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WE Need to pressure the RNC

I am sick of these state shenanigans. LA really cheated us out of the election last time, and now they are going to unseat elected delegates? Different state GOP's are employing tricks against the rules--will National not punish them? I am not sure. Seems like the CHAIR of the RNC is breaking rules! THIS is not what the members want. Should we call them and say there are a "few hundred" people who want a meeting with them? I think we need to talk! I will drive and take 3 more from AR..

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Teddy Roosevelt said it best:

Talk softly but carry a big stick.

We will be pleasant and friendly at all times, and give them every possible chance to play fair, within the rules with us.

We will go out of our way to LEAD BY EXAMPLE like Ghandi would tell us to do; so that the misguided individuals voting for Robme can't help but admire us.

We must do this all the way up to Tampa... And up through the 1st vote at least...

But the moment the GOP tries to steal the Nomination away from Paul in Tampa, NO MORE MR. NICE GUY.

They get the stick.

A la 1776, baby.


Militant style or diplomatic, which way to go?

There is a time and place for certain strategies. I believe the militant style is not the way to go.

It's a numbers game, a wolf pack. It's just the surrounding would gain momentum for followers with an aggressive intellectual diplomatic approach.

If you have numbers, you have a great start.

Does your town and county have monthly meetings and/or events? If not, verify and keep records. Then hold your own Republican events. The goal is that you want to "help" the Republican party. You want to help make it better.

County, State and National Party Rules and the Party platform. The rules are simple, the preamble in national rules is what we are, not them.

Have consistent monthly events that the Republicans get invited to. Use their meetings to announce and hand out fliers of your events that "help grow the Republican party".

It's about proving the we are the loyal Republicans.

Tightening the noose on them comes from asking transparency questions concerning their behavior. this needs to be done - friendly. Have fun doing this. Remember, those status quo sheeple Republicans that attend the meetings have a lot of power. The Republicans in your county follow these people. Get your names on these people tongues and the influence will happen.

This is a grinding out running game in the trenches not a grand slam.

Research, plan, execute. All needs patience.

Keep the big picture in mind.

The big picture is that the RNC promised Romney the nomination for 2012, in exchange for getting out of the way and jumping on the John McCain train in '08. That's the reason for all the fraud, collusion, party-hack shenanigans, and the reason the GOP will appear to go out of their way to break their own rules.
This entire primary cycle is, in the RNC/Team-Romney view, just a formality.

-If they could have skipped the primary and just coronated Romney as the official Republican nominee, then you better believe that they would have, as this was a done-deal for the RNC for 4 years now.

It explains why the RNC is putting out such a weak, weak candidate this year. Not because they want Obama to win, but because this was sealed with a hand-shake in some cigar-smoke filled room ~4 years ago.
Why else would the RNC be backing a candidate that
will not even be able to criticize Obama on bloody Obamacare, of all things???
You see, whether or not the Democrats or Republicans won in 2008, the 1st-tier PTB (who control the RNC/DNC) were intending to bring forward a socialized-medicine-its-good-for-the-children bill either way. As soon as the (2nd tier) GOP-strategists saw that the (future) mandate would be unpopular, they pulled Romney(care) out and put forward Bush v3.0 (NEW!) (“now with a girl!”). You see here is:
#### the hierarchy ####
~~~~~at the top~~~~~
—The global banksters, who could less who's president (since they've chosen the choices).
—The party-specific power-brokers. The Reince Priebuses of the world. These people have some power, and really want their team to win.
—The presidential candidate, could care less about party. It is their greed/entitlement which is manipulated by the banksters.
~~~~~at the bottom~~~~~
—Local players/hacks and also journalists. Pawns/cogs in the machine.
—The rest.
=> you could wind it up and watch this game unfold.
(please notice, also, that Ron Paul doesn't fit into the above categories, and is, as such, a wrench thrown into the gears of their system...)

Well, if you are right (and

Well, if you are right (and you probably are) I can just say two things:

1: We should not let them do it easily. We should let them know it is not our choice, is unjust, and ask them WHY they are doing this.
2. Get ready for them to do the same with Santorum, then, in a few years.
This must end, before our country is GONE....

This is what being "respectful" gets you

If we allow them to steal AZ, they will take LA ....if we allow them to take back LA, they will undo our victory in ME and MA and where ever the hell else we have won.

...and thanks to all the trolls on here that have been fear mongering with their elaborate tales of what the gop has in store for anyone who dare get in the way we now have bunches of supporters unwilling to stand in front of this cowardly GOP machine.

Seriously people, they will take only what we let them, they are the cowards and will back down once they realize the juice ain't worth the squeeze for them.

Pay attention to the fear mongers on here, they are the real trolls.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

And what do you then suggest, genius?

The RNC is a private organization. Election rules don't apply to them. So if you get out your lawyers, you'll never be able to convict them. And even if you happen to convict them, results will only be obtained after 2-4 years. Far too late to be of any use to us. Not to mention that prosecuting them costs a ton of money. We aren't Goldman Sachs. All the money we managed to gather was just enough just to fund the campaign. In reality, the campaign needed even more money than we were able to raise in order to truly compete with Romney.

