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Ron Paul Picks up 8 out of 30 Delegates in Michigan

Dr. Paul was projected to get zero delegates in Michigan based on the primary in February, but he ended up getting 8 of the 30 voting delegates as well as a no-voting delegate and 11 alternates.


The Michigan Republican Party prevented Ron Paul supporters from voting in county conventions if they weren't already elected precinct delegates in 2010, or he may have swept the state.

Also, establishment committeeman Saul Anuzis who got busted using dirty tricks is out, replaced by Dave Agema. Committewoman Holly Hughes also lost. Ron Paul may not have won Michigan, but what took place this weekend in Michigan was definitely a victory for Liberty. All future elections in Michigan will have to go through us...

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Did Santorum...

Get any? Being as it was a pretty close call between him and Romney, if I remember correctly. I can't wait till august, and I don't usually wish my life away. I just want my paranoia to end ;) which is how i feel sometimes.

Some of the other delegates

Could be Santorum supporters, but if they are from congressional districts that Romney won, they will be bound and pledged to vote for Romney.

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GREAT JOB Sons/Daughters of

GREAT JOB Sons/Daughters of Liberty in Michigan!!!! From your neighbor in Wis...

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"

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Thanks for the update & the typo

Thanks for the update concering Michigan. If it wasn't for the DP I would have no idea what was going on in Michigan. Heaven forbide the a local newspaper cover politics and inform as to what is going on. Although to be fair I don't buy the newspapers that much anymore so they may have covered it, but I seriously doubt it. But I don't think any of the tv stations cover that sort of thing either.

About the typo. I didn't even realize there was a typo and couldn't find it even after going back and looking for it. Which reminds me about a guy by the name of Edwin Newman (I think he was on CBS) who wrote a book about English grammer errors made by other people that write. He got so many letters back about all the grammatical errors HE made in the book that he had to write a second book.
Trying to write figure out how to write grammtically correct is even difficult for people that are supposed to know all of those rules.
So I think as long as you're generally clear and the words are by and large spelled correctly most people are pretty forgiving. (I think what I just wrote is considered a run-on sentence, but I'm not sure).
And frankly what you wrote seemed pretty darn good to me.

Nuff said.

Two shorten the road.

This is bulls#!t

Its funny how each state convention makes up its own little rules.

Honestly screw the GOP. I really wish RP would reconsider 3rd party. For the message if not anything else.

this wasn't a made up Ron Paul rule

In Michigan, their rule has been that the results of the previous election determine the local delegates in the next election. There will be another election for these local delegates in a couple months and the winners will be the ones who get to participate in 2014.


THIRD PARTY DOES NOT WORK. When will you fools get this thru your head?

How much coverage is Gary Johnson getting again? And remember hes a two term ex governor.

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3rd party will never work.

3rd parties have *insurmountable* obstacles that effectively prohibit them from any meaningful national candidacy.

Instead of going 3rd party, why not just file and run for precinct delegate, and help us Liberty-leaning folks out with our GOP takeover? It's fun and immensely gratifying :) And I was a lifelong Libertarian before Ron Paul came along.

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof


So are you saying that acceptance by the MSM should determine who is viable? All the "coverage" in the world will not do any good if you are not on the ballot. How much "coverage" Ron is getting these days?

Go ahead, stay with the corrupt, fraudulent, bloodsucking Republicans. Vote for Romney or "write in" Ron. It's a suckers game.

As someone who has been involved in the Liberty movement for over thirty years, I don't appreciate being called a "fool:.

Unlike Ron, at least Gary Johnson will be on the ballot in November.


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GOP 2.0

GOP 2.0 is a worthwhile, specific, and attainable goal. Indeed, it is already in full swing all around the country. In my county we have probably 20 or more new precinct delegates, all members of the r3VOLution. It is very satisfying knowing that we will be transforming the GOP from the inside out. We need to rid the GOP of the plague that is neoconism.

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof


He's using Ron Paul's own argument for not running 3rd party. He says the system doesn't recognize them in national interviews, debates, etc. it sucks but it's just the way it is. That's why Ron argues for reforming the two current parties. YouTube Larry McDonald if you want to see the democrat Ron personally called when he decided it was time for him to run for office. He's amazing and died a shady death.

