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Would the VP spot be helpful or harmful for the revolution in the GOP.

Something we should at least discuss. The VP is an elected official, president of the senate, and a major fundraiser for the political party. Personally, I say fuck'em. The GOP is going down Nov if Paul is not at the top of the ticket. Thoughts?

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The choice to become VP is up to Dr. Paul. Dr. Paul as VP does not sound like a good idea because it would place him beside a man he does not agree with on many issues. In the end Romney would follow the Bush-Obama agenda.

I would support Ron as the

I would support Ron as the VP. It would place him above the Senate and he would heavily influence politics for four more years in the 2nd highest position.

I support Ron Paul

in whatever he chooses to do.

Who knows, maybe Romney will be prosecuted or run over by a bus. This is 2012 after all and anything could happen.

If Ron Paul chooses to fight the empire from within the system I am all for it. Not that I think that is the only fight that will be needed, not at all, we all have to fight the evil matrix and we need to go where Ron Paul can't go and reveal all the inconvenient truths.

We all have jobs to do and we all must do our duty.