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The true delegate count and a question

Good afternoon,
I downloaded the GOP Unbound delegate tracker for iPad a couple of months ago. Lately Paul has been picking up quite a bit of steam. Romney keeps losing Delegates in the projected totals while Paul keeps winning. As of right now it appears Romney will fall short in Tampa. I am attaching a photo and I was wondering if anyone can attest to the accuracy of these predictions.



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This count is not reliable

It is based off how much a candidate is mentioned on twitter, it is not a proper delegate count in any form www.thereal2012delegatecount.com go there for the real count!

My first Ron Paul video, it has had a great response!

The tracker includes extremely biased projections

Go by actual delegate counts, which we may not know for sure until August!


That count makes no sense.

What is really going to matter is this:

Start at zero for each guy. Once a state convention is held, add people to the appropriate columns, according to their loyalties. Projected numbers from news site are not going to matter this time.