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GA State Convention: Section N of the Call For 2012 Georgia conventions

I was at the state convention earlier, and Chairman Evans said that Sue Everhart, chairman of the state GOP, and the state committeeman and committeewoman, by "virtue" (a quote from Mr. Evans) of their respective offices/elected positions, were automatically delegates to the National Convention.

Read section N of the 2012 Georgia Republican call for conventions here: http://ga4ronpaul.com/Documents/2012%20Georgia%20GOP%20Conve...

There shall be no Delegates or Alternates who serve automatically by virtue of Party
position or elective office.

Does this strike anyone else as a blatant violation of the rules? I'm hoping the livestream was saved, because I want to go back and watch it to get Mr. Evans' exact wording, but he definitely used the word "virtue," in reference to the fact that those three positions are automatically delegates to the National Convention.

Assuming it is a violation of the rules, what would the consequences be? Would be nice to get Georgia's entire delegation disqualified, and deprive all those friends & family members of their Florida vacation.

Anyone else have an opinion on this?

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After some sleep...

I would like to see the establishment slate. My guess is their names were on the slate, which, TECHNICALLY doesn't make them "automatic." Of course, in reality, that's not the case. They had their swimsuits packed before the convention.

The whole slate was nothing more than a copy of Everhart's rolodex. It's sad that THOUSANDS of people devoted thousands of hours in a genuine attempt to take part in the "system," when the establishment had their slate picked out by the end of the last National Convention.

The now-infamous Rule 7 was put in place intentionally to make the process appear to be fair. They knew it wouldn't get voted down.

But my overall feeling about it? We had over 1/3 of the people there. Definitely enough to prevent any 2/3 votes, but those doggone lights were just too bright in Chairman Evans's eyes for him to be able to see that.

Good numbers though, for a state that the Paul campaign had written off long before the primary season began, and for obvious reasons.

We'll keep up the fight for liberty here in Georgia, though, and we expect every other state to do the same!

As I said on another thread..

challenge the GA delegation in Tampa and don't let them get seated. Hope they enjoy sitting on the beach for the duration!

What are you fightin' for?
Caught in the middle?
Freedom is only for those with the guts to defend it!

Point of Order

Since nobody interrupted with a Point of Order (which must be done immediately), my guess is that it will come down to whether or not their delegate status was affirmed (e.g., by an oral vote of 'all agreed?'). My guess (but I could be wrong) is that if their status was not affirmed, then whether they will be the delegates or the positions will be filled by alternates will have to be decided at the National Convention.

This is an unfortunate, but good, example of why all of us need to be familiar with both the party rules and Robert's Rules of Order.

I think you would have to go back through time and find out how

these delegates were selected in the past. If they are selected the same way every year you could make a case that they are now automatic.

I think a lot depends on history if there is a precedent already established... if you quote the man you mention above, he will deny he ever said it.

Actual history is a better thing to demonstrate there is precedent here.

If there is precedent already set, then you can say the Party is doing it "automatically", showing a pattern of choosing the same way every year causing an "automatic" methodology, which is against the rules.


The statement itself probably means nothing

if they were subsequently nominated, a vote taken, and a majority received. However if no discussion or vote prevailed I think a good case can be made.


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