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I just saw something interesting on my twitter feed

A Ron Paul girl is writing to the Vice Chair of TXGOP and the Texas Republican party. I guess she is trying to prevent shenanigans here in TX. It wouldn't hurt to do this for upcoming state conventions:

@MSDFTexan(the vice chair of TXGOP) Is it true u were told not to seat any #RonPaul delegates at state convention? #TXGOP @maddow @chucktodd @JohnKingCNN

You can see she also sent this message to Rachel Maddow, Chuck Todd and John King and Texas Rep. Party.

Could shame and embarrassment prevent them from cheating?

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GOP demons hate light

GOP demons hate light

this is a good idea

worth a shot! It'll look bad on them if they deny someone simply asking for transparency!

Beep beep boop beep... I am a Paulbot... prepare for liberty and prosperity!

If we could get the media to

If we could get the media to report this, that would stop it dead in its tracks.


great idea!!

in liberty.