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WE are now the target of the Insiders. How do WE fight back? *Updated*

Just got a letter from the Republican Party of Iowa asking for donations and asking me to return it within 9 days. That would have it arrive before the state convention. Coincidence? Read on.


The insiders have shifted their focus from attacking Ron Paul to attacking US. Why? Because WE are winning. Not Ron Paul, WE are.

WE are the ones that are keeping the establishment up at night. They keep throwing all of the "Paultard" epithets at us and WE keep on winning and growing.

You think THEY are afraid of a President Paul?
That's nothing compared to a Republican Party controlled top to bottom by Ron Paul Republicans. A runaway GOP gives THEM nightmares.

So what are they doing and how should we respond?

Let me summarize a little recent history:

(April 18) At the Iowa district conventions Ron Paul supporters manage to win the majority of state central committee members AND the majority of members on the state nominating committee. We won despite the fact that Ron Paul delegates did not have a majority at ANY of the district conventions.

(April 24) Rachel Maddow (prematurely) announces that Ron Paul just won Iowa. She states that Ron Paul is guaranteed 13 delegates (14 including the state chairman). She conveniently ignores little details like the fact that the delegate 'slate' still has to be approved by the state convention and that it would probably cause talk (and insure the slate's defeat) if we left Iowa's REPUBLICAN Governor off of the list. But never mind, hilarity ensues and everyone on the Daily Paul starts giveing everyone else high fives and sprains their fingers voting up the post "Rachel Maddow Talks About Ron Paul Winning Iowa!". Meanwhile Maddow has outed our committee members and set us up for a very public and humiliating defeat if we fall short of HER (unrealistic) delegate projections.

(May 5) The state nominating committee (including my wife) meets in Des Moines and produces a slate including a fair number of influential party activists and bigwigs (like Governor "If Ron Paul wins the Iowa caucuses you should ignore the results" Branstad) in addition to a smattering of "constitutional conservatives". I won't give the numbers who support Ron Paul, but it sure isn't 13. Thanks a lot, Rachel.

(May 9) The Des Moines Register comes out with an article entitled "Iowa GOP donations fall; Paul activists blamed: Members worried about direction of state party". It blames the Paulites for driving donors AND key staff members away. It implies that we will soon be driving rank and file members away too.

(May 10) I get an email announcing a meeting of 11 county chairs where they will discuss the implosion of the Republican Party of Iowa.
I post "Help! We could still LOSE Iowa. - We Need a Money Bomb."
(A similar post by someone else goes up on Ron Paul Forums.) I explain how we could lose ALL of the delegates from Iowa, setting off a chain reaction that would destroy any chance for Ron Paul's nomination AND set us back YEARS in our effort to take back the Republican Party.

(May 11 & 12) The establishment simultaneously wins delegates by pulling dirty tricks at the Arizona and Oklahoma conventions (which no one will ever hear about) and wins the public relations battle by making the "Boo's Heard Round the World" front page news.

(May 16) "RNC, Romney Campaign Will Erect 'Shadow State Party' to Bypass State GOP in Nevada". But at least Nevada has already had their state convention and the delegates have already been elected. The RNC may fight their credentials, but in Iowa they may beat us 'fair and square'.

(May 18) slickchick75 posts a reply to my "money bomb" post:

"We are having some problems here in Iowa, and it could get ugly. Bob Johnson, who is an SCC member, gave a speech in Cedar Rapids a couple of nights ago and called for a "unity slate". He believes that we need to strike the Paul slate. There's a lot of talk going on about the new SCC not doing their jobs (which is stupid, because there really hasn't been anything to do yet) and people have shifted their donations to the shadow party for Romney that is being set up through Matt Strawn and GOPAC. Our party IS suffering loss here...the Lincoln Dinner was a big disappointment. I agree that we need to show people that the Iowa GOP can raise money, but right now, the neo-cons have cut us off. We have no leverage, and if we don't raise money, we will lose our slate, and Paul will no longer have Iowa."

Folks, I don't want to suck donations away from the Ron Paul 2012. But I have to tell you, we NEED to MONEY BOMB one of OUR state parties, and SOON.
It doesn't even have to be Iowa, but it DOES have to be BIG and from US.

Brothers and Sisters, we can't win by nickel and diming a party that has gotten hooked on schmoozing fat cats for megabucks.

We have to create a paradigm shift in the thinking of the rank and file Republicans.

We have to drive a stake through the heart of the image of liberty-minded Republicans as being disruptive RINO's who only care about their cult hero, Ron Paul.

We need to show everyone (but especially the rank and file Republicans) that we know what to do with a political party once we have one.

