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MN: Ron Paul Delegates defeated?

Sorry if this was already addressed in other posts/comments. I'm sort of catching up on the latest?

Did Ron Paul really loose in MN? I searched for news in MN and Ron Paul and saw this blog?


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CHANGE This Title Dominic_Stan

Or be considered an infiltrator.
Ball's in your court sonny.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!


If you call 12/13 delegates and 13/13 alternets losing. But that would make you a idiot!

That is great.

We are Winning!

Ron Paul is My President

Think about putting a non-biased spin on your title,

or a positive one. Hopefully you'll get the response that's more lively.

"MN: Ron Paul Fighting Hard for Delegates" for instance?

"For Life, For Liberty, and For Freedom, OUR MOVEMENT IS ONE... And We Will Change The Course of History!!"

yes indeed.

change the title. It's good news.

Ron Paul is My President

got em

12.out of thirteen


We got 12 out of 13 at large delegates? Awesome. Add that to our 21 CD delegates.

Yep, I just left the MN convention.

I can confirm 33/40 delegates will be representing Dr. Paul in Tampa!

MN delegates

Im a sitting delegate and the results are...
Just coming in