Don't know that they are necessarily RP friendly;

I do know that Saul Anuzis put this up on his website.

"Tea Party, Ron Paul and “anti-establishment” fever swept the convention. I congratulate all the new participants and attendees to the convention and hope they will ultimately focus their enthusiasm on constructive involvement and electing Republicans."

Hee hee hee! Bye bye, Saul! You will not be missed (by this freedom-loving Michigander, anyway.:)

Can someone verify

Does this mean we have a Ron Paul Committeewoman now? And what about Dave Agema - is he one of ours and what position did he take?

Agema is a HUGE improvement

over Anuzis. He is very good fiscally, but I still have some hesitation about him because of his foreign policy. However, at the state level, that isn't as important.
Agema was Justin Amash's mentor as he was coming up through the Michigan House of Reps, and consistenly gets the "most conservative house member" award in the Michigan house of Reps. He's also very principled and isn't a sell-out at all. I think that's the most important, because even if I don't agree with every one of his positions, he is consistent, and that's what we need in our elected officials.

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Agema will realize(as will the rest of the MI GOP establishment)

that Paul supporters were really the ones who put him over the top to beat Saul. We demonstrated that we are a significant voting block. Our district (2) won 2 Ron Paul national delegates plus the honorary national delegate!!

More importantly, we worked and succeeded as a team, built friendships, and all filed for precinct delegate positions. We are ensuring West Michigan is Liberty Country, now and for election cycles in the future!

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof

Not so much

I wouldn't go as far as saying we have a committeeman who is our guy now. But he is much less not our guy than the one before.

I wasn't crazy about either of the committeewomen. I would say either one would be against us.

Either one could be for liberty and smaller government.

That's half the battle. They represent the precinct delegates who elected them.

Do they know how you would be best represented in the business at hand. Or is it a secret?

Free includes debt-free!

Michigan State Republican Convention - 9th District Caucus - Vid


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Our County did not have that problem.

Fourteen(?) were elevated at convention and a full contingent of alternates also.

All delegates can attend executive committee meeting. The County executive committee represents the precinct delegates and are elected by them.

What can you and I do to show that we will help them win in November if they help Dr. Paul win.

Can they suggest anyone that is more constant in practicing his or her principles?

Can they suggest someone that they would personally be prouder to support?

Free includes debt-free!

Important thing is, that's

Important thing is, that's not just 8 more delegates for Paul, it's less for Romney too. Every little victory is snowballing. This is up to a 16 delegate difference(if all 8 of those slots were slated for Romney), -8 from Romney, +8 to Paul. Paul doesn't simply 'catch up to Romney' with these delegate wins, we're pulling Romney 'down' from his lead.

Call me an 'optimist spinner', but that just gives me a big smile on my face. Almost every delegate that the media has 'allocated' to Romney is not a done deal. Many of them have yet to be decided, and many others may abstain on the first ballot.

Romney was only projected to get 16 delegates in MI

So both he and Ron Paul will get more votes in Michigan than originally thought. They basically split Santorum delegates.

Santorum/Romney/Paul delegates in Michigan

In the Michigan congressional districts where Romney won, the delegates are bound to vote for Romney on the first ballot. So any RP delegates in those districts will probably have to vote for him the first vote. In the congressional districts where Santorum won, the delegates are unbound, so they may vote Ron Paul on the first vote (and thereafter). The 1st, 2nd and 6th districts, where some RP delegates were elected, were Santorum's districts, so those delegates can vote Paul. In the 4th and 9th, the RP delegates will likely have to vote Romney on first vote.

yeah, that is true

I was just meaning to say that Santorum had 14 projected delegates and that in the end, that count was basically split between Romney and Paul, though the vote tally on the first ballot may not reflect it.

Ah, I see. Wasn't sure if

Ah, I see. Wasn't sure if that was the case here, though the delegates did have to come from somewhere, it's great that those 8 delegates didn't go to Romney(seeing how simplistic CNN's and other's counter for delegates is, they probably had some of them allocated to Romney anyways). In the case with places like Maine and Nevada however, it's clear Romney's losing delegates. This repeats itself in many states(sometimes being Santorum or Gingrich who lost delegates).

he has lost some in some states

but in others has outperformed his projections (and in some places by a lot). Georgia and Mississippi, for example, produced huge gains for Romney relative to his bound delegate counts.

Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are both, to this point, outperforming their projections on net as they proceed through the state conventions.

I was a delegate in Michigan State convention

I was not a precinct delegate elected in 2010, and precinct delegates at the county conventions are given priority to be delegates at the state convention. However, if there are delegate spots still available after all the precinct delegates who want to have stepped up, then non-precinct delegates can volunteer to fill them. That is how I got a delegate spot to the state convention in Michigan. My spouse and I have filed to run as precinct delegates this year, as have several others we know.

So anyway, at the state convention we held congressional district caucuses to elect the delegates to Tampa. Each district in Michigan was to elect 2 voting delegates, 2 alternates, and one non-voting delegate and alternate. (The non-voting delegate/alternate is because Michigan was penalized for the date of its primary. The non-voting delegates will attend the Tampa convention just in case the RNC decides to remove the penalty and let all of the delegates from Michigan vote--not very likely, now that we have earned at least 20 delegate/alternate spots.)

At my district caucus, the Ron Paul supporters were basically steamrolled and shut out. The vote for the permanent chair was pretty fair, and the other guy won fair and square, but that is where fair ended. Throughout the rest of the meeting, any time one of our people stood to make a motion or a point of order, we were ignored or ruled out of order. Motions were made and seconded but never discussed or voted on. There was NO discussion before voting on the rules, and NO discussion before voting on (rubber-stamping) the establishment slate. Even non RP delegates have to be alarmed that such basic tenets of Robert's Rules of Order were being ignored. The chair ruled us out of order on everything that did not fit into his pre-determined agenda, including our motion to take nominations from the floor, and a call for division on the vote for the slate. He used the sergeants-at-arms to bully the RP supporter who was most vocal--who, by the way, was not "disruptive," but only asking for fairness.

After the district caucuses Friday night, the RP supporters all met up to celebrate and compare notes. I was so thrilled to hear from people in the other districts that many RP supporters were elected as national delegates!

I will be writing a letter to my district committee and submitting it to all the local papers regarding the unabashed abuse of power by the chair in our district. Robert's Rules of Order are designed to protect the rights of the group to keep the meeting on track, and ALSO to protect the rights of the minority and individual, so that all voices can be heard. It is not the privilege of the chair to simply rule out of order or ignore anything he personally disagrees with.

Yeah for Michigan!!! Give this a bump please!

There is also a process of working within the party.

A case would have to be made, to establish that the rules were violated. Our District had an official parliamentarian.

You have to make a case that could be taken to a parlementarian and judged valid.

The agenda was approved by the delegation at Convention. Things that are not on the agenda are out of order. The chair's job is to complete the agenda, then adjourn.

Read the approved agenda, was anything out of order. A motion improperly made is out of order.

Perhaps it would be best is you asked the District or County Chair why a motion or comment was out of order. Robert's Rules of Order rules the Convention.

Know the rules as a first step to compiling a complaint.

Assure yourself that you won't be embarrassed by your claims.

Free includes debt-free!

I had no agenda

I never saw an agenda for the Friday night caucus. I asked around if anyone had a copy of some kind of agenda, and no one had one. I should have asked someone "in charge" for an agenda before I was labeled as RP supporter.
There was a "parliamentarian" who was about as useful as a potted plant. One of our supporters addressed him directly regarding the violations and he did nothing.
We made many (many, many) points of order regarding the violations. The only answers we got were "You are out of order," "Sit down," "If you speak out again you will leave." There was no explanation given for the rulings.
I had brushed up on Robert's Rules beforehand, but apparently not the parts that would have been most helpful. For example, I learned (afterward) that a ruling by the chair can be appealed and seconded by any member, and then the chair must defend the ruling (or I guess explain it in the first place), and then the members may vote to uphold or overturn the ruling. I would have made at least one appeal had I known that. Anyway, this was my first convention, and I am forearmed for next time.
Others did record the whole proceeding, so I imagine all the evidence needed for a complaint is there.

Sounds like I was preaching to the choir.

Glad to hear you're on top of this. Good Luck!

Free includes debt-free!