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Full Scale Purge of Paul Delegates? My ASS!

It's looking more and more like a manipulation of words to make us all feel as if these Campaign managers are Helping and/or, doing their job or as if they care and at the same time, they shove-down our throats, that we are helpless to do anything obout all the Vote Fraud.
Funny, I never hear of Vote fraud against Romney! (Only against Ron Paul).
AND, if there were Vote fraud against Romney, all Hell would break lose and it would be Stopped immediately.
You can take that to the Banksters.

It’s doing none of the REAL Ron Paul supporters and Ron Paul Delegates any good as long as Doug Wead, Tom Woods, Jesse Benton (the so called Chief Strategist), John Tate and Jack Hunter, sit on their thumbs and Do Nothing about the Vote Fraud.
Their Job is to Help elect Ron Paul as POTUS and, as long as they sit on their ASSES and don’t stop and reverse the Vote Fraud, WE can Not win and it WILL Be their fault, Period!

All these people, including Doug Wead continue giving us the news that rules are changing or, preventing us from getting Delegates or, blocking us in one way or another and then, just sit back and don't do a damn thing about it.
That in itself makes me see that these so called Ron Paul Campaign Managers are in this to make sure Ron Paul does NOT WIN.
If this is Not true then, why the HELL aren't these Ron Paul Campaign Managers working harder to stop this fraud and bring charges against the RNC and all the state conventions that continue to block Ron Paul Votes and Delegates?

Oh and by the way, SURE this is a movement and SURE, it's also to elect officials in office to block obama and his regime but, More than that, This is and always has been about, GETTING RON PAUL ELECTED POTUS, PERIOD.

Read all of this article by Doug Wead and you can easily see that he makes it very clear that, Vote fraud is constant and oh BTW, we(he) can't do anything about it.
Well, that is, Ron Paul's Campaign Managers WON"T do anything about it and I have no doubt that, if they said they were, they wouldn't actually be doing anything about it, they will only get us "Suckers" to believe they can't.
And another thing, there won't be any lawsuits because, Ron Paul's Campaign Managers appear to actually be working for Romney and Not Ron Paul.

Full Scale Purge of Paul Delegates?

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Just another

divide and conquer strategy. ignore after this!

Why don't you do something

Why don't you do something about it? You think because Doug Wead or Jack Hunter are kinda famous, they have enough influence and power to just "fix it" ? I'm sure you're a nice person, but your unrealistic expectations are making you seem like a jackass.

A few points for you to consider

So far, our money bomb has raised $750,000, we still have elections upcoming and delegate fights thereafter. Fine. The machines are rigged. I agree. But now what? Put ALL our resources fighting fraud state by state when Romney and the RNC crowds can flood millions into it as quick as they could blink OR put those resources into gaining delegates, where, at least in conventions, there is a little more control over the voting?

Make up your mind because posts like yours aren't helping us with raising funds or gaining delegates, IMO, especially when you KNOW that Romney and RNC goons are lurking here just enjoying every minute of it and laughing their backsides off because they will accomplish what they've set out to do; destroy Ron Paul and the Liberty movement so the status quo will forever remain our "choices" through the election fraud or through the division and dissent it managed to instill among us.

We can only fight so many battles. Which do you want to fight NOW?

What help.

I don't see Ron Paul or the campaign helping ANYONE. If they were then those seeking help here would be telling us they received support from the campaign. I see no one stating that. So just what is the campaign doing with all these MILLIONS we sent them. Why aren't they helping these delegates and spending these millions NOW instead of ignoring everyone.

Purges are communist.

Why is Romney using communist tactics ? Why is the Republican Party allowing communist type purges ? I hope the GOP does not do purges because it would show them to be unChristian , unjust, and working with the Devil .

The message here is to keep

The message here is to keep your mouth shut! Do not be bragging about being a delegate! Pride cometh before the fall! We need to NOT reveal our strength or numbers!

I think

I think you underestimate these evil doers. Don't you think they have the where with all to get all this delegate information from Ron Paul's campaign through spying on the internet and collecting that data. I bet they have information on every delegate who contacted the Ron Paul campaign to let them know they were a delegate and Ron Paul supporter.

