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Politico: The Ron Paul Revolution Rolls On!

By Maggie Haberman and Emily Schultheis | Politico
May 19, 2012

Despite suspending active campaigning this week in upcoming primary states, Paul went to Minnesota on Friday night to deliver a speech before the state’s Republican convention as it chooses its delegates to the national one in Tampa this summer. The Minnesota meeting is just one in a string of state party conventions that have seen the Texas congressman’s backers infiltrate their top ranks and nab delegates.

In what amounts to public pleading with his passionate supporters, Paul’s campaign has made clear that he wants them to tamp down the rhetoric, and to be respectful of Mitt Romney at the national convention in August when Romney is crowned the GOP nominee. That isn’t sitting well with some Paulites, who have made their anger clear on message boards and in videos over the past week.

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Also from the article,

"Since Paul effectively declared the end of his campaign, missives posted on the fan page DailyPaul.com have been brutal about Paul national campaign chairman Jesse Benton, who declared, to some supporters’ disgust, that the retiring congressman simply can’t mathematically secure the GOP nomination. Benton has pleaded for “decorum” from Paul’s notoriously raucous backers, who drowned out Dick Cheney with boos at CPAC in 2010 and greeted Josh Romney with similar disdain at the Arizona convention last weekend."

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Don't Give That Mainstream Whore Politico Your Click-Through!!

They mock us and degrade us..are you really going to give their site more traffic?!

"be respectful of Mitt Romney at the national convention in August when Romney is crowned the GOP nominee"...they are telling you...'We the elite, who control the media pick the nominee'

We need to starve them of any attention...ratings of major media are plummeting..we need to put the worthless pieces of trash out business (let them go try crawling to their pimp daddies. Let's see what happens when their pimp daddies no longer get FRNs from the Federal Reserve..WHEN WE CLOSE IT DOWN!)

Susie 4 Liberty's picture

Well, first - a question... What's going on here?

POLITICO Breaking News
NRC Chairman Gregory Jaczko has resigned.

Susie 4 Liberty

Susie 4 Liberty's picture

NEVER MIND... the l m n o p 's got me

Has to do with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission...

Susie 4 Liberty

They are

airing all our dirty laundry.

No hits for Politicrap

What a shame we're all catching on; and slowly but surely less clicks, less clicks, they die the miserable ignorant death they deserve. =D
Everytime you click you fund their lies.
Stop letting Corporate media sell lies to your children.

We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.
-George Orwell

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We MUST be winning...no more room on Drudge

for his favorite poster-boy, Romney. Not that I go there anymore, maybe once a week just to see what kind of flames he's fanning.

Drudge Who?

I get most of my news from the Daily Paul and Infowars.com Who is Drudge?


Come on guys...post some comments on Politico. Let them know we're not giving up.

Hell no

Not giving the msm any more hits than I have to they all disgust me. Even the so called positive news stories have nothing but blatant disregard for him.

just post Paul's speech from yesterday evening


it's irresistible imo.

Just for the record the claim of boos against the Romney heir:

It's a crock of lies. Ian, an Arizona delegate, reported that there were no boos from the Paul camp whatsoever. It was a non-Paul faction which did it.

Just like the Bunny Ranch, Huntsman 'Commie1, and the rest of the hit pieces.

The truth...

Here's the indisputable proof that Romney's son was NOT booed off stage by Ron Paul supporters. He received a respectful applause when he 'officially' finished his speech... But when he moments later 'remembered one last thing' and promoted his dad's officially endorsed slate, in blatant violation of the rules, he was rightfully booed and denounced...


Rand Paul 2016 for Peace


Because it was used against us it would have been better if no one clapped and just ignored his comment and not booed.

We want conventions to go smoothly for us the Ron Paul supporters regardless of what comments the establishments make.

It wasn't us.

It was from other factions on the floor.


As the article goes on, the author goes from "suspending active campaign in upcoming primary states", to "effectively ending presidential campaign", to "effectively dropping out of the race". Hmmm, while it tries to be a positive article, it comes off completely passive aggressive. It seems as Tampa crawls closer, the establishment's worries are becoming more apparent.

Did we cross into a parellel universe last night?

A decent Ron Paul piece in Politico? Surely not!

cross into a parellel universe SURE DID !

We are within the circle of energy of the Annular Solar Eclipse

Three days prior and three days after is having effects
it will cause much more CHANGE now and for the next six months

roller coaster rides without buying any tickets!

also VENUS is doing a 26,000 year transit Bringing LIGHT as Venus is also LUCIFER the "Bringer of the Dawn" or Enlightenment

VENUS Phosphorous and VENUS Hesperus
Before and after the SUN to guide him across the firmament

Minds and hearts are opening up now. :)


The Universe Setting the Count Down Begining Saturday 20th May




Pagans are tolerant by NATURE.

Were going to have to go there

and educate some of these folks in the comment section. Many are regurgitating the "I like Ron Paul's economic ideas, but he thinks Amurrrica deserved 9/11 and wants Iran to have nukes".