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Video: Penn Jillette goes off on obama - Explicit language

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Ron Paul has said he would give a presidential pardon

For people in jail for marijuana, according to this video, that is 750,000 people! All of them have family, loved ones, friends who would like to see them out. That could be many millions of supporters on this one issue alone. The cost savings of not incarcerating these people and the productivity of them paying taxes once in the work place, could be billions of dollars. Why have we not heard more on this issue?

State rights matter alot,

State rights matter alot, federal govt has to realize this. This is America and each state fought for rights and determined boarders, we need to get this politicians out of office that suck up to washington. Freedoms of state rights is another issue we can fix and it is being fixed slowly with our revolution.

RP 2012

According to the Federal Govt

if your accepting Federal Funds...you belong to them...states included...

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

This should go VIRAL!

SO TRUE! What a HYPOCRITE!! Let ANYONE in prison caught smoking or possessing or selling pot OUT NOW! The war on drugs destroys lives! If Obama omitted to doing a criminal act then he should be arrested NOW!

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Statute of limitations


US Govt Cannabinoid Patent 6,630,507


Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants

Until we find a way to strip that patent from the Dept of Health it will always be a battle.

Decriminalize not legalize!

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul


Bump Bump!


wouldn't have done any prison time, he is CIA, groomed from a young age for the current turn at Maximum Leader.

Lets not forget that Clinton and W enjoyed

their weed, blow, and booze too. I'm 48 and I did all that shit when I was in college but haven't even had a beer in years. I'm even off the REAL dangerous drugs...the pharmies.

My daughter is in college now and seems to be enjoying herself but she is safe and is honest with us. She called me last night (woke me up at midnight) and was just freaking out. I never worry about her anymore so I wasn't thinking anything bad happened. Turned out she got to go backstage at the Luke Bryan, Jason Alden concert in Atlanta last night. She was fixing to go to a party where they were both suppose to be. Turns out Luke was hungover from the night before and didn't show but she met Jason and some girl from American Idol. When she called this morning I said "I've just got one question...did you get to sleep with Jason?" She laughed her ass off and said "Dad you know hes's married and I wouldn't do that anyway". I said good...I would have been jealous. And no I'm not gay...I just have that kind of relationship with my girl.

But back to the point...obviously the war on drugs is a war on us...and mostly a war on our kids. When I was growing up you got sent home by the cops if you had been drinking and driving or they dumped your weed in the dirt and sent you on your way. No more! It's private prison time for our children who are doing NOTHING worse than what most of us did growing up. It's INSANE!

Well because

People figured out how to monetize it, and once it becomes an industry it is impossible to stop.



Ya know why it's more difficult to be a libertarian?