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Obama Kenyan Connection Evidence (you can has link-repositorie)

I can end most of this thread's strife in 31 seconds:

Here is the article that flared this up again:

The tacit defense to this (and the publisher's official excuse) was that it was a typo. Here is a 2004 article with the same typo:

It's not a typo.

A press interview with AZ sheriff Joe Arpaio's office. 84 minutes. Well worth watching. Living in AZ for 20 years, this might be the only thing Arpaio has done that I'm completely behind. Interviews with one of the analysts and a discussion of the file that the White House posted.

Alan Keys giving a straight-up rant, and that reporter isn't snickering today:

The onus is now on *Obama* to prove the *birthers* are wrong.
Otherwise, logic and respect for law will compel you to the conclusion that the president's name is (if anything) Joe Biden.

Please post your links and make copies of the ones you don't have. I cannot estimate the impact I've had in three days, but it's been large. Immediate conversions away from Obama, and immense gains in credibility on related issues if you withstood their scorn for holding this position 4 years ago.

Any Obama supporters you encounter... make them choose.

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Mistakes can happen

It was probably a simple mistake.
Once I filled out an employment application and in the block where it asked where I was born...I mistakenly wrote western Yuopondong China. I did this on applications for about 20 years and then remembered I was actually born in North Carolina. I also used several different SS#'s and spent all my inheritance preventing anyone from viewing my records. LOL

Breitbart link

I tried the Breitbart article's link and I got "Error 404-Not Found"....has this article been pulled??

SPC Haas
82nd Airborne Infantry Division
2/504 P.I.R.

Ron E(a)RNEST Paul
truth is his middle name!


I just formatted it improperly. Is fixed now.

I Dont Know Why I Did It

This morning..I was flipping through the tv..trying to find something worth watching..hard to do these days..anyway..I stopped on FOX NEWS..Sean Hannity.
A woman was on the street asking questions to people about the info that came out in the book about Obama.
One question was...What do you think about the fact Obama 'did blow'?
There where a few other questions...it was 50/50..some where worried..others where not..even on the Marxist issue.
What got me was the panel Hannity had where all asking why none of this came to light until now?
If I could have reached through tv and bitch slapped them all and screamed YOU IDIOTS..WE'VE KNOWN IT FOR YEARS..YOU BLACKED IT OUT CAUSE YOU WAS BUSY KISSING HIS ASS I would have.
Hannity needs a nice backlash reminder (in his email..on his FaceBook/Twitter pages) about the danger of media blackouts when it comes to the truth.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina