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Romney ads on Daily Paul? I know, Google Ad, but it's just so wrong!

I posted a screen capture here

Romney Ads on the Daily Paul. Well, this is better than when I saw Michelle O'bummer's face encouraging us to tell Barack we're with him, or O'bummer & Co. thinking he can buy my vote with "free" birth control (so much for keeping insurance costs down, let alone protecting freedom of contract). Still, Mitt bumper sticker hawking on the Daily Paul? The world is clearly going down hill *hears inflation mounting on the horizon* but it could get worse.

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I'd be ok with...

Romney buying every single ad on DP. Mo' money for us. :)

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Good point!

Next time I see an ad crowing about Birth Control vote-buying and insinuating that means women owe Obama his vote (but he respects them :P umm hmm), I'm going to think, "yeah but this ad wasn't free!!!!"

Click Every Romney Ad

just don't waste your time reading them. See if you can click several hundred per day on any Internet site they annoyingly pop up at you on. Imagine if all RP supporters did this. Kind of a covert/reverse money bombing of Willard.

We want his $$.

so click on it.