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Keep your eyes on the prize *video


I had this Springsteen cover tune in my head this week, and with the emotional roller coaster that many have been on, I think it doesn't hurt to remind ourselves to keep our eyes on the prize. The prize is LIBERTY. Not the presidency, not anything else. LIBERTY.

The moment that we make the presidency or any other THING the prize, we stop being effective in bringing about liberty. We start fighting with each other rather than fighting the enemy. We stop putting in the effort that has brought the prize within view; something that we couldn't have possibly imagined just a decade ago.

The prize will only be won with an unrelenting, tireless slog. And the slog will only be possible if our eyes are fixed on the prize.

Get off the roller coaster called "Will Ron Paul be President". He may be. I sincerely hope he will be. I think it would accelerate the march towards liberty. But it is not the prize.

Greetings from Canada ~