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What is the source of all happiness?

The recognition of one’s innate Divinity, and the regulation of one’s daily life in accordance with that Truth are the guiding stars for those who are caught in the currents of strife and struggle. Without that Self-Knowledge life becomes a farce, a mockery! Acquiring this awareness of the Self makes life earnest, sweet and fruitful. Many people are not aware of this noble goal in the pilgrimage of life. They put their faith in things outside themselves and plan to derive joy from and through them, and end up experiencing pain and disaster. Know that all joys spring only from the heart within you. When you experience joy from worldly objects or people, realize that it is your own joy being reflected back to you.
Sai Baba

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Freedom from coercion

Liberty, that is what I say.

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Sittin' on the porch...

on a breezy warm spring day playing guitar. :)

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Answer: Knowing who you really are and Living it.


fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

Im reminded of the interview with John Lennon

where he relates a childhood memory of his mother telling him at age 5 that "Happiness is the key to life".
He goes on to say that when later, in school, he is asked of his headmaster what he wants to be when he grows up, he answers "Happy". The headmaster rebukes; "You don't understand the question."
To which John replies; "You don't understand life."


Thought you was gonna say "drugs".

haha -

yeah the drug of love, friendship and freedom.

I am not reading anything here except the OP title

I will read the thread tomorrow... I just wanted to answer the question posed...

Q: What is the source of all happiness?

A: Love
(which means truly understanding what love is)

just my 2cents


hahahaha =D
In my NOT reading the thread, I didn't realize I was the first to answer ----> until I clicked on the save button lol

well then, I will read the OP later then =P
have a good weekend all