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Give us our $36,000,000 back: summary judgement against the vote riggers

You know the game is rigged. There is no need to go into the endless examples. The only logical approach is to do something about it.

LibertyUSA PAC has the plan. But your participation is essential.

Here’s what we do:

• massively get out the vote in key districts of the upcoming primaries
• count the vote ourselves in these districts/precincts
• certify the votes on-site with notarized paper ballots (affidavits)

The system for this is already in place through the mass mailing of the SB in key districts of Texas and Arkansas, heavy grassroots canvassing in South Dakota, and the much-need heavy mailing in key parts of California (we have not achieved the latter yet but need to). The vote counting system is also in place through www.ronpaulvotecount.org.

We need:

* vote monitors/counters in Arkansas
* vote monitors/counters in Texas
* vote monitors/counters in California

Once we prove the rigging, we file a judgement for damages, which is massive. The judgement should be for at least 36 million, the money we’ve spent to fight this rigged game, perhaps far more. It’s summary judgement based upon undeniable proof, known as res judicata: it stands for itself!

Help LibertyUSA PAC get out the vote in California. Then, help COUNT the vote in specific, pre-arranged districts.

We know we have the numbers. So, let’s prove it. Once we catch the riggers in the act, we’ll file suit.

We have circumstantial evidence. We have some virtually hard evidence. But what we really need is hard-core evidence, the kind that is court-certifiable.

Vote rigging in the primaries by altering the actual vote count is a criminal offense. If the evidence is proven, no one can get away with it.

The focus? Texas, California, South Dakota, and possibly a few key regions in Arkansas.

For now, it is necessary to keep the specific wards, where the vote will be meticulously counted, secret.

In South Dakota efforts will be hopefully be coordinated with their PAC.You know what happened in Milwaukee, how the city shut down their election results after they were served. See for yourself how the City pulled down all results:

Since the Board is uncooperative, it will soon be hit with another service.

Who will join LibertyUSA PAC in this effort? We need to organize it, immediately.

To donate to the California Super Brochure mailing go here:

To volunteer go here:

To strategize this further or for any help, feel free to call (only available Saturday, May 19 for now, otherwise on tour till Friday). Hey, why not, we could split up all the money between all the activists on the DailyPaul.


Dr. K.
Cell: 1-847-875-6164
Land-line (assistant): 1-800-295-3737, drkresearch@hotmail.com

"I wish some people would--whatever they could document" - Ron Paul regarding investigating and proving election fraud.

See also the thread on California Super Brochure Mailings: http://www.dailypaul.com/234749/win-california-delegates-now...

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Note: there are some counties in Texas and Arkansas

which were heavily saturated with SB mailings. It is essential to place vote counters in the key precincts within these counties. The purpose of this post is to identify Ron Paul supporters who will count (and, therefore, guard) our votes.

In Alabama tens of thousands of Paul votes were purged. The same was true of South Carolina.

Can anyone imagine the quantity of votes which will be culled in Texas and California?

Vote rigging won't stop unless we stop it. Just like the GIs did in the Battle of Athens in McCinn County, Tennessee.

+ 1

Bump for activism.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

How do we go about getting

How do we go about getting rid of the black box machines??

How do we make them have a precinct count, I mean if we can spend the time to go there and cast our vote and we have a designated voting location, it only makes sense to finish the job and count the ballots at this location first.

For a fair and honest election we must DEMAND:

Paper Ballots
local counting in front of verified party members R. D. I. and anyone who participated in voting there that day who wants to witness the counting, video taping is encouraged.

Independant websites run by said parties are who the results are reported to. No more Corporate News channels calling the election at 7:01 based on exit polls of 2022 voters across the state. We will know as the results trickle in from being counted on a local level.

Here's how to get rid of the machines...

Arrive early to vote. Bring a big, powerful magnet. Rub it all over the machine. The machine is dead.

If anyone should know how to trick a machine...

it should be Tesla LOL

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

There are many choices

We need to push the issue at local levels to decommission the current machines, many other companies have offered cheaper open source machines and give us full access to inspect and certify.

Just by removing fluoride from local water supplies would create the funds to buy new machines that prints a receipt

A paper ballot is also saved as backup for a recount.

like everything else more definitive evidence is needed, we need to get some of these machines privately tested.

Americans must lose confidence in our current system for it to change.

Yes, but if we just mobilize ourselves and count the votes

We surely have the numbers of supporters to do it. It is not difficult to do at all.

Key precincts are selected. Supporters are put in place. And the a count is procured of the exiting Ron Paul voters. Very basic.

The call is for volunteers to step up to the plate.

I've done it. And where the nearly 8 hour exit poll I conducted was concluded, Dr. Paul won, 101 votes to 81 for Romney and 81 for Santorum (those were the final numbers according to the election board).

Again, it's not difficult at all. We just have to do it. And why not get some hard proof that we are being cheated?

Tell me how

you're going to prove fraud on the e voting machines and how you're going to get access to them, even to try. As for affidavits, they only show our votes. How are you going to accurately compare ours to theirs? How are you even going to get all of our votes on paper? We can't win w/and RPF.

The primaries are their game and Ron quit playing it. It's the only smart response.

already talked to the legal people. It is not that difficult

all that is necessary is to find more voters than the machine registers. Then, you have the basis for fraud. It is not necessary to find the proof in the machine, although that would be exceedingly helpful.

Plus, Dr. Paul is on record saying he "wishes somebody would do something about" the rigging as he has the congressional work to do and a campaign to run.

That somebody is us.

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My voting place will only have about 400 voters

Is it too small to watch with exit polls, etc.?

Any district/precinct over 300 voters are the ones to watch

The data analyzed thus far show that. So, yes, yours should be counted. It's just that the ones with the highest amount of voters are even more subject to rigging.

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Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.


I wish more people would put time into getting these electronic voting machines out of our election process..We all know they are bogus, and even if the few who don't think they are bogus, still have to agree that the voting of our presidents should always be transparent for all to see..I will stand and count votes in California..I live in Redding, Not exactly sure how many voters we'll have in my area, but I'm counting anyway, and we are getting our meet-up group to cover all polls, if possible..I personally feel, that this is the most important thing we can do for the movement right now as we are getting the shaft with these retarded machines