Armchair campaign managers

This is the type of post that is getting so tired and old and draws the trolls like flies to dung. Im sorry but if the managers are good enough for Paul, their good enough for me. We all know the fraud is prevalent...its up to us to figure it out, after all we are the ones getting porked for all that we do. They ARE helpless to do anything effective against the mans machine that has been corrupt for so long, but we are NOT helpless. We have a long way to go and Ron Paul and his people are the only ones trying to even get us on the road to changing things. Any diebold hackers out there to put that system into a tail spin to oblivion?

"Freedomless, Will work for Liberty"

I posted this in another thread:

Remember, we [r3VOLutio] have taken this campaign over at the grassroots level. It is now up to us to do everything that is necessary.

We must utilize every available option, including Legal Services, or risk everything, not just for this election, but for future elections as well. We must address this issue as soon as possible.

Please come forward if you are one of the following:

- Wealthy RP supporters who can assist financially.
- Attorneys who support RP.
- Attorneys who may not support RP but believe in honesty, integrity and liberty.
- Someone who knows and can contact the above and plead for assistance.

Hopeful thinking: Pro bono, anyone?

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Pacific Legal Foundation in Sacramento -specializiing in

..public interest lawsuits. or LEIF AND CABRASER in San Francisco, CA
Specializing in class action lawsuits of a national nature. I bet they would LOVE to get their hands on this one.


I have the answer! It is always the same....when the crooks

mess with you, you do the same thing back to them...in this case it is to set so many small fires they can't keep up with you.

Eventually the small fires consume them and they cannot function anymore. I think starting Monday we have to go to the Federal Elections Commission....assuming they are not completely corrupt too and start filing form after form after form from every state at every level.

Here's the link to the Federal Election Commissions regarding "Parties"...see page 125, the Appendix on Joint Fundraising.....for starters with the shadow Nevada GOP.....


Then we file one giant lawsuit naming all the relevant entities and especially Priebus individually and personally as a defendant.

On your mark, get set, GO!


Night of the Long Spoons

My inclination is to purge the Republican Party of Romney delegates. With all the shenanigans they are pulling, and has been documented, they have clearly proven their inability to win over hearts and minds; and proven their ability at what would otherwise be construed as criminal actions with their fraud, assaults, and just being outright unacceptable human beings to begin with.

Maybe we need a "Night of the Long Spoons" to scoop out the criminal and unethical elements of the Republican Party. Sort of a "Tea" spoon kind of thing. No violence, just a good, proper enema of all the BS that is endemic to the Establishment Republicans.

Just my $0.02 worth.

So what is the real endgame?

- Jack Hunter

"Most people miss the fact that Paul has already achieved his end game… The real goal was to seize control of party apparatuses in states that rely on caucuses. With that in hand, Paul’s organization can direct party funds and operations to recruit and support candidates that follow Paul’s platform, and in that way exert some influence on the national Republican Party as well, potentially for years to come."

So, is Jack Hunter saying to all the people busting their humps, becoming Delegates and Donating their Hard Earned Money to help Ron Paul get elected POTUS was actual nothing more than a Ruse to "

    seize control of party apparatuses in states that rely on caucuses"


    "exert some influence on the national Republican Party"?

And Nothing more.
I don't know about Jack Hunter but, I Donated My Hard Earned Money and worked hard getting people to support and Vote for Ron Paul to get Ron Paul Elected POTUS.

"IF" Jack Hunter and/or the other Ron Paul Campaign manager's - "End Game" was Not to get Ron Paul elected POTUS, wouldn't that mean, we the supporters that are here to get Ron Paul elected POTUS were Deceived?

Getting elected president is an important step towards the goal

The beautiful thing is that it's working! Having Ron Paul as President will help the cause of liberty in a great way. I think Jack was saying his part as more of an "in your face!" than a concession of an election.

Fire them ALL

if he and benton cant get off their fat ass to do something about this. I don't care if they have to tie themselves to each other in front of the AZ or LA or ME or MA state house I expect them to lay it all on the line for the campaign or see themselves to the door.



