is very very important.

optimystic's picture


for the evening shift!

bump again

bump again

I just kicked in $250

to help get this rolling. Looks like only 21 people have donated to this mailing so far. Come on, folks.

I've also hand-delivered Super Brochures to all the registered Republicans in two precincts, and sent LibertyUSAPAC an email with their numbers, so you can take them off the list.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition, http://www.amazon.com/Most-Dangerous-Superstition-Larken-Ros...

Awesome work.... get the next

Awesome work.... get the next couple precincts now