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It isn’t 2 million, but it’s the best I can do. Who will match my $2000 for Super Brochure mailings?

Ron Paul supporters hold your heads up high. Do you realize what we’ve achieved to defeat this? Look at what we’ve been up against.

Look at this list of Super PAC donors, as posted by one of our freedom fighters, Indoctrination: http://www.npr.org/2012/02/13/146836082/the-superpac-super-d...

This is truly a battle of David versus Goliath. You are the Davids and you are against countless Goliaths. Yet, you are prevailing nonetheless, a most impressive feat.

And in these delegate battles you have done the incredible, once again. You have defeated raw evil—a godly act—one noticed and commended in the high heavens.

See you in Tampa, because right always wins against ‘might.' I'll be there, with my camera, recording history.

The Ron Paul people have vast powers in their hands. It is a power so great that their mere presence creates fear within the ranks of their opponents, a fear which can be seen right on their faces.

So, give ‘em more of the same, more and more of your power, more—much more--of your force. Through this we shall prevail.

I have seen it in action. I saw it in Jackson County, MO. Call it enthusiasm, call it determination, commitment—call it a revolution within,call it burning desire, whatever it is, it is unstoppable.

And never back down. Be strong and firm. But beware the devil’s tricks and plots. They are continuous. And these devils are sneaky. That’s why they call them tricks.

You are engaged in a battle between good and evil: have no doubt about it.

Now, no doubt, those numbers of the rich and famous are overwhelming. None of us can match that. However, as a dedication to all RP people in my remaining humble finances I will dedicate $1500 dollars to the just-up California Super Brochure mailings (one-half of my current business bank account). Our good friend Curt Shultz of Ron Paul Products has upped it to $2000. Who will match us?

The California Super Brochure mailing thread is here. This state is way too important. We have to pull all stops for a huge win. Vote it up; get it on the front page; only a few days left to mail. Need your help:


Post your matching donations here or on the original thread. I’ll watch it and kick in the funds as soon as they are matched.

To donate:

To donate by precinct:

MAKE SURE you post your matching funds, here. Any amount is worthy.

Read more about the effectiveness of this campaign:

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Off topic but important...

The GOP in Illinois has extended the deadline to become a delegate/alternate delegate for the state convention in June. There are still vacancies just waiting to be filled. All that needs to be done is for you to make a phone call and can afford $50. It can all be done from home. A friend recently became an alternate delegate himself only a few days ago. In his county all the delegate spots were full but his county chairman said that a TON of alternate seats were vacant. I have yet to hear of a convention where ALL the delegates showed and no alternates were needed.

If you're in Illinois and want help to become a delegate for Ron Paul, either I or my friend would be more than willing to help. All I need from you is to know what county you live in and I can help you right away.

Will you please get that information to me. Know several people

in Illinois who will do this. Please email me: drkresearch@hotmail.com. Everyone, call your friends in IL and urge them out there. Pokemon, it's matching funds. Post your donation, here.

email sent

thank you, I got it and it is being processed

Most of them are in Lake County but will find others.

The number those in Lake

The number those in Lake County need to call is (847) 680-6680

Tell them that they should ask to talk to someone (in case the person on the phone is just a secretary) about a question they have regarding the state convention this June. Their only real question after that will be "I live in the Lake county and was wondering if there are any vacancies available to become a delegate or alternate delegate for the state convention in June." That's all they should have to do. They'll either tell you yes, no or just alternates. My friend is in Kane county and only alternates were available and his chairman said there were a ton left. So many that they've recently extended the deadline to register. The chairman took his name, address and phone number down and said all he had to do is go to http://ilgopconvention.eventbrite.com/ , pay $50 and print out his registration ticket. He was told he could pay in other ways if he didn't have access to the internet. That was it. All done with a phone call.

Their Chairman is Robert Cook


Sorry I don't have two thousan dollars. But I was able to donate a little bit.