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"Man's mind,once stretched by a new idea,never regains its original dimensions." _Oliver Wendell Holmes US author

Anyone aware of how things actually work supports Ron Paul. We must assume the others are unaware of very important facts. I won't go into detail.

I refuse to believe they are as evil as the machine they benefit.

Do we have a mode of education in regards to the other delegates?

Just something I've been wondering.

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Love the quote

Id say the first step has to be a human dissatisfaction with television. Naturally we have the curious minds already. There may be a small group of curious who never knew they were curious about liberty but their numbers will come once our numbers grow from those growing dissatisfied with the Television.

TV ratings are plummeting and people are realizing that they are being shoveled bullshit. It will take time but once the convention comes and if things are still "normal" then, I think our movement will get a hard look.

There are so many factors involved now that Mitt has decided to play dirty. This "Shadow Nevada GOP" scares the daylights out of me. Even though the Republican party is not a government entity its membership is government oriented. And in a party duopoly it would be impossible to influence public opinion without infiltrating one or the other.

My greatest belief in helping to stretching mens minds is simple
1 Smile
2 Be educated
3 Have a burning conviction for the cause
4 Dont be overbearing always remember flys love honey not vinegar


Tv is enemy number one.