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UPDATE from the GA Convention

Update from the GA GOP Convention in Columbus, GA:

I'm a GA Alternate and unfortuantly I have to report that there were not enough Liberty Delegates at the GA Convention to block a part of a convention rule that prevents nominations for National Delegates from the floor with an ammendment to remove that line. The motion to ammend didn't get a majority vote and we didn't have the 1/3 needed to prevent the 2/3 majority required to pass the rules as a whole. The Convention will be voting on the Nominating Committee's slate with no opposing slates, and it doesn't look like there will be enough votes to vote it down.

HOWEVER, Ron Paul Delegates, Alternates, and Guest are making their presence known and letting the established GA GOP know that the r3VOLution for true Constitutional Liberty is on the way and a force to be reconed with. Liberty is still alive in Georgia! We aren't going anywhere!

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I watched it on livestream and you were clearly outnumbered

by the "good 'ol boys" club. Nevertheless, the passion was clear for all to see, and we appreciate your efforts in what was an impossible situation.
That GOP Committee Chairman was a piece of work.

If the vote

If the vote for Evans was any indication (and it should be), he got 59% of the vote. 59% is not 2/3.

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