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We are making them show their hand! Gaining transparency!

One of the major advantages of supporting Ron Paul is that we are changing the political rhetoric from a bunch of nonsense to hard truths.

Ron Paul's debates, speeches, interviews (and the interest it causes) made neocons talk in favor of or against those things. Typically, they spoke in favor of them, trying to tell us what we want to hear...trying to hijack Ron Paul's message as they hijacked the Tea Party.

However, we also are forcing their hand on issues that they can't take Ron Paul's view...specifically, foreign policy. They are finding they can't get away with just throw shallow slogans at us. So they upped their fear-mongering...but that didn't stick. So now they are becoming more honest about their world order intentions.

Both parties are now releasing books openly discussing world order and the USA's leadership place. These books are merely launching pads from which Obama and Romney will create talking points that the media will back up.

World Order book by neoliberals: The Secret American Dream: The Creation of a New World Order with the Power to Abolish War, Poverty, and Disease

World Order book by neocons: The World America Made

Notice both books refuse to call our country by its proper name: United States of America. That's part of how we lose our identity...and move toward a world order.

Anyway, the neoliberal book focuses mostly on how world order (the book calls it "world state") all the humane benefits to the people: no poverty, global infrastructures for energy, education, medicine, emergency response, etc. Additionally, the book displayed dozens of Obama's speeches discussing world statehood. The author, Nicholas Hagger, explains the breathtaking plan formulated by President Obama and his inner circle to extend the American Dream to all humanity (by force), who will one day live together in peace and prosperity – under the presumably benevolent rule of a World State initiated by the United States and presumably founded on American values.

Meanwhile the neocon book was written by Robert Kagan, Romney's "favorite" advisor. The book focuses mostly on how world order will stop all the bad people: terrorists...and force inferior cultures to change to our superior ways. In an interview yesterday, the author, Kagan, used the movie, It's a Wonderful Life, to create the imagery of what would happen if the USA never existed. As if the USA were as benevolent as George Bailey.

Kagan actually said that it is good that the US is policing the world. This is what I meant earlier when I said they are being forced to change their rhetoric. Before, they would say policing the world was bad and not the USA's they are saying that. Further, Kagan and neocon interviewers say that it is good that the US doesn't just police the world, it is good to replace governments that aren't cohesive with the world order. They wouldn't come out and say that this is imperialsim, but soon they will!!!

Here's Kagan and neocon propagandist Michael Medved:

Here's Kagan and neolib propagandist Steve Colbert:

Both support this new approach to discussing foreign policy: their honest opinion....FINALLY, some honesty!

Thank you Ron Paul.

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