Now, I wouldn't mind ATTACKING them if you actually had a credible plan to WIN. Because you see, I'm in this to win it. I'm not in this to attack with losing as the prospect. Show me a credible plan to win and I'll be the first to follow. Because if you can't, it's just recklessness and frustration that's your motivation. Not courage. Courage acknowledges what we are up against. You are ignoring how rigged the game is and how much ways they can screw us over.

As I see it, the only way to win, is to slowly replace those hacks over time. Since prosecuting doesn't work, only perseverance in getting those positions of authority will work. And the way I see it, we already tried the direct attack by calling for Priebus's resignment over rule 11. Guess what happened: it BOMBED. It only resulted in a bigger blowback without giving us any strategic advantage whatsoever. It was a predictable outcome and the people in question simply thought the RNC would simply roll over. NAIVE.

Now if you have a better idea than the above, post away. I would sure as hell LIKE to be wrong.

@jonat3: What you're saying is incorrect

Election laws do apply to them AND they're NOT a private organization, they are what is called: a political committee, and their actions fall under the purview of the FEC. There have been SCOTUS cases on this topic, especially w/r/t/ the 14th Amendment's Equal Protection Clause.
If you are going to be a smart-ass, then at least be right.

If that were true, it would be great

But almost every thread I've seen discussing the subject has stated that the RNC and DNC were private organizations. And I've read that people tried prosecuting them before, without much success. If you can refer me to a thread or credible link that states otherwise, I would be much obliged.

Edit: Just to make clear, I wasnt the one that started calling people trolls. Atleast he gets to be called a genius, which is mighty fine compared to a troll.

Sure- thats a common myth around here

Just because alot of people say something, does not make it a fact!
Heres a thread of mine, providing some historical background on national/state political committees:

Thanks for the link

I'll start reading now.

Genius ?

Glad you decided to preface your statement with an insult, it spared me the qualification process.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

Hey, be happy.

Atleast you get to be called a genius, instead of a troll, which just happened to be what you are calling people who simply disagree with you.


You didn't simply disagree with me, you insulted me... as opposed to simply and respectfully expressing your opposing opinion. I never suggested that you were a troll, stop projecting silly.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

What I don't like

is the careless use of the word troll. Even if you didn't direct it at me, it's simply sloppy to just label anyone who disagrees with you a troll.

I understand you got strong feelings about this. Heck, I imagine some of us having dreams acting like Dick Cheney and hunting some RNC officials. But don't be carelessly labeling any dissenting opinion a troll. Misguided would be more acceptable (though of course, I would disagree with that).

Wrong again

you find offense with my careless use of the word troll, yet seemingly have no problem "carelessly" accusing "some of us" of plotting such a unspeakable acts of violence. Paul supporters are good people, they don't attack fellow supporters with mean spirited name calling and opprobrium. We also do not advocate violence, certainly we do not take the liberty of putting those words into the mouths of others around here.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

You say me calling you a genius is name calling?

Now I've really heard everything. Calling people trolls is more akin to namecalling than is being called a genius. Being called a genius is AN EXPRESSION. It's more in the line of sarcasm. While it implied the opposite, it cannot be considered actual namecalling, unless I actually call you an idiot. Your paranoia of being called names is really over the top. No wonder you see enemies in fellow Paul supporters and have no qualms in calling them trolls.

And YOU are the one putting words in my mouth. I did not accuse people of unspeakable violence. Merely of ill considered actions such as what happened in Nevada. They thought if they simply showed they were tough and attacked through means of rule 11 (which was not violent, but was an attack based strategy nonetheless), the GOP would simply roll over. The results were rather obvious.

And now that I remember, you still haven't come up with a credible attack plan.


You seem very well versed on what does not work and what can't be done. Figure it out yourself, it isn't very hard.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

Hey Jonat Calm Down

Ed never called you a troll, yet you use the genius term as a sarcasm/insult?...wow!
It's good that you are willing to read the info suggested by another DPer...it shows an open mind, and you seem like a reasonable person. Much the same philosiphy I've seen you exhibit here,namely:
"Winning people over"....blame it on a bad day maybe...
...maybe something someone else said...but Ed has a point.
We can't just roll over to these thugs..and maybe he's just venting too. Hang in there...both of you.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Yeah, I strive to be reasonable

Which is why it irks me when someone else is clearly the opposite of that. Calling people trolls, THAT is namecalling. Doesn't matter if he called me one or not. It's simply my principe to come to th defense of people that don't deserve to be called trolls.

I don't expect I'll see eye to eye with Ed on this, since being unreasonable seems to be part of his DNA. Yeah, Ed is venting. But it seems to be a permanent case with him. Which probably makes me the stupid one trying to change such a person.

Anyways, i do agree that something needs to be done to fight back. But it seems we vastly differ on opinion on how we accomplish that.

baseless and factually

baseless and factually untrue

venting would imply the purpose of my statement was pointless in its aim, rather than its true intent which was to express with urgency the need to protect each one of our victories. A pretty simple perspective for anyone who has taken ownership of this campaign and its success.
So I find it curious that you refer to my statement as venting or careless. Even more curious when you seek to discredit my statement with this gem "unreasonable seems part of his dna" as if you know me that well or my posting history on the Dp is indicative of someone looking for an outlet for their frustration. That is hardly the case.

