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Anti-Agenda 21 Legislation in NC

Please contact your NC Legislatures.

Without calls from constituents, our elected officials will not vote YES on the Resolution to Amend the Agenda


We can just sit by and let them take our property, move us all into controlled communities and we are done as a Free Nation. If any of you are familiar with polls, they usually contact 400 to 500 people. If our legislatures do not get at least that many calls, we will become the model Agenda 21 State. We are now a test state for Agenda 21. Please do this for your freedom. Do this for your family’s freedom. Do this for America’s freedom.

NC Senate members contact information: http://ncleg.net/Senate/SenateReports.html

NC House members contact information: http://ncleg.net/House/HouseReports.html

Please! Let’s get this done. Spread the word. Everyone call and email their NC Senator and Representative. This is for everyone’s future.

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