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Not Just Republicans Disenfranchising Voters And Delegates

Just saw this article on The Daily Caller. A Democratic candidate challenging Obama in next week's Arkansas primary is threatening an upset which could gain him delegates, but the Democratic party is trying to deny him the delegates which he supposedly qualified for by paying the fee. Further proof that there really is no difference between the two parties.

"Democratic officials are trying to sideline President Barack Obama’s Arkansas rival, John Wolfe, who is running a close second in the state’s Fourth District before the May 22 open primary.

Party spokeswoman Candace Martin told The Daily Caller May 18 that Wolfe can’t get any delegates — regardless of the vote count — because he did not file critical documents on time.

Wolfe dismissed Martin’s claim, saying the party accepted his $2,500 registration fee March 1 for the primary. “They’re not going to get away with it, because the courts won’t put up with it,” said Wolfe, who is a lawyer.

“It will be a summer of litigation. … I hate to do it against my own party, but they’re acting as if this guy [Obama] is some kind of emperor.”

The announcement is really meant to “tamp down turnout, but it won’t work,” Wolfe told TheDC."

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