No matter what course of action is taken, action MUST be TAKEN. We can not stand by and watch our victories unraveled and handed to Mitt Romney by the GOP. What you detected was not venting, it was a call to action. Most people understood this, for that I am grateful.

They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

Yeah, I Hear ya

And it comes down to the "Big Tent" Principle.
Agreeing to disagree..mutually..with respect.
(And I'm not a saint myself...this SHTF scene is ominous, stressing.)

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

some stealth is ok

But if you are getting a boot in your face, that's different.

The thing they don't want is to be exposed and lose power.

If you are going to have any success with fighting this corruption, it has to be with out of the box strategies.

I did research quickly administrative procedure actions and sanctions brought up on a thread, but it is a little out of my frame of reference.

Meaning I have no idea how it can be used against the GOP to fix the problem.

I think I just flip-flopped from the last thread I was on ;)

I agree with the concept, not the method

I think we should be going to the central committee meetings and educating them about why we want Ron Paul.

The pressure needs to be on every republican central committee.
That's why I don't like this "stealth" BS... to me, that's setting us up as hoodlums, and that's NOT Ron Paul.

Ya, but...should National be

Ya, but...should National be immune? I think THEY need to see us, face to face. I think we have legitimate grievances that should be addressed at HQ. Did they make their rules for nothing?? Does the worker who called the DP member below, TRULY think people are saving and not spending their money? With the dollar falling faster than any low interest rate would be paying for savings--does she truly believe what she is saying? I am not saying we demonstrate at their HQ..I am saying that we need a meeting with some of the top brass, there. We need to ask them WHY they are so gung ho Romney that they seem to be allowing cheating and subterfuge to destroy the party. He could have promised them money, but it will only last so long--and with the Party shenanigans, they are going to lose their base. Money will not do much if the party becomes a mockery to most.
This is not about the campaign. This is about members who want some real answers!

I'm not sure

I think the guys on national are also active on state and some county/parish RCCs. They belong to more than one committee.

They made their rules to keep what's happening from happening.

I don't think they care about losing their base Crickett because I think the top are for a NWO and are working hard to destroy the GOP, move into a UN based party with help from G8/ Federal Reserve bankers who want tio go global...

Granger..O. M. G. I never

Granger..O. M. G. I never even had that thought cross my mind. You could be right. It would make sense, because last time almost NO one wanted McCain--like he conceded in 10 mins, and this time NO ONE (much) wants Rom., and now they are thrusting him in..It makes sense..I think a whole bunch of us should go there and confront them and ask them WHY. Still.

I bet Priebus does not have his own personal BODYGUARD!!



BMWJIM's picture

Calm down my child! Time and TRUTH

will kill the snake. Your anger gives me the the reason to give you the following. You must live with yourself afterwards. Remember that LOVE is what brought us here. I give you the key to HATE!

You want a look?

It is people with a heart of stone and hatred that do not survive. Send Priebus/Romney/Obama/Etc.. some love! I mean this in ALL seriousness.

I want you to get a picture of this individual and place it before a candle. Sit in the most comfortable chair you have with at least six friends. Each of these six friends must contact six others doing the same for this to work. Each of you must have this picture and three straws from a straw broom. Each straw must be at least 6 inches longer. No more no less. Tie each stick Priebus at the waist(2-3/4") with a rubberband.

Mold it to stand on its own. Take a sewing needle and place it from the bottom of the stick figure though the center of the stick figure. This is the pain medium. Place the picture of this vile snake on the stick figure.

In a seperate bowl/saucer place three pine needles soaked in burned oil(Olive is best). Just the needles with no excess. When I tell you to light it then you must do so. Do not breath the vapors as they are lit. This could be harmful to you and your family. You only want this Gris Gris to go to your intended.

All of this must be timed very well. Sit in a comfortable position and picture the intended to suffer as you wish. All six plus six must do like wise( you can be on a phone with open mic) In your minds eye see the bright light striking through the left shoulder to the right hip of the intended. Like a bolt of lightening. This will send the bolt to the intended and every living soul in his family( they ALL suffer this curse). What you must understand is the lineage of everyone in this country/world. Begat/Begat/Begat.... At this point light the olive oil pine needles under the stick figure. It is done.

You must let the individual you are directing this towards know 4 days in advance of what is happening.

It could be me or you(Begat). You asked for this power, and now I give it to you and every other living person.

Relax, and see this following vision!

Only you can tell what it is now!

Semper Fi!


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

WOW! Hey Jim,

..Did you pick this up in Parris Island or The Presidio?
Check out this individual:Douglas Dietrich:
Yeah, you can't make this stuff up.Peace.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Didn't the Campaign say last week that he has been respectful of

Ron Paul? Hopefully he will get to the bottom of this and punish these state GOP shenanigans, starting with the Shadow Nevada GOP.