I'm telling you, this would be huge.
This is what THEY fear the most.
This is the suckerpunch that will stop their propaganda campaign in its tracks.


Here is the link to IowaGOP.org


There is a tab for "Donate" in the right upper corner.
I just dropped a $50 to test it out. But I wish we could have a graph or something like a real money bomb and maybe a couple of days advance notice so we could hype it. Don't know how that's done.

P.S. Don't Google "iowa gop donate" or it will take you to an RNC page complete with a video of Rinse Prius.

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Bump to keep Iowa in the WIN column

What is the status on fundraising for the Iowa GOP? Are they out of the woods yet?

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

Public Relations Consulting

Must You Use PayPal?

I received a little bit of my money back from the IRS so I decided to donate my promised $20 a bit early, but the donation button uses PayPal which I absolutely will NOT use. Does anyone have a physical address for Iowa's GOP?

Hmmm.. Apparently, the address is:

Republican Party of Iowa
621 E. 9th St.
Des Moines, IA 50309

The check's in the mail ... as promised.

That IS the address.

But you CAN donate using a credit card.

BTW, any donation is appreciated.

The Virtual Conspiracy

I could be wrong, and I apologise.

I think many of us are tired of, "throwing money bombs" that seem to bomb. Especially when we've joined the GOP, petitioned for a Republican Central Committee seat and won, no help from the campaign, but allot of what becomes personal problems, as people who once liked you, don't want to talk to you because they don't want to tune into Ron Paul. Ron Paul is not on their radar and they don't care that he's not. Anyways..

Allot of us need help and we're not going to get it from the campaign. We've got the message, we want to spread that message, and the campaign isn't going to help.

I don't think it's a Trevor Lyman blimp we need either.. maybe for Tampa, but moreso, I think we need to find a wat to help each other on many levels.

1. Register voters Republican
2. Fill Republican Central Committee seats
3. Run for political offices to win
4. Afford to go to Tampa
5. Afford to stay in Tampa for the nomination
6. Afford to support efforts like Paulfest
7. Afford to support efforts like Super brochures and Alex banners
(We need more things like this. We need more entreprenuer projects, contests, so supporters/ Ron Paul Republicans, can win "cash back" or gas money, or tickets to the convention....
8. We need to work on what we are going to do after Tampa, win or lose. (My own feeling from what I am experiencing on my Republican Central Committee is the GOP is preparing to fold up shop... they just don't have the members. It's a facade being occupied by ex-Democrats/ RINO. They want to disolve the party and go into a NWO, under the UN, so we don't need a GOP. My ballot has 8 Democrats running for congress and one Republican (who is also on the American Independent ballot AKA Constitution Party, so he can get Decline to State Party/ No Prefered Party votes).

I just don't see throwing money bombs as a solution anymore. I see finding specific events and people, or actions, like making an Ad WE LIKE, not the campaign... To me, that's what we should be doing.

Let's pick a 30 second YouTube, by voting, we pick a YouTube and money bomb that to use as an ad in movie theatres, or TV spots..

Let's get a Coast to Coast Freedom Train to Tampa set up.

There is so much potential here on Daily Paul from projects, The Daily Paul Yellow Pages.. I wonder how many folks would love to get a phone call seeking their service for a project? "Hi, this is Paily Daul and we want to order 200 of your product for the Tampa RNC convention..." I'd be stoked. Let's stoke each other!!

Maybe we could buy products from Daily paul advertizers and present them as gifts to our delegates? Ron Paul earings, books, jewelweed, Berkey water filters, Midas Resources, Silver Circle, Northwest Mint, , survival kits... these patriots deserve our support.

Not sure if I follow all that but...

I didn't really see a criticism of the Iowa RPI Money Bomb in there.
"I just don't see throwing money bombs as a solution anymore."
Neither do I, IN GENERAL.

OK, I'm going to say it.
Ron Paul probably isn't going to be the GOP nominee, he probably won't run third party, he probably won't be the next POTUS.
OK, tune me out if you want, but it would be crazy not to have a fall back.

Much of what you mentioned is right on target. We DO need to register as Republicans, become and support candidates, etc.
And almost everything you mentioned would be easier WITH a successful RPI to point to AS AN EXAMPLE.

Its also going to be a lot harder with the albatross of a dying Iowa state GOP hanging around our neck.

"I just don't see throwing money bombs as a solution anymore."
Yeah, especially if they are going to suck up precious resources that could actually be used to take our country back.

"Allot of us need help and we're not going to get it from the campaign."
Of course, which is why we still need to be able to recognize and support mission critical projects like the "take over" of the RPI.

