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Let's Not Get Paranoid about Secrecy

I appreciate the concern not to give away our game plan. But regarding how many delegates we have, and in what state, much of this information is already available in the mainstream media. Trying to keep a lid on all this as if it is some kind of top secret bit of information only makes us look foolish and paranoid. The fact of the matter is that many of our delegates publicly announce their support for Ron when they give their nominee speeches.

What I'd be more concerned about is to learn the rules backward and forward, organize for Tampa and be ready to take the opposition on when they do come against us.

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Who said I was paranoid?

Was it the Government? :>0

Post publicly known info, please

If your delegate ran on a publicly available Ron Paul slate and won, TELL US!! The RNC is running these conventions and knows whatever is publicly known there. If no one knows who the delegate supports, don't publicly speculate. If you know, but it wasn't clear at the convention, DON'T POST it. This movement needs information and we need to hear about battles won and lost to prepare for future battles.

In AZ, the Romney slate promoted by the Romney campaign was the party leadership. At this point, I would even consider a non-Romney endorsed Romney supporter a win if they beat the "establishment" to get the spot with the blatant cheating that occurred.

We read these forums for accurate, up to date information. If it isn't here, we stop reading. Momentum dies and no one screams for fairness when "our people" are shut out. Its much easier for the RNC to quietly use their power to shut out delegates if the public (us) isn't watching. The power of information on the internet gave us hope. Self-censoring something that could have been picked up off the convention floor does not help our community.

Well said, momof6, and it seems that the campaign agrees...

... that we shouldn't try to hide our successes:


Perhaps the campaign realizes that we need encouragement, and that knowing that we did well in a convention will lift our spirits and give us impetus to continue to push the Liberty Movement forward. Onward and upward!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

I think its more about keeping

The 'who's" secret then the actual numbers. The identities of our delegates is what must remain guarded.

Here's something to think about.

If somebody from a state convention posts on here, "We just won all 12 delegates from District X", how hard to you think it will be for the RNC to look up District X in that state, and find a way to purge all 12 of those delegates?

I suggest it would take them about 15 minutes to do that.

They would have to explain it

If anyone knows enough to post that we "won all 12 delegates", the party leaders who are following RNC orders probably know the same thing and will report that when asked.

Dropping them all would take some explaining.

I don't think they're worried about explaining anything.

Doug Wead posted on his blog that the RNC is undertaking a national campaign to find and purge Ron Paul supporting delegates that they can find.
He suggests keeping a low profile regarding publicy supporting RP, for all delegates at this time.
Came out of his blog today.

BigT, you have been the primary advocate...

... on this and other threads, for a self-imposed DP information blackout. You have been arguing that the Paul campaign doesn't want us to talk about our hard-won convention successes. How does this campaign press release fit into your theory?


At this point, perhaps you should publicly retract, or revise, what you have been advocating.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand


you should read Doug Wead's specific request to us, on the subject.

If the campaign isn't following Wead's advice on this issue...

... Why should DP do so?

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

Wead IS the campaign.

that link to the campaign you posted has nothing in it which says anything counter to what Wead posted.
There's nothing in it that says we should openly discuss delegate details. It's quite vague about it, giving the most generic info possible, so as to not pin anyone down.

If that's all the info that you want, then you already have it.
You don't need anything additional, unless you might have some specific use for it.

The link I posted, BigT...

... certainly runs counter to what you have been advocating in your posts. For those who missed it:


But, whatever. Let's live and let live. I will make you a deal, BigT: You continue with your one-man information blackout, while the rest of us continue -- along with the campaign -- to celebrate the campaign's successes. Good day.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

I have no problems celebrating the successes

of the campaign, without posting threads trying to collect every minute detail about every delegate in every district.
At some point, such obsession with collecting such data raises some eyebrows about what you plan to do with it, when nobody else needs that level of detail to enjoy the campaign successes.

I see many of your posts are, "Thanks for the information".
Where is this information going, after you get it?

Please re-read the post title

You're providing a case study right now.

Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they're not watching

We've seen evidense the RNC is purging Ron Paul's state delegates.

That doesn't make me feel paranoid to heed the advice of Ron Paul's advisor. It makes me feel secure knowing I'm with a campaign that cares enough to advise me so I can help Ron Paul win.

I am not against the RNC or Romney, so paranoia is not part of my concern. I am for Ron Paul and up against RNC and Romney members who are against Ron Paul. Here's is where you'll find paranoia out of control (covering up all those lies and cheating even with MSM help).

When a party works to "kill" it's new blood, it's because it's already found "new blood".. like the UN maybe?

Don't bother with him

I've tried to reason with him on a similar subject. he believes the campaign wants people to think they aren't running, and that its some kind of grand strategy.

When I pointed out that the campaign had been holding press conferences refuting the media's mistaken belief that they had suspended the campaign, he was unfazed by facts, and grew more fervent in this belief.

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They know who they are in Michigan

All delegates running for national delegates had to sign a Presidential Preference Form to get on the slate. Were other states different?


I agree we shouldn't be paranoid.

We just shouldn't talk about it.

And delegates need to keep the low profile so they don't get "purged" in the RNC jihad against RP delegates, which is going on right now, according to Wead.