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Urgent: Grassroots Activists Needed For Invite for Dr. Paul To KY Gop State Convention!

Urgent for Daily Paul Members: Please urge or encourage the RPK and contact Dr. Rand Paul's office to invite Congressman Ron Paul to speech at the State Convention in Somerset, Kentucky on Saturday, June 9th. Please contact via e-mail: gop.Kentucky@gmail.com, write: RPK, P O Box 1068, Frankfort, Kentucky 40602, or call: 502.875.5130 I urge everyone to be courteous, and urge them in the name of unity and send off the 12 term retiring Republican Congressman Ron Paul on a great note.

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Bump for Convention Speech

This is a bump post for Ron Paul convention speech at the KY GOP SC on policy or issues.

Dr. Rand Paul Contact Information

This is Rand Paul, US Senator from Kentucky contact information. Please click here: http://www.paul.senate.gov/?p=contact or please call: 202-224-4343.

Please Take One Minute of Your Time

Daily Paul activists, please take one minute for your time and contact the RPK to get Congressman Paul a speaking role. Preferably if you live or ever lived in Kentucky, but any US Citizen contacting the RPK is desirable.

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Obama care: Backdoor Through the State Governors

Obama care: Backdoor Through the State Governors

Presently, Obama care health care plan is being implemented through State Governors and their bureaucratic executive branches health care wing. In Kentucky, Governor Steve Beshear is taking Federal grant money related to state health care exchange. The latest state budget through the I-CARE program the final 15 pages aids in real implementation of Obama care. So, in the Commonwealth of Kentucky even if the US Supreme Court rules the individual mandate unconstitutional the law gets implement anyways. So, this another reason why we need to thinking about liberty at the RPK state convention in Somerset, Kentucky.

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