Dr. Paul has always said

It's not about one man becoming "President" It's about a man "Teaching" Millions to take back their Country and Government.


Wead has made allusions to legal battles over the shenanigans. Do not expect minute-by-minute briefings on that.

Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

Why should We Donate If Delegates Can Be Purged And Rules

broken? If we win they just go around us - shadow NV state party - and this campaign will do nothing.

We are being had by Ron Paul and his campaign - I hate to say it - but it is obvious if you only step back and look at the big picture.

I have donated somewhere around $200 and I won't be donating any more. Paul wants to get some power positions in state parties that mean nothing cause the money just goes around it. Will the RNC just recognize a different group of people come next election cycle in Iowaa and Nevada?

Anyway - Assuming this campaign does nothing to actually fight any delegate purging, replacement, fraud, etc - then when the disappointment is over after Novembe - consider joining the LP and work to build it.

For the children.


"Freedomless, Will work for Liberty"

I'll give your 200 back

If you promise to just go away

Where did the comment go from the

guy we were responding to?


Yeah I agree with you. Jump around 16 weeks here, 16 weeks there

and maybe you will find some instant gratification.


Take it from someone who has been involved in more lawsuits than

I ever wanted to be....lawsuits take A LOT of time....they can drag out for years and years....especially something like this.....sad to say.

them trying to take back our delegates is across state lines and depending on how the suit or suits are filed, may be federal....and this takes time; we DON'T HAVE THE TIME ...but it gets worse.....

If they take away our delegates and use shadow gop offices this country is DONE. we have not vote, no choice, no freedom, no legal system.
we have a dictatorship by the fed. Bottom line.

We have to get rid of Priebus. Think movies; think wild west....
you know?

Any wild west type people here? Is that what is needed?


Well, if the Campaign had fought in NH in 08

We probably wouldn't be facing this again.
Ask the lady at blackboxvoting. They sued the local GOP for obvious fraud against Ron Paul. There was a local candidate who sued with her but the Campaign did not want to get involed. They just kept campaigning like nothing happened.

If they had made a lot of noise and help with the lawsuit to show they were serious THEN maybe just maybe the fraudsters would think twice about pulling the same sh*t right now.

Doesn't matter if you win, you make noise. You name names every chance you get to every reporters that ask about the lawsuit. It puts the fraudsters in the light and they don't want that.

It should not take a lawsuit for the obvious.

Just pressure Priebus to correct the wrongs or expose the corruption for what it is. Rand can take care of himself. If they throw him out so what. He can come back stronger when we take over the party. They can do nothing to stop this movement but we have got to stand up for the rule of law now!


You are right....but once I bought a car from a corrupt car

dealer. I discovered the car had a police record on it even though I had suposedly bought it as a "new" car. I presented this to the car dealer and he would not budge...I was only asking for my old car back. It took 2 years of legal action by me suing him at which time he had to pay out almost $100,000 when he could have settled with me for the cost of my old car which on a good day was worth maybe $3000.

The point I am making is that crooks are not "normal" as we think of them. You would think that the car dealer who saw that I had the police record on the car would know I was going to win..he didn't care.
Same for these polical types. It is power. That's the only thing that counts. POWER.

So yeah....it IS OBVIOUS..but what is NOT obvious is how the crooks think.


If it takes too much time

If it takes too much time for this to go through court than how is it Romney and his attorneys think they can get their case in Maine finished in time for the convention.

What Case In Maine Are You Talking About?


Anyway - I think you are seeing the weakness of Romney (the Dems will see this and it will be brought up in the National debate I bet). He can't stand to lose and will lie, cheat, steal and overpower to shut Paul out. I can not believe Paul will do nothing. It's all about Benton's and Rand's career futures now. Sorry guys - this campaign has been FOS. Ron Paul has great ideas and a great message, but they were not 'in it to win it'. Paul wanted to change the party with takover of positions at the state level and met that goal. EXCEPT now the establishment just maes shadow parties. Lovely.

I am telling you people to use your heads after November and come join the Libertarian Party and help us build it in the spirit of Dr. Ron Paul. F the GOP - it is full of snakes - we have to join under one banner and fight from the local and state levels and increasingly win federal spots.