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This is us! - Paul's Supporters

Brain's Doherty's "Ron Paul's Revolution - the Man and the Movement He Inspired" arrived yesterday on my doorstep. I'm compelled to post this extract that describes us (if this is page 7, a feast awaits):

"Paul's supporters are alive and growing as well. His presidential campaigns have created the most lively, energetic, dedicated, and varied group of devotees for liberty that America has seen in living memory. They will cover the ground with homemade Ron Paul banners hung every place legal and illegal they can clamber; they will take to the air in blimps and balloons to promote their man; they will colonize and dominate every crevice of the Internet for him; they will ride their bikes across the country and turn from anarchist to Republican for him; they will run for office because he suggests they should; they will give more money, quicker, than any other political base in history.They are homeschooling Christian and couch-surfing punk rockers, college professors and famous actors, computer programmers and national TV hosts, drug-dealing anarchists and US senators. They are the Ron Paul Revolution, and this book will explain who they are and how and why they are changing the shape of American politics."

Does it not inspire you to know that this describes you and me, and all of us? These are the best days of our lives. Just to be part of this movement has and is an incredible journey. My wife and I turned in our British passports in September 2007, having resided here since 1991, to make sure we could be 100% part of the Revolution.

(We are going to prove our mettle by pushing the money bomb to a million by Sunday night, aren't we? Yah! Nothing daunts us!)

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