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Congress May Reverse Ban On Domestic Distribution Of Propaganda Material

Remember the good ol’ days, when you went to the movie theaters and got to see a short propaganda reel before the main feature? Well, now our propaganda may no longer be relegated to films like Battleship, because an amendment added to a new defense bill will reverse a long-standing ban on disseminating propaganda materials in the United States. Supporters of the amendment argue that such propaganda is needed to combat propaganda being spread online by al-Qaeda.

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Glad to see someone else sees battle ship for what it is

Ditto for act of valor

Heck, even the avengers had a big usa protect israel scene. Who else caught that?


A ban on distribution of propaganda in the United States? Don't these guys watch the news? Eliminate the propaganda, and there isn't anything left!


is a figment of their imaginations, and nothing more than a fear-mongering tool now.

Wouldn't be surprised if they used the propaganda against liberty...

Tales of Vesperia - Resolution of the People ~ from 'Ring a Bell'

a fear-mongering tool now.

al queida means " the base" or my HOME place

when USA went into Afghanistan and mossad was, as usual, running the show many poor shepherds got rounded up while in town and sent to an interrogation location. They spoke no English but when repeatedly asked where they were from and who they were working for all they could say was their home was at " the base" up in the mountains

They just wanted to go HOME to their BASE where their families and herds were

cia & mossad used that begging to GO HOME to the BASE al queida as PROOF of a major terrorist base up n those mountains

repeated use in very PR report has made it global for terrorist
organization which never existed except inthe fantasies of the Intn'l Arms DEALERS and those minds that invent Captain Marvel
and demand a jew be featured in MADMEN program which depicts a time when jews still changed their names and kept a low progile on Mad Ave and Wall St

These minds are also the follywood players so any word can be turned into an international subversive terrorist army

just dont believe anything that is in msm/follywood/DC beltway blather.

ITS ALL LIES to craft the next war for their profits and control.


Pagans are tolerant by NATURE.

Since the domestic mass-media

has been nothing but a continuous stream of propaganda for many years, one could argue that there has never been any propaganda ban in existence.

Already Here

Ever watch one of the numerous law enforcement dramas on TV? Terrorism episodes are on the rise and more and more Iranians are involved. I'm becoming a movie buff. I think I want to see Dark Shadows, lol

On some great and glorious day, the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last and the White House will be occupied by a downright fool and complete narcissistic moron.