Almost everything you mentioned has some value, but everything is relative.
And I saw no head to head comparisons showing why you thought (for example) that a dollar spent supporting Daily Paul advertisers was going to more valuable than a dollar spent on THIS money bomb on THIS Memorial Day weekend.

"I just don't see throwing money bombs as a solution anymore."
No, thanks to donor fatigue and the discouragement of banging our heads against the brick wall of the presidential campaign, too many of us are just not emotionally prepared to see a great opportunity when it presents itself.

Too bad.

Too bad for ALL of us.

The Virtual Conspiracy

I'm not critcizing the money bomb.. more power to it

What is RPI? Ron Paul Iowa? Ron Paul Indy?

"...head to head comparisons showing why you thought (for example) that a dollar spent supporting Daily Paul advertisers was going to more valuable than a dollar spent on THIS money bomb on THIS Memorial Day weekend.

I know that the money going to the advertizers is supporting people who have supported Dauly Paul and the campaign. I have no idea where money bomb money is going, and to me, at this point of the election, it should be going to attorneys, parlimentarians, and anyone who can help us turn the "albatross of the GOP" into seated Ron Paul Republicans. OUR biggest problem is not being able to convince the Indys that the GOP is a MSM fabrication and ripe to be seated and take it... My RCC has 12 seats open. All we need to do is show up and we win... but people won't. And no money bomb appears to be filling those seats.

I think the GOP is going to fold after the re-selection of Obama, and then (since MSM is raggin on Obama), Obama will be blamed, as Bush was blamed, to get us into a mess/ war.

BTW, I'm still looking for a "Trevor Lyman" who knows...

... how to make this work.
I'm too computer illiterate. But I still think a Memorial Day bomb would be great.

The Virtual Conspiracy

From Red Dirt Report

Adam Bates (Oklahoma delegate) had this to say about the Oklahoma convention -

"The shenanigans I witnessed at the Oklahoma State Republican Convention a few days ago ranged from petty, to absurd, to unjust, to downright violent, irreparably damaging the legitimacy of the Oklahoma Republican Party leadership and, by extension, the Republican presidential nominating process those leaders so brazenly abused."

(Read more at http://dailycaller.com/2012/05/17/oklahoma-gop-continues-nat... )

(I still haven't heard any "official" delegate count from Oklahoma!)

Recording your proper account of history is inspiring! Thank you

    The Adventures of SpaceHabitats - DailyPaul Edition.

I appreciate you documenting your history for us to see. I sincerely support your views that we win by becoming part of our movement toward liberty, responsible governance, sound money, & more of what Ron Paul teaches. We may choose to lead, follow, or chart our own individual course. Your journey is quite an adventure. Adventure truly brings zest to life.

    The Adventures of SpaceHabitats - DailyPaul Edition
      Coming to a theater near you!!!
        Action thriller!!!
          All star cast!!!
            Where your copy is right, space has no limit!!! ©

      Be your own delegate for details. Void where prohibited.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Keep reading!

The story isn't over for sure.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Be involved, stay involved, don't be a TARD.

Be a WORKER. IF you don't like a candidate then file for a statewide issue like ending public employee unions or something and work on that.

Do that and the blue hairs will not care if you are a RP supporter or not because you are known to be a worker, not a tard.

It's really quite as simple as that. Read "How to Win Friends and Influence People."

2014 - 2016 and beyond

If they are scared of us now, just wait till 2014 when we run a new liberty candidate and take over more or their party. We are here to change our government, we are here to change our party and we are not going anywhere. We also aren't voting for Romney or your other establishment, Constitution ignoring, war mongering goons. So enjoy 4 more years of Obummer I guess after he landslides over Romney. Our gift to you for ignoring us and treating us like crap.

A question

Can the Establishment Romney people take the money we are donating (off your link) to Iowa? Is our money for sure going to strengthen the party there so they don't kick Ron Paul people out? Or will the Big Boys swoop down and take it and/or will the Republican Party seize the monies themselves, empty the account or lock it up as they've done in other states? We just need to be sure that they don't have a dirty trick up their sleeve and that we have a way to safeguard our investment into Iowa. Please answer when you can. Thanks.


You are correct, sir!

State Organizations

need to get their acts together financially as quickly as possible. In the interim, we'll help. I'll reserve $20 for this effort within the first couple days of June, i.e. about two weeks prior to the state convention....

A bump

Spacehabits. I will donate before the convention. To think all the fruit of my/our hard work could be stolen is unimaginable to me. I found this site. https://personal.paypal.com/cgi-bin/marketingweb?cmd=_render... I wonder if there is a better way to make a ticker.


so ragging on her is like ragging on The Special Olympics. (with apologies to Special Olympians) Regard her show like any ZOO and remember the signs you find there - Don't Feed The Monkeys

Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.

This is a plea for donation

This is a plea to my Daily Paul compatriots for donation ticker. I don't know how to do it but I'll see if I can google it and figure it out. That could take awhile. So could someone please help Spacehabits on this?

Where are the Goldwater

Where are the Goldwater Republicans? Did they leave? Let's bring them back! Are they all dead? Give up? We should be working with them if they still exist they have been inside the Party for a long time. http://thenextright.com/jon-henke/the-future-of-the-right


the bums out!

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!

Just started a money bomb thread

But I just got a girl in with appendicitis.
Please somebody else figure out how to get a banner,ticker,stickied, etc.
Gotta sign off.

The Virtual Conspiracy

This thread is now on

This thread is now on front-page.

When you come back, pls edit original post in this thread to put donation link info in it. Otherwise it's no good being on front-page, because the info is buried deep in the thread. Nobody is going to know it despite the thread itself being on front-page. (Being thread creator, only you have ability to edit your original post. Apart from moderators, of course.)

Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!


C'mon all you DP/RP-Techs.
Somebody please get a ticker going?
I'll throw in FIFTY BUCKS...FIFTY FRNs...$50!
In ANTICIPATION of you wonderful people in DP Land. THANK YOU!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

reedr3v's picture

Bump for techs, please


Bump 4 Techs Please!

Thank you!..and furthermore:

Republican Party of Iowa
Employer: retired, Occupation: musician, Phone Number:
$50.00 $50.00
Add special instructions to the seller:Mitt Romney is NOT the Voice of the PEOPLE..RON PAUL 2012
Total: $50.00 USD

Good Luck MrSpace..I've delivered a coupla kids myself.
This one is a liberty baby!!!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

I think

the neocons know this is the last major republican election that they will control. They really really didn't want Rand in the senate. What I find hilarious is that we are the minority voting block in the GOP, but we now control elections. Not just the general election, but senate and house elections. State seats, in some states we could swing governor elections. I know the establishment gets this, but by breaking the rules, shutting paul supporters out at conventions, they are sealing their own fate in Nov. Change is hard, but for contract hungry neocons, it just might cause some strokes come nov.

The Truth shall set us free, shine the light

My Republican Central Committee has 8 members. It should have 20. Most members NEVER show up. Most meetings it's me and the chair and one other person, who I get the idea, the chair calls this person, because it pisses them off that I show up. If it wasn't for me showing up, ALL business would be conducted over the net snd phone by them.

My county has 5 districts. It so happens that my district has all the seats full by people who don't show up. Other districts have no one. Three districts who should have 4 people, have one, that never shows up.

Our problem is Ron Paul Republicans are not showing up.

The few who are showing up are facing the Neocons who have the power by lying, cheating, stealing, bluffing, whinning, everything but playing fair, and we could take them, if Ron Paul Republicans would just start showing up.

So until we convince people to get off the Daily paul for a few hours and go to their Republican Central Committee meetings, we'll just have to continue to hold the front line, being accused of what we are victims of.

We should be graduating from Meetup to the GOP.

"The nail that sticks out will be hammered down."

"Our problem is Ron Paul Republicans are not showing up."
You are so right. It is frustrating when you see how simple this could be if people would just dedicate a small part of there time constructively.
This isn't rocket science.
In some ways taking over is the simplest part.

But it does take patience, a strong stomach, and BEING THERE.

(Thank you, Granger, for being one of those that will 'be there'.)

But since we HAVE been able to put it all together here in Iowa, THEY would LOVE to see us fall flat on our face. But they won't wait to let us trip, they will shove us. They ARE shoving us.

"The nail that sticks out will be hammered down."

The Virtual Conspiracy

It does take patience

I've been placing Ron Paul signs, and while I haven't seen one Romney sign, I run into little handmade Ron Paul signs.

I wish whoever was placing the little signs would show up to the RCC meetings. How do I tell them? How do I reach them?

Thank you for being you spacehabits and congratulations on that win in Iowa. It's surreal isn't it? It's like living in a seperate reality from everyone else.

You can lead a horse to water....

"How do I tell them? How do I reach them?"

I wish I knew. Sometimes you just have to lead by example.
Again, I think it comes back to the parable of sowing seeds. Some falls on hard ground.
The people who have caught a glimpse may want freedom, but are not motivated enough to go to meetings or become delegates. Sometimes you have to go to their house and pick them up in your car and take them to a caucus just so they can vote.

The Virtual Conspiracy